Sony Daily Edition cases ensure a worry free and stylish reading experience

Sony Daily Edition cases guarantee one thing: that your reader stays protected and ensuring you a worry free reading experience.


A lot of people tend to take these cases for granted.

They view them as additional expense, but the truth is, without them, screens can be damaged, rendering your e-reader useless.

Don’t let this happen to your device. Choose from one of these great choices.

Body Glove E-Reader Travel Hard Shell Case

Sony Daily Edition cases, Body Glove E-Reader Travel Hard Shell Case stand

When it comes to Sony Daily Edition cases, nothing spells strength and durability than a hard shell. A hard shell is often used in luggage and even carry-on bags because of its high level of strength as well as its ability to absorb impact. It’s the same kind of protection that is extended to your e-reader. The case also comes with mesh pockets for your cables, chargers, and other accessories and a pull-out stand for a variety of reading styles. You can also use this case for other e-book readers, such as Nook and Kindle 2. 

Cover-Up Sony PRS-950 Daily Edition Inversion Stand Leather

Sony Daily Edition cases, Cover-Up Sony Daily Edition Inversion Stand Leather

There are plenty of beautiful Sony Daily Edition cases, but this one goes beyond expectations. It is made from full grain Nappa Leather. It is specially treated to make it extra soft. It feels pleasantly in on your hands, yet it is extremely durable. This highly valued leather is usually used in high-end products—yet there it is, in this case. To reduce scratches on the e-reader, the interior is lined with gray microfiber. The cover flap allows fast access on the device while keeping it secure with a fastener. There are also cutouts for the stylus pen and other ports and controls. 

Silicone Skin Case – and Sketch Universal Stylus Pen

Sony Daily Edition cases, Silicone Skin Case Sketch Universal Stylus Pen

One of the recommended Sony Daily Edition cases, this one is made from high-class silica gel. It gives the case a sturdy look but soft and comfortable feel and greatly minimizes the possibility of scratches. Dust can also be easily cleaned off from the surface. Cut-outs permit you to navigate controls and use ports even without having to remove the e-reader from the case. To complete the package, the case also comes with a stylus pen, which has a soft foam tip. It is handy for note taking and making annotations. A special insert is found in the case for your stylus. 

Tuff-Luv Folio Book Style Genuine Leather Case

Sony Daily Edition cases, Tuff-Luv Folio Book Style Genuine Leather Case

Any business executive or professional should learn to invest in premium-grade Sony Daily Edition cases. They can begin with this choice. Its material is genuine leather, which makes it stylish and strong all at the same time. The magnetic flap keeps the e-reader fully secured, while the interiors are lined with slots, where you can organize business cards, IDs, and some papers. Because it features an open design, majority of the basic features of Sony Daily Edition can be accessed and used. Tuff-Luv also extends a lifetime guarantee to this case, proof it deeply values the craftsmanship and functionality of its case. 

Tuff-Luv Bi-Axis Genuine Leather Case Cover

Sony Daily Edition cases, Tuff-Luv Bi-Axis Genuine Leather Case Cover

Just like a number of Tuff-Luv Sony Daily Edition cases, this one comes from genuine leather and is meticulously handmade. There’s the flap that ensures your e-reader remains in its pouch, especially if you are traveling. You can also access the SD card slots and other ports and controls because of its open-case design. The only major difference between this and the previous case we mentioned? It can be transformed into a viewing stand. You can prop the case and transform it into a stand for various viewing angles. You can even change the orientation from landscape to portrait. Simply put, the case offers great hands-free reading. 

USA Gear Black Neoprene Cover Case and Mouse pad

Sony Daily Edition cases, USA Gear Black Neoprene Cover Case and Mouse pad

A lot of Sony Daily Edition cases are made fromNeoprene, and it’s perfectly understandable. Neoprene allows manufacturers to be flexible with regards to design or color without putting quality into the backseat. The material is very strong yet soft, perfect for protecting e-readers from bumps, scrapes, smudges, and impacts from drops. This case, however, is made from a denser type, so protection is further enhanced. At the front you’ll find a large pocket that can hold some of your e-reader’s essentials such as cables, chargers, or adapters. You can also use it for keeping your important documents and some bills. The back has a sewn strap for a more comfortable and convenient grip. 

Violet Tranquility Design Protective Decal Skin

Sony Daily Edition cases, Violet Tranquility Design Protective Decal Skin

Whoever says that decal stickers can’t be used to protect Sony Daily Edition cases is wrong. It is just a matter of choosing the right one. This decal sticker combines aesthetics and function perfectly. The violets are so stunning they immediately uplift the rather boring look of your e-reader. The design goes all the way to the back without compromising the functions of your buttons and ports. Best of all, it reduces scratches and smudges on the surface. To match it, you’ll get a free screensaver you can download. The decal sticker has also been designed to be easily removed just in case you change your mind. 

Black with Purple Trim Water and Scratch Resistant Nubuck

Sony Daily Edition cases, Black with Purple Trim Water and Scratch Resistant Nubuck

One of the best Sony Daily Edition cases we’ve seen, the case has a simple but modern black exterior. Inside, you’ll find a scratch-resistant material that firmly protects the surface of your e-reader. The case also comes with a screen protector to reduce smudges, as well as chargers for your vehicle and wall sockets. This way, you can keep your e-reader running and useful no matter where you are. If you need a dose of inspiration, there’s the SumacLife wristband that speaks about courage and wisdom.