Tablet PC intro – A description and brief History of Tablet PCs

The Tablet PC intro starts with the huge success of the Kindle eBook reader and the mobile phone revolution, which was initiated by the release of the iPhone that triggered the development of Tablet PCs in the first place.


Most of the technology and core processing that is done in Tablet PCs is being made on proprietary processors that were developed with mobile technology in mind, but further developed to accommodate Tablet PC requirements. 

Star Trek Gadgets

The tablet computer idea is nothing new, ever since the turn of the century there were several incarnations of the Microsoft Tablet PC, even earlier, in the cult TV series “Star Trek” crew members can be seen using some sort of Tablet PC that is being operated through a stylus pen, an electronic clipboard if you like.

First devices that resemble the Tablet PC were available since the late eighties – early nineties. The first patent for something that can be referred to as an electronic tablet stems from the late nineteenth century. 

Apple iPad first generation

But just like it was the case with eBook readers and Kindle, it was not until the release of the iPad that Tablet PCs became popular and much sought after devices.

The development of the iPad started way back in 2007 and it took until 2010 to finalize the concept that was derived from a symbiosis of the iPhone, an old fashioned Tablet PC, an eBook reader and the latest mobile computing technology available.

The idea to make the screen multi-touch capable is said to have originated with Steve Jobs himself, implementing all possible already popular Apple product technologies rounded up the deal and the iPad was launched. 

Motorola Tablet PC, Motorola Xoom, android honeycomb

The parallel developed devices, which at that time were mostly based on the very young Android operating system, gained immense popularity in a very short time span.

The Android platform was originally a Linux based operating system that was developed for use in smartphones, but now powers Tablet PC devices as well, a more Tablet PC oriented version being the latest Android 3.0.

It is interesting to note that while many perceive Android as a copycat of the iPhone operating system iOS, the development and initial patents were filed and created way before the original iPhone was even released. 

Additionally, there are Tablet PCs that feature other operating systems, even Microsoft Windows. Asus, for instance has a new tablet PC device out, which is actually a fully fledged PC computer, Intel i5 processor, 4 GB RAM and all.

Not to mention Dell, which has a laptop that can be folded and thereby morph into a tablet PC, with capacitive multi-touch screen and handwriting recognition. The HP Tablet PC is the TouchPad, a tablet that has been developed and manufactured by the newly acquired Palm, Inc. It will feature the proprietary webOS, which is, according to HP at least, is going to be the next iPad like sensation.

In the decision which Tablet PC to pick is also crucial to reflect on what such a device is supposed to do for you. Some devices, like the already mentioned webOS powered TouchPad, or the BlackBerry Tablet PC PlayBook, will not have the same kind or amount of applications like the Apple iPad, or any Android powered device. The Apple Store and the Android Market have such an abundance of applications and games on offer, it is truly hard to compete with such an overwhelming competition. On the other hand, Windows based Tablet PCs are capable of swallowing most of the existing games and apps that are already available, making this a very interesting alternative.

From the spaceship Enterprise to the reality of today, tablet PCs are the ultimate fun. With limitless entertainment as the main prerogative, these devices of today compete not only against the iPad, which had a bit of a head start, but also against each other for the favor of customers. In the sheer countless supply of new and exciting devices, will attempt to provide necessary information and advice, helping you all the way towards a decision, which of the tablet PCs may be the right choice for you.

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