Which Sony e reader is the one for you, what is important when choosing one?

Sony has an impressive range of Sony e reader models that offer all the functions and convenience that one would want in a device of this nature.


Since it can be quite impossible for you to travel with all the books you love wherever you go, the idea of having an electronic Sony eReader can be worth thinking about.

This would be especially convenient for those who travel often.

However, since there are three basic Sony e reader models available, it may be a little difficult for you to decide which one to select for your needs.

Features to Look for

Don’t waste your money on features you won’t use, make sure it has the one you want and need. No matter which model you select you will have to ensure that it offers a long battery life so that you can travel for long hours without having to worry about recharging your Sony e reader. The size of each device is different so you will have to think about the size you are comfortable with. It is best to check out different models to see which one is the most comfortable to hold and how it feels on your eyes. Although the advanced models do have all the features you need, sometimes a basic model may be enough for you.

File compatibility is one of the first things you should look for in your Sony eReader. For example, if your model does not support PDF files then it may not be worth investing your money in. Because eBooks are available in various different formats you will have to research a little. Fortunately, all Sony e readers have access to a library that has over 100,000 books with additional access to local libraries for a few models. Given below is a brief overview of each model along with their pros and cons so you can make a conscious decision while selecting your device. 

Sony Reader Daily Edition

sony ebook reader, sony ereader, Sony Daily Edition

The Sony e Book reader Daily Edition is the flagship product of Sony and has 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity unlike the earlier models. It has a 7 inch screen with E ink® Pearl high contrast display. Even though it has a larger screen it is comparatively light weight at 9.5 ounces (270g). It measures at 7.8 x 5.1 x 0.4 inches. This new model has improved touch navigation with no glare issues or sluggishness. It now has infrared detectors for the touch mechanics that makes is very fast and responsive to swipes and taps of the finger. The biggest benefit of this model is its wireless connectivity in the form of Wi-Fi as well as 3G.

sony ebook reader, sony ereader, Sony Daily Edition pros and cons


Sony Reader Touch Edition

sony ebook reader, sony ereader, Sony Touch Edition

The Sony eReader Touch edition is impressive, slick and light weight. It has a convenient touch interface but does not have wireless connectivity so it may not be ideal for those who prefer downloading their e books online. It has an E ink® Pearl high contrast display with no glare problems. It has a 6 inch screen and six fonts so that you can customize your text. It includes a stylus, a virtual key board and capabilities to take hand written notes. It also includes built in dictionaries as well as translations. The in built memory is 2 GB and it offers expansion slots through SD or Memory Stick cards.

sony ebook reader, sony ereader, Sony Touch Edition pros and cons


Sony Reader Pocket Edition

sony ebook reader, sony ereader, Sony Pocket Edition

The Sony book reader Pocket edition is for those who want their reader to be compact and easy to travel with. This lightweight, compact and sleek model has a 2 GB internal memory but no expansion slots. It has a responsive, high contrast E ink® Pearl display and a 5 inch screen. It weighs in at just 5.5 ounces (156g). However, it does not include wireless connectivity. It may not be ideal for those with eyesight problem but is perfect for those who tend to travel a lot. It does support PDF format, Word and Text formats along with Zoom feature.

sony ebook reader, sony ereader, Sony Pocket Edition pros and cons