Sony ebook Reader was introduced before the Kindle and the Nook, is it worth considering?

Sony eBook reader is basically a line of eBook readers that are produced by Sony.


The devices use an electronic paper display, can be viewed in direct sunlight, do not need any power for maintaining static image and can be used in landscape or portrait orientation.

The eBooks for the Sony eBook reader are available in the Sony eBook Library in Canada and in the US.

These readers can also display formats like ePub, PDF, RSS newsfeeds, JPEGs and BBeB or BroadBand eBook of Sony. Sony ereader can also play AAC audio files as well as MP3.

Because of its compatibility with Adobe’s protected and ePub and PDF files, Sony eBook reader owners can also borrow eBooks from some of the leading libraries located in several countries.

DRM rules of these devices allows that any of the purchased eBooks can be read on up to 6 devices, at least one of which should be a personal computer that runs on Mac OS X or Windows.

Though the purchased eBooks cannot be shared by the owner on others’ accounts and devices, owners can register five different Readers in a single account and accordingly share books.

These devices offer a lot of convenience and advanced features to offer convenience and ease of use. The user can search for the titles and turn pages with just a swipe of the finger on a touch screen.

The touch screen is very similar to paper and ink and is completely readable even in direct sunlight. Users also have access to magazines, newspapers, bestsellers and latest releases. You can also access the local library to check, browse and download books. 

Sony Reader Daily Edition

sony ebook reader, sony ereader, Sony Daily Edition

Sony’s newest and most advanced device is theSony e Book reader Daily Edition. It is currently the flagship product of the company and has one feature that the earlier products lacked- wireless connectivity through Wi-Fi and 3G.

Unlike the earlier model, this Sony ereader has a seven inch screen. This new model has a higher contrast E ink® Pearl display. The device does have a good feel and nice look to it. Considering the fact that it has a large 7 inch screen, it is quite lightweight and looks compact. It measures at a height of 7.8 inches and is 5.1 inches wide, 0.4 inches deep and weighs at 9.5 ounces (270g).

One of the biggest problems with the earlier Sony eBook reader models was the touch screen. In this latest model, the touch navigation has been improved, thereby providing the users a better experience.

The Sony engineers have managed to remove a screen protection layer that had earlier been hurting the contrast which resulted in the letters not being as dark as Nook or Kindle. There also had been glare issues because of increased reflectivity. However, now those matters have been resolved. Sony uses an infrared technology for the touch mechanics so you will hardly have to touch the screen in order to get an immediate response. The biggest win for this Sony ereader is the fact that it has wireless connectivity.

sony ebook reader, sony ereader, Sony Daily Edition pros and cons


Sony Reader Touch Edition

sony ebook reader, sony ereader, Sony Touch Edition

The Sony eReader Touch Edition is a slick and impressive Sony eBook reader that has a very easy to use touch interface.

However, for many users the lack of wireless connectivity is a deal breaker. This new Sony ereader is trimmed down and has two main upgrades – a high contrast E ink® Pearl display as well as a working and glare free touch screen interface.

The six inch screen has 16 level greyscale and has improved contrast. There are six font sizes that will allow you to customize your screen. The touch screen can be used for much more than navigation. This new Sony ereader allows you to mark text with the stylus, take notes through the stylus or virtual keyboard, turn pages through its zippy screen and much more.

There are 2 English dictionaries and 10 translation dictionaries built in. The reader can keep the log of the words that you have looked up.

The model also has 2 GB built in memory that can store about 1200 eBooks. Additional memory can be achieved through a memory card and the SD expansion slots. This Sony eBook reader can run for up to two weeks with one battery charge. The battery can be charged through the Micro USB standard port.

sony ebook reader, sony ereader, Sony Touch Edition pros and cons


Sony Reader Pocket Edition

sony ebook reader, sony ereader, Sony Pocket Edition

The Sony Book reader Pocket Edition is sleek, compact and has an internal memory of 2 GB.

It has a high contrast display E Ink® Pearl and a responsive touch screen.

At 5.64 ounces (160g) and a compact size of 4.11 inches wide by 5.71 inches tall and 0.33 inches deep, it is quite handy to carry around.

However, one of the biggest drawbacks with the model is that there is no Wi-Fi or 3G connectivity. Considering the fact that Nook and Kindle both have a Wi-Fi version, it definitely has made a big omission.

Other than the lacking wireless connectivity, the Pocket Edition is actually a very good Sony eBook reader. Although several users may not like smaller eBook readers, the size of this device is appealing for those who travel often and simply want to carry a compact device that can be slipped into a purse or coat pocket without any weight at all.

For those who have eyesight issue, this device probably would not be the right choice. Although it does have zoom capabilities and can display PDF files with text and Word formats, the smaller screen is actually good for PDF files. The size of this Sony ereader is perfect for those who are looking for something compact.

sony ebook reader, sony ereader, Sony Pocket Edition pros and cons