Toshiba Thrive Cases add protection and style to your Tablet PC

The Toshiba Thrive cases are more than just visual eye candies.


They’re incredibly stylish, highly functional, and truly trendy.

Protecting your device is a must. There are many cases to choose from.

You can even have more then one to change up your style once in a while

We made it a bit easier by narrowing it down a bit. Here are our top picks:

Toshiba Thrive Colored Back Cover

Toshiba Thrive Colored Back Cover

We mentioned a while ago that there are proprietary Toshiba Thrive cases. You can use them if you feel black doesn’t suit the tablet PC well, or you simply want to “upgrade” its look and appeal. The covers have been created to be durable and non resistant to make sure that you can easily and conveniently grip on the tablet. The default color is black; so you have the option to change it to silver and pink, among others. 

Denim Hardshell Notebook Case

toshiba thrive cases, Denim Hardshell Notebook Case

The tablet PC already has several gorgeous, sleek Toshiba Thrive cases, but adding another one doesn’t really hurt. The denim look gives your tablet a more modern appeal and helps you veer away from the usual business look the device sports. Besides, it’s a hard shell. To get a good idea of what it is, you simply have to look for Samsonite hardside luggage. It’s tough, it’s strong, it rarely breaks, and it offers maximum protection and shock absorption—without adding more weight to it. The cube design also leaves a lot of room for your tablet PC, which is securely fastened via Velcro straps. There is also an interior mesh pocket for your chargers, cables, and other smaller accessories. 

Toshiba Thrive Portfolio 360 Case

toshiba thrive cases, Toshiba Tablet 360 Portfolio

One of the struggles you’ll encounter in using Toshiba Thrive is its varying image or video quality. It could be because it cannot regulate illumination or brightness as effectively as the HTC Tablet PC the Flyer or other high-end tablet brands. One of the tough Toshiba Thrive cases, this one gives you full control on the viewing angle of your tablet PC. This way, you can read it in whatever mode that’s comfortable to you. It can turn it 360 degrees and works well whether it’s in landscape or portrait mode. For better shield, the exterior is designed to be hard shell, though it’s made to look like leather for a more sophisticated feel. The lid is kept closed using a retractable magnetic strap. 

rooCASE Executive Portfolio Leather Case Cover

toshiba thrive cases, rooCASE Executive Portfolio Leather Case Cover

This is very similar to the Portfolio 360 case; the only difference is it only has two viewing options: landscape and portrait. However, we also cannot ignore this as rooCASE has always been excellent in coming up with Toshiba Thrive cases that are very durable and well designed. It also comes with a built-in stand for a more comfortable viewing, though you can remove the inner sleeve so you can operate the device by hand. The tablet PC is also easy to remove and attach via Velcro. But you need to be cautious, as the material also has the tendency to become frayed and turn weak. It works with all types of controls and ports, except OEM docks, and has special slots for IDs and pens or stylus. 

rooCASE Ultra Slim Leather Case Cover

toshiba thrive cases, rooCASE Ultra Slim Leather Case Cover

One of your must-have Toshiba Thrive cases, this one comes with a stylus pen. It’s very rare to find tablet PCs with stylus pens. In fact, the only one we’ve seen is HTC’s Flyer. Toshiba Thrive doesn’t really have a stylus, since it works wonders even with your fingers (it’s capacitive, that’s why), but there are times when the screen becomes unresponsive to your touch, and a pen becomes handy. The stylus, however, is packaged with the leather cover that’s durable as well as elegant. The leather feels extremely good on your hands, while the case gives full access to the different ports of the tablet PC. When you flip the front cover back, the case cover transforms into a stand. 

CaseCrown Synthetic Leather Opening Case with Interior Compartments for Toshiba

toshiba thrive cases, CaseCrown Synthetic Leather Case with Interior Compartments

This is a cheap alternative to the more expensive leather Toshiba Thrive cases. After all, it’s made from faux, yet the material doesn’t really reduce the effectiveness of this accessory. In fact, it’s been designed with a businessperson in mind. Besides having a fitting compartment for your tablet PC, there are also sections for cards and other IDs such as driver’s license, along with a viewing window. Pure leather straps hold the device in place while it’s kept closed and well protected with a reinforced clasp made from metal. 

CaseCrown Foam Lined Hard Case

toshiba thrive cases, CaseCrown Foam Lined Hard Case

The case seems to be lacking in the looks department. It’s not as creative, ingenious or stylish as other Toshiba Thrive cases. But if you want to be economical and environment friendly, this is your best bet, since it’s made from eco-friendly materials. As its name suggests, the interiors are lined with foam to reduce shock that usually causes damage to the outer and inner parts of the tablet PC. The outside, nevertheless, is created to be hard case for extra-added shield. There are side sleeves secure the tablet and prevent it from falling out once you open the case. 

Fashion Tablet Neoprene Top Slide Sleeve Case

toshiba thrive cases, Neoprene Sleeve Case

Neoprene is one of the highly recommended materials for Thrive cases and one that’s commonly used in other case brands. This is because it offers interior protection but doesn’t create scratches on the screen. Unlike other mentioned cases, the slide Thrive from the top and push it down. Though this makes it easy to remove and insert the tablet to the case, it also makes it vulnerable to sliding out if you’re not careful with the case’s orientation. 

CaseCrown Faux Suede Zip Sleeve Case

toshiba thrive cases, CaseCrown Faux Suede Zip Sleeve Case

Suede is soft to the hands and elegant looking, so you’ll have a beautiful case in this one. There are also extra pockets for your other accessories, and to make sure this fits your personality, you can take a pick among the different colors. Its interesting feature is the zipper that opens all the way to the end, so you’ll have the full view of the tablet PC. The only thing we hope is to see straps that properly fasten the device to the case.