Sony Book reader Pocket Edition is the smallest member of the Sony ereader family, but still an excellent eReader

Other than the Daily Edition and the Sony eReader Touch edition, the smallest Sony book reader to be launched in the market is the Pocket Edition.


With its improved E ink® Pearl screen and touch capabilities it is definitely attractive.

The device has a 5 inch screen and is priced at $179, the lowest in the line of Sony book reader stable.

However, the device does not have wireless connectivity, which can be a big drawback.


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The Pocket Edition Sony eReader has been redesigned completely so that it can match the feel and look of the Daily and Touch Editions. There is no D-Pad or the buttons on the right side of the display. The new edition has five minimalist buttons located below the display- Options, Zoom, Home, Page Forward and Page Back. Also, the device now has touch screen capabilities like the other models. The Pocket Edition is 5.7 x 4.1 x 0.33 inches, one of the most compact readers currently available in the market. Also, it weighs only 5.5 ounces (156g), about three ounces less than the competition. It can snugly fit into the rear pocket of pants, in a bag or a purse, inside pockets of coats and jackets.

Although the device is light, it does feel solid because of the silver metal case. It looks quite elegant because of the chrome buttons on the front. The stylus fits into its port located on the right. The mini USB jack has now been replaced with a micro USB standard jack at the bottom. There is no separate power port for A/C adaptor but the device has a USB cord adapter. Unlike the other Sony book reader models; this one has no slots or memory card or headphone jack. The device has an internal memory of 2 GB which is quite enough considering the fact that it can store thousands of eBooks. 


Like the other Sony models, the Pocket Edition too has an E ink® Pearl high contrast display. It is the same technology that is used in Kindle 3G and DX. The model also has infrared sensors for touch functionality that can trace and detect movements by the stylus as well as the finger. The display is crisp and bright. However, there is not much font choice available in the device which can be a drawback for many users. The touch screen does work well. There may sometimes be problems working with the handwritten notes in the books or Memo. There can be a lag of milliseconds while you draw lines or scribble.

The keyboard on screen may also lag a bit while typing but there is a definite improvement over the earlier version and it is possible for users to type fast with fingers as well as the stylus. There is a lot that users will like about the Sony book reader Pocket Edition. However, the device has no wireless connectivity which can be a major drawback. Also, the pricing of the device is more or less at par with other readers that offer wireless connectivity.

If you don’t really mind connecting your Sony device to the computer to transfer and upload new content, it would not be a major problem for you. However, it can be a little inconvenient for those who tend to be on the road and may not have constant access to a home computer for those a more appropriate device would be the Sony e book reader Daily Edition. All in all, the Sony book reader Pocket Edition is a good choice if you don’t mind having wireless connectivity.

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