Nook Simple Touch Cases add a touch of glamour and protection to your eReader

Nook Simple Touch cases have a variety of functions.


They do their job well of protecting your beloved e-reader from scratches, dents, smudges, and everything else that can potentially damage it.

Secondly, they can serve as a viewing stand to avoid wrist and hand pain from having to hold it for a long period of time.

Lastly, they add some glamor to your Touch, which doesn’t really have a very high aesthetic appeal.

CaseCrown Epic Standby Case

nook simple touch cases, CaseCrown Epic Standby Case

Online, you will find there are several great Nook Simple Touch cases, but this one is different. It does function like a regular case, but it also works as a viewing stand. The process is pretty simple: just flip the cover back, and you immediately have your own stand. This way, you can find a better viewing angle when reading from the device, and there’s no need to hold it for a long time. To make sure the case can fully protect your e-reader, the interior is lined with a non-scratch material. It uses a magnetic flap to conveniently close and open the case. 

CaseCrown Regal Flip Case

nook simple touch cases, CaseCrown Regal Flip Case red

How do you utilize your Simple Touch? Normally, you have to remove it from their Nook Simple Touch cases. That’s actually all right—until you find yourself on the go. Having to put back and remove the e-reader several times during the day, it’s a tedious process. The good news is you can spare yourself the hassle. All you need is to have this case, which comes with a lone magnetic closure. Some parts are cut out for easy access, especially the power button. There are also interior pockets for your accessories such as chargers and cables. 

CrazyOnDigital Simple Touch Accessories Package

nook simple touch cases, CrazyOnDigital Simple Touch Accessories Package

At $16.99, this is definitely one of the best Nook Simple Touch case and Accessories packages you can find. It has everything you’re going to need. First, you have the leather case, which looks regal and is long-lasting, and it will fully protect your e-reader. It can also double as a stand. Included in the package are two types of chargers, for home and car, just in case you find yourself across the state or halfway around the world. Lastly, you can have a high-speed data cable for fast and seamless transfer of files. The bundle ensures you can use your Nook Simple Touch anywhere and anytime you want. 

Gizmo Dorks Faux Leather Case/Stand

nook simple touch cases, Gizmo Dorks Faux Leather Case/Stand

Leather is one of the best materials to use for Nook Simple Touch cases. Not only are they elegant and beautiful, but they’re also extremely durable. However, not everyone can afford to get leather. What is the next best option? Faux leather. A faux leather case may not last as long as an original one, but it can still last for a few years. By then, there will be a new Nook in town, and your present case may no longer fit. The leather case also comes with a microfiber interior to greatly reduce bumps that can damage the e-reader. You can also fold the case into a viewing stand. As a bonus, you get a Carabiner keychain. 

Nook Simple Touch Lighted Leather Cover Case

nook simple touch cases, Nook Simple Touch Lighted Leather Cover Case with Built In Light by Zing

We’ve already told you about leather Nook Simple Touch cases. If you’re looking for a good bet, this is it. The leather feels good to touch and definitely looks supreme. The case also has other outstanding features such as a LED light, which is very useful if you’re reading on the plane or in a dimly lit room. Magnetic clasps are used in lieu of zippers, which can sometimes cause scratches on the e-reader’s body and screen, and there are cutouts to allow access to the controls. It also comes with a stiff backing to ensure no dust and dirt gets into your device. 

New Barnes Noble Simple Touch Genuine Leather Purple Case Cover + Skin Combo

nook simple touch cases, New Barnes Noble Simple Touch Genuine Leather Purple Case Cover + Skin Combo

One of the commendable Nook Simple Touch cases, this one takes pride in the fact that it’s made from pure leather. But there’s a catch: it’s not just your typical boring-looking leather case. This got some style and suave that can transform any Simple Touch into one gorgeous gadget. The secret lies on its skin sticker, which you can attach on the e-reader to add a stunning design to its body. It’s completely environment friendly so you can toss your health hazard concerns aside. To top things off, all features are accessible through the cutouts. 

TrendyDigital WaterGuard Waterproof Case

nook simple touch cases, TrendyDigital WaterGuard Waterproof Case

There are many ways to enjoy your Nook Simple Touch, and one of these is lounging on the beach, with the e-reader in tow. But there’s one potential problem. Water and electronics don’t really go well together. If you are a beach bum, then you’re going to need one of the ingenious Nook Simple Touch cases. TrendyDigital Waterguard is waterproof, which means it doesn’t allow water to seep right into the case, damaging not only the screen but the entire device. The screen, buttons, and keyboard can also be accessed without removing the e-reader from the case. It will also give you protection from sand that can scratch your screen and damage your device. To ensure the sun doesn’t interfere your leisure reading in any way, the case is made out of UV-stabilized material. 

Barnes & Noble NOOK Simple Touch Reader Accessories Kit

nook simple touch cases, Barnes & Noble NOOK Simple Touch Reader (Newest Generation) Accessories Kit: Vangoddy

This case is a complete package. For one, you have the dual-sided stylus, which you might need if you love to add notes or your fingers just don’t work well with the touch screen. There’s the screen protector to get rid of finger smudges, as well as the black-and-white cover made from leather. It went through a specific melting process to give it extra strength. Lastly, you get to wear a wristband for inspiration.