PopBot, a fantastic way to keep fresh music

Start by selecting your radio stations Album covers in live radio. Sexy! All you do is select and enjoy! Build impressive playlists ready for any occation.

What is this PopBot thing…?

Well, PopBot is a good internet radio streaming app among many, but then the real story beginns. The app has a super feuture – the app removes all the ads from a song, strips all the radio talk from the DJ and saves the song to your phone. And it’s for free!

The app starts saving music from the stations you select and will run in the background, downloading tracks and stripping them of chat and ads. It is incredibly easy to quickly have an impressive collection of your favourite music, which is yours to use as you like. And standard setup is to only run on WiFi meaning that you don’t need an expensive 3G rate plan.

The app has a list of 15,000 radio stations, and that’s where you start. Simply select your favorites in a nice UI. When you have selected your radio station, the PopBot app will work as an intelligent robot in the background. Commercials, jingles, and DJ talk will be removed. Only nice’n clean music will be saved.

And as if this was not enough, there are more nice extra features I have never heard of before as well. The app shows album art for songs even in live radio. This is cool, this is beutiful.

Also, if a song is played many times the ap figures out which was the best version and saves this only. And there are settings to make sure it keeps refreshing my music without overfilling my memory. Nice!

The people who developed PopBot seem to be not that hungry for money. Instead of forcing you to buy the app they ask you to like it on facebook. The thinking seems to be that either you show that you like PopBot (which I think everybody will do even without asking for it) or you pay. Well done, I will like it!

The app really does all the above, and does it well. It will no doubt soon become an essential part of the Android music scene, and since it is totally free there is just no reason not to snap this up right away and start expanding your music collection for free- legally.

Overall, a great idea is turned into a feature packed app that is sure to become legendary amongst Android users.

For lovers of music, in particular, this will no doubt be one of the most popular apps on Google Play, when it is eventually released worldwide. My recommendation is to get PopBot now!