Don’t leave your Galaxy Tab naked, add the following Samsung Galaxy Tab Accessories

You can’t have a Tab without any cool Samsung Galaxy Tab Accessories to make it more fun and productive.


The Samsung galaxy tab had been introduced in 2010 and is a smaller, lighter challenger to the Apple iPad.

Several of the faults that had earlier been spotted in the iPad had been addressed by the galaxy tab and it even offers several great additional features.

The galaxy tab is a 7 inch tablet PC weighing 13 oz so it can be carried around easily stashed in a purse, handbag, pants or the backpack.

It has been designed to make reading, videos, gaming and music enjoyable with its wide screen and great display. The 7 inch colorful LCD offers an exceptional viewing experience for all types of activities.

The neat 7 inch tab offers users the experience of performing any function they would with a laptop though with an ultra compact device size. However, what makes this device even better are the Samsung galaxy tab accessories. While the decision of what accessory to use with your galaxy tab is personal, some of the most popular Samsung galaxy tab accessories are the cases and the shade protectors.

Popular Samsung Galaxy Tab Accessories

The most popular Samsung galaxy tab accessories provide dual purposes- they strengthen the components as well as make the device easier to use. Currently there is a wide variety of accessories available in the market. Since accessories on their own can cost quite a lot, buyers should first think about their needs before they go ahead and purchase the accessories. 

Full Sized Keyboard Dock

samsung galaxy tab accessories, Samsung Galaxy Keyboard Dock

The Samsung galaxy tab keyboard dock is soft touch, comfortable and it helps the user maximize the features offered by the tab. One of the main reasons why it would be a good investment for any user is because it increases productivity of the gadget, helps communicating faster and in a more convenient way. At the same time, the tab will be secure since it will be stationed in an integrated media and charging weighted dock. 

HDMI Multi-media Dock

samsung galaxy tab accessories, Samsung Galaxy Multimedia Dock

Among the variety of Samsung galaxy tab accessories currently available is the multi media dock. This accessory allows users to charge their tab conveniently on their desk even when they are listening to music, checking videos, answering to emails through a 3.5 mm line out port. The dock also allows them to take their photos on a digital frame mode. The HDMI output allows them to view HD content up to 180p through an optional cable, connect to the tablet for data sync with PC, calendar, contacts, music, videos, pictures, audio, charging etc. There is an audio jack available for connection to external speakers. For those who are constantly on the move, this dock will keep their tab synchronized and charged at all times. 

Conductive Stylus

samsung galaxy tab accessories, Samsung Galaxy Conductive Stylus, Stylus Pen

With a black and chrome finish, the Stylus has been made to resemble a high end writing instrument. It has a conductive tip that can stimulate finger touch, swipe or tap to offer a full touch screen environment. There will be no fingerprints left behind on the screen. The Stylus also has a pocket clip that allows it to be carefully stored in pockets or clip in to protective cases or carry cases. The most important function of the Stylus however is that it speeds up interaction with the device and does not leave any prints on the screen. 

The Tab Case

samsung galaxy tab accessories, Samsung Galaxy Case

Perhaps one of the most useful and the most popular Samsung galaxy tab accessories is the tab case. This is an accessory definitely worth investing in. A good case can keep the tab safe from the daily wear and tear and it can help your device avoid dents and scrapes. A good case can be purchased almost anywhere since there are many available today. Most of these carry special openings and windows to allow you to make use of the device without removing the case. Still, users can find book type cases, slip on or snap on cases, depending on their requirements. 

Vehicle Mount

samsung galaxy tab accessories, Samsung Galaxy Car Mount Kit

This vehicle navigation mount can help users stay on the right track through GPS navigation. It also offers traffic alerts, latest movies and media. It allows the users to charge their device when they are traveling long distance since a 3.5mm power adapter is included. Those who tend to travel extensively will find these Samsung galaxy tab accessories to be quite useful and a must have. 

Screen Protector

samsung galaxy tab accessories, Samsung Galaxy screen protector

Another popular Samsung galaxy tab accessory is the screen protector. Since protecting the 7 inch screen of the tab is the very critical, purchasing a screen guard is important. A screen guard is quite skinny and transparent which will fit over perfectly on top of the device’s screen. Light adhesives will be used in order to make these protectors stick to the surface. These protectors will keep the screen clean from dust, dirt, chemicals and fingerprints which may cause scratches on the surface. Since the tab is actually quite delicate, it is necessary to use a screen protector. 

Video / Stereo Cable

samsung galaxy tab accessories, Samsung Galaxy Video Cable

This cable supports standard video and audio signals between the galaxy tab and various multimedia devices. It allows the user to use their tab as a home theater or jukebox by streaming videos and music to their home system. It also allows them to see the user interface directly on a TV screen. The 30 pin connector allows users to play picture slideshow, music or movies directly on the TV.