Sony e book reader the Daily Edition is the best and most advanced Sony ereader

The Sony e book reader Daily edition is the latest and one of the trendiest ereaders in the market.


Although not many would remember the first ever Reader device had been launched by Sony in the year 2006.

Kindle had been introduced by Amazon a year after that with the added convenience of downloading wirelessly. Sony had been slow to add this feature.

The Daily Edition Sony e book reader is the effort made by Sony to get back in the race by bringing together a larger touch screen display and 3G wireless.

However, the device does cost $399 which is much higher when compared to the $140 charged by the competition.


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The Sony reader Daily Edition is 8.1 inches x 0.6 inches which is essentially the same as the Touch Edition with 3G included. Readers have the same type of minimalist design, ports, touch interface and screen. The width of Daily Edition is 6 inch so it can comfortably fit into one hand. However, 7 inch screen does allow more text lines as well as two column reading in the landscape mode. Below the screen are five buttons- zoom, options, home, Previous/Next Page. The stylus sits into a slot at the upper left corner right next to power slide. The Media slots for Memory Stick Duo and SD cards are under a cover on the right. The bottom has the wireless on and off switch, a mini USB, power port, volume controls and the headphone ports.

To add to its premium look, this Sony e book reader has a built-in leather cover and a zipper case for protecting the screen. The magnetic cover closure of the cover is great since it will remain secure even when handled roughly inside bags and purses. 

User Interface

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Like the Sony e book reader Touch, the menu in Daily Edition has large icons that can easily be navigated with the stylus or a finger. Home Page brings quick access to the recently read periodical or book, Periodicals, Notes, Collections and the list of books recently added. At the bottom of its screen tabs are located for accessing applications like audio player, handwritten notes, Settings and the Reader Store.

The interface is actually quite simple but it is quite advantageous for readers since there is no problem understanding how to operate the device or navigate it straight out of its box. As it is a touch screen device, all of the icons are large sized so that they can be easily accessed with the finger pad. The newspaper feature is quite compelling. Because of the longer display, you can easily view more headlines on one page. If you have subscribed to newspapers and simply leave the wireless adapter on overnight, you will have the latest edition the next day, ready for your morning coffee.

According to Sony, the online version of Wall Street Journal offers automatic afternoon updates for customers that have the Daily Edition. You can also get content worth days uploaded on your device so that you can easily check it whenever you have some time. The Sony e book reader has an internal memory of 2 GB and allows use of Memory Stick or SD card if you need more memory. Unfortunately, the one problem with the Daily edition is that it is sluggish. Once an icon is tapped the device may take a few seconds to act or respond. One third of the time the command would not be followed by the device at all although it does seem to register the swipes or taps.

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