Toshiba Thrive Accessories will make your Toshiba Thrive flourish, stylish and protected

Adding the myriad of Toshiba Thrive accessories has never been so easy, thanks to the well-thought-out design of the tablet PC.


For one, it’s packed with several kinds of ports, from USB to headphone jack and SD card reader.

The cover is also removable, so you can change it to your favorite color. You can even replace the battery.

The great thing is that adding these accessories is not painstaking or even account breaking.

Below is the list of the most incredible, functional, aesthetically appealing, and price-worthy accessories:

Toshiba Thrive Multi-Dock with HDMI

toshiba thrive accessories, multi dock hdmi ports

This is one of the official Toshiba Thrive accessories, so you know that it’s really compatible with your tablet PC. It also enhances the various ports by making them accessible without the need of rebooting the Thrive. One of its biggest uses is easy connection to an LCD monitor or HDTV. Thrive has an HDMI-out port, which allows you to view clips up to 720p to a much bigger screen, say, 24 inches or more. The dock also conveniently charges the tablet PC using the separate AC adapter, which also comes with the bundle as well as extends the life of the cable plugs. Note, however, that the dock is perfectly suited only for landscape mode. 

SumacLife Full Size Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard

toshiba thrive accessories, sumaclife wireless bluetooth keyboard

There are actually two types of virtual keyboards you can use in Toshiba Thrive. They are Android andSwype. However, you may not be used to any one of these or you prefer the split keyboard for thumb typing. If you find greater ease or comfort in using a full-size keyboard, then you better get one of these Toshiba Thrive accessories. This keyboard is wireless, courtesy of Bluetooth connection, making it an on-the-go accessory. It flashes colored LEDs to let you know it’s fully connected and lets you type texts or send messages without any hitch. A great device to tag along especially on business trips, the full-sized keyboard possesses a mini-USB charging port. 

Toshiba 6-Cell Replacement Li-Ion Battery Pack

toshiba thrive accessories, Toshiba 6-Cell Replacement Li-Ion Battery

One of the best attributes of Thrive and perhaps one of the much-needed Toshiba Thrive accessories, particularly for travelers, is the replaceable battery. You can use it as spare, just in case you can’t bring along your AC adapter (of course, it’s less bulky). The battery doesn’t cost you a lot of money. Moreover, the tablet PC has been created to make it easy for you to remove and swap batteries. The only struggle you may have is opening the back panel, which reveals other special components of the tablet PC. The battery fits the tablet PC to a T, so it snaps in within seconds. 

Newly Designed Dual-Tip Aluminum Stylus Pen

toshiba thrive accessories, Dual-Tip Aluminum Stylus Pen

So far, there’s only one tablet PC that includes a stylus in its bundle, and it’s the HTC Tablet PC the Flyer. Nevertheless, the stylus can still be useful for Thrive, especially if you’re using Note apps. One of the fashionable Toshiba Thrive accessories, the stylus is double sided and lets you scribble and drag and scroll icons on the screen. Made from aluminum body, it’s durable and doesn’t break so easily. It doesn’t add weight and is small enough to fit in your pocket. The rubber tip is soft to avoid scratches and other types of damage to the screen. 

Tablet Arcade Suction Cup Joystick

toshiba thrive accessories, tablet arcade suction cup joystick

One of the Toshiba Thrive accessories for gaming, the joystick isn’t proprietary to the Toshiba Thrive. It can also be used on other Tablet PCS such as the HP Tablet PC the TouchpadiPad the Apple Tablet PC,Samsung Tablet PC the Galaxy Tab. Nevertheless, its benefits don’t change no matter what your tablet PC is. What can it do? Its main goal is to make you feel more involved in the gaming process. As a joystick, it provides you better and more accurate control of your movements. It works in different types of games, such as first-person shooters, retro games, arcade games, Across Age, Pac ManMadden NFL 11 for Android, and Chinatown Wars HD. It can also complement your directional pad controls and can move seamlessly across the screen. And since Toshiba Thrive is fitted with a 10-inch display, there’s plenty of room to play. 

Toshiba Thrive Portfolio Case

toshiba thrive accessories, Toshiba Thrive Portfolio 360 Case

Toshiba Thrive isn’t the best tablet PC as far as viewing angles are concerned. It doesn’t have brilliant capabilities to control lighting. However, with the help of this portfolio case, you may simply be able to find the best viewing angle with great ease. Like any other case, it extends the life of the device by giving it extra shield from dust, dirt, scratches, and bumps. But it also possesses a very stable base for excellent support. The leather material is easy to clean, while certain sections of the case are accessible for easy attachments of other accessories. 

rooCASE Executive Portfolio Leather Case Cover with Landscape / Portrait View for Toshiba

toshiba thrive accessories, rooCASE Executive PortfolioLeather Case Cover

One of the essential Toshiba Thrive accessories, this offers maximum protection for your tablet PC. Though it has a very sturdy exterior, there’s no guarantee it can withstand strong impacts. The screen can also be susceptible to scratches and the edges to bumps. The carrying case has been designed to be extra padded in the exteriors as well as the interiors. There are also several pockets where you can fit attachments or additional accessories for your tablet PC such as AC adapters and extra back covers. The case can also be used as stand allowing for vertical and horizontal viewing. Made out of leather it has a very classy look and feel. 

Portable Car Power Inverter for Charging

toshiba thrive accessories, Pro Series Car Travel Power Inverter / Charger with USB port

Charging your Toshiba Thrive can be a little bit pesky since you need to use a dedicated AC adapter. However, it’s more difficult, annoying, and frustrating if you happen to be on a long-distance travel, your tablet is already running out of battery, and you have no extra in the bag. Fortunately, you have one of the helpful Toshiba Thrive accessories: the portable car power inverter. What it does is simply convert your cigarette lighter as a source of power for your AC power adapter. You attach the latter to the former, and then you can juice up your Thrive tablet. Unlike some car chargers, this one doesn’t obstruct your driving view. It also comes with a microfiber cloth and a card reader. To prevent disasters, it has an auto shutdown mechanism. It is also compatible with most other Tablet PCs such as the Asus Tablet PC the Eee Pad Transformer or the Blackberry Tablet PC the Playbook

Toshiba Thrive Global AC Adapter

toshiba thrive accessories, Toshiba Thrive 30W, 19V, 1.58A Global AC Adapter

An extra AC adapter isn’t bad if you’re thinking of using your tablet PC nonstop, though it is heavier to carry around than an extra battery. This also means you can easily replace the old one if it doesn’t function well. Since it is universal, you can use it even outside the United States. To manage the cables, you can tie them up with a Velcro strap. 

Skinomi TechSkin – Screen Protector Shield

toshiba thrive accessories, Skinomi Screen Protector for Toshiba Thrive

The tablet PC’s screen is one of the most essential—and vulnerable—components. Smudges and dirt can reduce your viewing ability. It becomes even a big problem if these become permanent. To reduce the chances of scratches and dirt on the screen, you can put on the screen protector. It’s designed for Thrive’s screen, and it’s easy to put on and remove if you want to change it.