Toshiba Thrive is one of the more successful Android Tablet PC devices in the market

How does Toshiba Thrive set itself apart from its competitors? It can make users rethink the common perception:


for a tablet PC to count, it should be sleeker, thinner, and deeper.

The Thrive is bulkier and tad heavier. But as you read along the review you’ll find out how it justifies the added mass. 

Toshiba Thrive: How It Fares in the Market

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Toshiba Thrive is an Android tablet PC that runs on Honeycomb. It isn’t the cheapest tablet out there, but it is definitely more affordable than iPad 2 the Apple Tablet PC .

Physically, you will instantly see the major difference between Thrive and other tablet PCs. It is wider than the Samsung Tablet PC the Galaxy Tab and iPad 2, taller than T-Mobile G-slate, and way deeper than any of the previously mentioned tablet PCs. It’s also weighty at 1.66lbs (753g), which makes it an interesting contradiction to the usual concept about tablet PCs.

Nevertheless, the Toshiba Thrive is able to compensate its thickness with its loads of full-size ports, including a USB, HDMI-out, mini USB, headphone jack, and even an SD card reader. If you like the port cover found underneath the tablet, you will see more of them, such as a docking port. Simply put, expanding the tablet PC is always convenient, especially if you need more storage. The only issue is you cannot use the mini USB port for charging. For that you need to obtain a separate AC adapter.

Despite the bulkiness, it’s comfortable to grip, thanks to its textured back panel. As an added bonus, you can remove the customary black cover and change it to any of the other colors you prefer (and they come in cutesy names). Another surprising treat is the replaceable battery. You can always buy an extra and load it in should you use all the battery juice. You can then forget about the chargers. You may have some problems with the removal of the back cover, however.


The screen isn’t as stellar as that of the HTC Tablet PC the Flyer , but it has a 10 inch screen, so a lot of details can be seen.


Moreover, it boasts of a 1280 by 800 screen resolution, which produces sharp and brilliant images. Don’t expect, though, that stills, video clips, and texts will remain very clear when there’s too much light around.

The Toshiba Thrive is also equipped with rear – 2MP and front-facing 5MP camera for video chatting. The only problem is the former seems to be obstructed by your own fingers if you hold the tablet in landscape mode.

Shooting video clips with the Toshiba Thrive is great but not outstanding. It does offer a special technology known as Resolution +, which is meant to improve the SD quality, and though there are differences, these are usually subtle.

Fortunately, it’s able to counteract that by giving very clear and powerful audio. When increased, the sound can definitely fill an entire, albeit small, room, as well as clear the muffled sounds.

There may be some interference along the way, but it can be ironed out by its equalizer. Most of all, because it’s fitted with an HDMI-out port, you don’t have to watch the clips in your tablet PC forever. You can transfer it to your HDTV without any loss of quality or issues with compression and bandwidth.

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Unlike some Android tablets, the tablet uses the Honeycomb OS, which is Android 3.1, which has been redesigned for tablet PCs (the others are more suitable with smartphones). As customary, you can take advantage of the five customizable desktops and the NVIDIA Tegra double-core processor, which is highly efficient and fast.

The biggest advantage of having Honeycomb in the Toshiba Thrive is multitasking. You can scroll thumbnails with great ease and open several applications simultaneously without a hitch. It also offers two types of virtual keyboards, Swype and Android, though it could have been better if there’s a split keyboard for thumb typing.

The file management application offers extra value to it, as it gives you direct and fast access to the different storage drives in your tablet PC, such as SD card, USB thumb drive, and hard drive. You have to note, though, that the system doesn’t permit you to create copies in the background. 


If you can get past its bulkiness, the Toshiba Thrive is a well-planned reasonably priced tablet PC that runs on Android. It comes in 3 different storage capacities 8MB/16MB/32MB and 1GB of RAM. As with most Tablet PCs it also has Bluetooth. toshiba tablet pc, toshiba thrive, toshiba android, toshiba thrive pros and cons