Tablet PC vs eReaders – Making an informed decision which one is more suitable for you

Today there are many different kinds of mobile electronics available including tablet pcs and eBook readers.

Mobile electronics are the most popular devices available because of their portability and size that allows people to take them anywhere.

Tablet PCs are more suitable for people who want to multitask and use their device for several different functions while the eBook reader is a dedicated device designed for reading electronic media.

Selecting the right electronic device can sometimes be a difficult decision. With so many models and brands available, you first have to understand the difference between tablet pcs and ereaders. A tablet pc is a computer that has been shrunk to a portable size; it allows users to perform everything a computer does.

An eBook readers purpose on the other hand is primarily for reading electronic content such as books, magazines and even newspapers and usually has a long battery life compared to a tablet computer.

eBook Readers

An eBook reader is a simple mobile device that allows users to read and store electronic content such as books on their device. Most eBook readers are small in size and are about the size of a paperback book while being incredibly slim and portable. They come with built in storage and in some cases have expandable slots for memory cards increases storage capabilities. The eBook reader is well known for its long battery life and E Ink® technology that makes the display look like a normal page in a book. For people who need a dedicated device for reading exclusively, the eBook reader is the right choice. 

What About Tablet PCs?

Mobile computers have been around for more than 10 years. With the evolution of technology, they have become slimmer and focused on extending the computer experience beyond the desk. Today tablets are mini computers that allow users to perform computing tasks edit and create office documents, presentations and emails, you can connect to social networks, read electronic books and content, listen and watch media files, surf the internet and play games all on the same device without needing your computer. Most tablet computers are powerful and last longer than even laptops. The tablet computer is ideal for users who need access to computer related information on a regular basis or just want something that is light and convenient and enjoy being connected at all times.

When compared to an eBook reader, the tablet pc is more powerful and resourceful because it can be used for many different things. Tablet computers have larger screens more applications and more functionality. eBook readers on the other hand are for people who want to read and don’t need all the sophistication of a tablet pc. An eBook reader also has a longer battery life, it can last for a week or two when fully charged and the Wi-Fi is turned off, on the other hand most tablets need to be charged on a daily basis.

The weight of an eBook reader is another important factor because it is lighter than a book and even a tablet computer making it very portable. People who are devoted readers will appreciate the e-ink technology on most eBook readers because it makes the display light on the eyes, an eBook reader can be used outdoors, indoors and almost anywhere except in the dark. The cost of an eBook reader is another point to consider. Most eReaders cost a few hundred dollars less than a tablet PC. You also save on books which on average cost $9.99 a piece. Although tablet computers cost more, they also have enhanced capabilities, such as web browsing, thousands of applications, e-mail, games etc… all in your hand ready to go where ever you go.


For people who want a straight forward device that can handle their electronic books and magazines, the eBook reader is the right choice. A tablet computer is more ideal for people who need a device that can perform several functions on the go. Also the average screen size of a tablet pc is about 9 inches, while the average eBook reader is about 6 inches, making the ereader even more portable than tablets.

Looking at the two devices, tablet computers have more features and are more powerful which in turns makes them more suitable choice for an all-rounder. The eBook reader while not as powerful as the tablets however, still gives you access to outstanding battery life, ease of use, e-ink technology mimics the book reading experience, there is enough storage space for literally thousands of eBooks on one device. This makes it an attractive for the discerning reader who wants to enjoy their books and published content.