Photo Earth: Map & Geotag Pics

Photo Earth is an exciting new free Android app that allows you to geotag your photos and group them based on the location they were taken. Through this app, you can easily navigate through a “photo map” to get all your pictures from your latest vacation in Japan or your last trip to Hawaii. Photos are grouped and displayed on a map with zoom level determining the level of granularity at which the photos are grouped (e.g. street level, city level, country level, etc.)

You can also search for all photos taken in a given city, state or country and tag the location information on photos (geotag). Multiple photos can be geotagged at once. Once tagged, photos can be uploaded to facebook, picasa, google+. Geotagged location tags are compatible with these applications.

Through this app, you can also view detailed information (e.g. file path, file size, date taken) and even the address information on photos you have taken. It’s easy to use and great for geotagging and organizing photos by location, definitely worth checking out!