The Sony Tablet S Accessories are a great way to add style and fuctionality

Sony Tablet S Accessories were made available almost instantly with the release of the very eagerly awaited Sony Tablet PC.


With features that rival the competition, but with an innovative design, a BRAVIA display quality and Sony PlayStation certification, Sony made sure their entry into the Tablet market was properly and adequately noticed.

Sony has always been famous for providing posh and high end quality accessories for all their products, so it is not surprising that immediately with the release of their highly anticipated device several in-house made Sony Tablet S Accessories were made available for the enthusiastic user.

Tablet accessories made by Sony

As expected, the Sony Tablet S Accessories made under the brand name logo are of high quality and quite pricey in comparison to products made by other manufacturers. They are all made to complement the design of the tablet. Interestingly enough, despite being one of the leading headphone manufacturers for Hi-Fi and Studio environments, there is no specific headphones item associated with the Tablet S; neither is a pair supplied with the device. 

Sony Tablet S Cradle

sony tablet s accessories, Sony SGPDS1 Tablet S Cradle

There is a stand for the Tablet S, called Sony SGP-DS1 Tablet S Cradle, which has a curiously useful but potentially very annoying feature: it automatically switches the tablet to emulating a desk clock or a digital picture frame, when placed into it. You can use and charge the Tablet S while cradled. It makes a great digital picture frame when not in use. The beautiful design of the Tablet S displayed on a cradle truly makes it an interesting art piece in your living room. 

Sony Bluetooth keyboard

sony tablet s accessories, Sony SGPWKB1 Tablet S Bluetooth Keyboard

Of course, additional Sony Tablet S Accessories are available as well, most importantly the Sony SGP-WKB1 Tablet S Bluetooth keyboard, which only advantage in comparison with other Bluetooth keyboards is the Sony logo. The most important features are the shortcut keys that only work with the Sony Tablet S and the fact that the distance between the Tablet S and the keyboard can be up to 10 meters, while in line of sight. 

Sony Tablet S Leather Carrying Case

sony tablet s accessories, Sony SGPCK1 Tablet S Leather Carrying Case

A very fancy slim genuine leather carrying case is a part of Sony Tablet S Accessories line offered directly from Sony. The Sony SGP-CK1 Tablet S Leather Carrying Case, which is the official Sony name for this case, provides adequate protection for the Sony Tablet S from everyday shocks, moving around, dust, scratches and anything similar, besides, it really looks nice and has the Sony logo embroidered on it. Optionally, the former SGP-CV1 Sony Vaio tablet case is now adapted to be used for the Tablet S. It does fit it perfectly, as if it was designed for it in the first place. It is elegant, debonair, crafted from genuine leather and sports the omnipresent Sony logo. 

Sony USB A Socket – USB Micro A Plug

sony tablet s accessories, Sony SGPUC1 Tablet S USB A Socket - USB Micro A Plug

This is one of the Sony Tablet S Accessories that has a particular usage, namely it converts the Micro-USB connection into the Standard-USB connection, allowing a direct interface, for instance, for your digital camera. With this little connection device you can unload pictures and videos directly from your digital camera into the Tablet S. All kind of other data can be transferred as well, for instance anything that you can upload from your own stationary or laptop computer, can be transferred as well, such as videos, movies, music etc… 

Sony Tablet S AC Adapter

sony tablet s accessories, Sony SGPAC10V1 Tablet S AC Adapter

Although you do get an adapter with your Tablet S device, it is nice to know that you can easily replace the adapter with this high performance model. It does not only recharge your Tablet S, but can be used as power cord, allowing you to use your device with an empty battery. The cord is removable and provides better storage capability. 

BOOMbar Portable 2.1 Wireless Stereo Bluetooth Speaker and Tablet Cleaning Kit

sony tablet s accessories, BOOMbar Portable 2.1 Wireless Stereo Bluetooth Speaker

It is quite disappointing, watching a modern movie and having to listen to the sound coming out of the built in speakers of the tablet device. The Sony Tablet S sounds okay, but the true cinema feel does not happen. This little but powerful stereo Bluetooth speaker provides 2.1 sound from a distance of up to 75 feet and runs on a rechargeable battery that keeps on going for hours at a time. The compact bar designed device houses two full range drivers and a three inch subwoofer. A simple built in remote controller can start and stop your playback on the device, even forward and back track. Included with the delivery are a USB cable, a 3.5 mm cable for connecting non-Bluetooth devices and a tablet cleaning kit. 

USA Gear Neo-Cushion Tablet Case Sleeve and Micro-USB charge cable

sony tablet s accessories, USA Gear Neo-Cushion Tablet Case Sleeve

Another one of the very affordable yet high on quality Sony Tablet S Accessories, the Tablet S Case Sleeve made by USA Gear and distributed by Accessory Genie is fabricated out of weather proof neoprene. Outfitted with thick neoprene guards, the sleeve case provides adequate protection against scrapes, bumps, scratches and droplets. There is also a pocket where other small accessories can fit, such as cables and a stylus pen. The package also includes a Micro-USB charge cable. 

Skinomi TechSkin – Black Carbon Fiber Film Shield & Screen Protector

sony tablet s accessories, Skinomi TechSkin - Black Carbon Fiber Film Shield & Screen Protector

With less than a tenth of a millimeter, the skin is rather a high quality protective film than some kind of a case. There is no solution for adhesion necessary; the skin is almost without weight, but nevertheless unbelievably strong. The screen protector is not made out of carbon fiber, as is the film shield. The original design is being preserved, only a grid like pattern remains visible. The carbon fiber can be felt when touched, whereby the used top of the line materials provide protection equaling the one provided by cases. The lifetime warranty by Skinomi offers replacement for the film shield as well as screen protector, in the unlikely case that any of the products wears off with time.