Nook Color Cases are made from different materials even Hemp, but most important they add style and protection to your Nook

Protect your investment with Nook Color Cases.


The Nook Color is a stunning piece of hardware that needs to be protected.

Cases also add style to your eReader. Add your on personal touch to the reader.

Although the possibilities are endless, here is a small sample of stylish and functional cases that we like and are available on the market.

rooCASE Leather Case Cover with 22 Angle Adjustable Stand

nook color cases, rooCASE Leather Case Cover with 22 degree Angle Adjustable Stand

rooCASE is one of the best brands for cases, and this one is no different. One of the functional Nook Color cases in the market, it is made of genuine leather so expect it to be durable. For enhanced protection, the inner lining is made from soft microfiber. It can also function as an adjustable stand. Available in several colors such as magenta, pink, graphite, and red, the case has a magnetic button and cutouts for immediate access to all ports and controls. A busybody would also appreciate the accessory flap that can hold a couple small things. 

Bundle Monster I

nook color cases, Bundle Monster Barnes & Noble Nook Color purple

Its flashy Purple color makes this case a perfect companion for the ladies. Made from synthetic leather, it features a stunning environment-friendly material and a sophisticated design that makes it look like a fashionable woman’s purse. There’s no clasp or button to tightly seal the case, but it has straps that can hold the e-reader in its proper place. To go along with the theme, you can attach a decal sticker into the body of Nook Color as well as add the screen protector to greatly minimize damage brought by smudges and dust. 

rooCASE Executive Leather Portfolio Case Cover with stand

nook color cases, rooCASE Executive Leather Portfolio Case Cover with stand

This is another of the many exciting options for a leather Nook Color case. The black leather gives the case its elegant and professional feel, while providing maximum protection to the e-reader from bumps and scratches. Inside, you’ll find a microfiber lining that is soft, decreasing damage during any kind of impact. When used heavily, you can transform the leather case into a forty-five-degree viewing stand and release your hands and wrist from strain of holding your device. The dual zip closure secures the device, while access is available for all controls. Though this is primarily for Nook Color, it can also be used for other same-size e-readers. 

Pyrus Electronics 100% real Leather Folio Case

nook color cases, Pyrus Electronics 100% real Leather Folio Case

One of the professional-looking cases, the folio case from Pyrus Electronics is made from 100 percent pure leather. You can immediately feel it from its texture. Most of the time faux leather is shiny and smooth to touch. It uses a magnetic clasp to spare you from the hassle of removing the device just to use it, and the controls and ports are readily accessible. As a folio case, there are slots for business cards, as well as for a few bills and perhaps photos of your loved ones or personal identification cards, making it a smart choice for the business-savvy. 

Bundle Monster II

nook color cases, Bundle Monster Barnes & Noble Nook Color red

This is very similar to the Bundle Monster I we mentioned a few cases ago. The only difference is the design of the cover and the sticker. They are much bolder or edgier, ideal for hard-core workers and gadget lovers. The bold red case provides style and modernity to your e-reader. Nevertheless, aesthetics doesn’t overtake function. Though it’s from synthetic leather, it’s one of the best types. The skin art decal sticker also fits snugly into the front and back of the Nook Color and is very easy to apply. If there’s one thing you should remember, it’s that this is not usable for other kinds of e-readers, even those from Barnes & Noble. 

JAVOedge Tweed Book

nook color cases, JAVOedge Tweed Book

This is probably one of the most avant-garde Nook Color cases we have ever seen. We’ve come across leather, Neoprene, hard shell, but tweed? But then again, the use of tweed here makes the case less stiff and more charming and rustic. It’s ideal for people who want a cross between casual and professional. As a case, it is equipped with a magnetic closure to give immediate access to all ports and buttons. The exterior is reinforced with an interior lining, which also reduces scratches. Inside there are also small pockets that can hold business cards, IDs, and papers. 

TrendyDigital WaterGuard Plus Waterproof Case

nook color cases, TrendyDigital WaterGuard Plus Waterproof Case

One of the great things about Nook Color is its colored touchscreen doesn’t reduce reading effectiveness. You can last for hours without experiencing any eyestrain. That’s why it’s annoying if you can’t take your Nook Color to the beach, because the water might damage it. This WaterGuard, however, may be the solution you’re looking for. One of our best Nook Color cases, it is completely water resistant. What’s more, you can still use the touchscreen without having to remove it from the Case. 

Protective Decal Skin Sticker

nook color cases, Protective Decal Skin Sticker

We can definitely name a few more Nook Color cases, but we have to give way first with this beautiful decal sticker we’ve seen. It’s not really a case per se, as it doesn’t have flaps or clasps or anything to make it resemble one. It does offer some protection mostly against scratches. The decal sticker also instantly uplifts the drab look of your Nook Color, and its new vibrancy fits well with the colored touchscreen. Now we can definitely picture out a couple who may object about using decals, thinking they are not durable. Well, this one is. Most of all, it’s easy to apply. 

Otterbox Commuter Case

nook color cases, Otterbox Commuter Case

Geeks will surely be happy once they see this commuter case from Otterbox. It just looks futuristic. However, just like all the Nook Color cases we mentioned, it doesn’t compromise its form to function. Its body is definitely rock solid, giving ample protection to your e-reader. It is also equipped with a clear protective film that is self-adhering, as well as a silicone mid-layer. The sides are left open, so you can use the buttons more conveniently, while silicon plugs give you access to the ports. When you buy this, you also get a cleaning cloth to maintain its pristine form. 

Eco-nique Natural Hemp Autumn Brown Case Cover

nook color cases, Eco-nique Natural Hemp Autumn Brown Case Cover

Indeed even the tech industry has caught up with the green craze—and rightfully so. Whatever little thing we can do for our environment these days surely counts. One of these is getting your very own environment-friendly case made from hemp. Hemp may appear flimsy or frayed, but it’s one of the durable materials you’ll ever find. To further enhance its appeal, the front is specially embroidered. The interior surface has a clasp to fully secure the device, as well as slots for your papers and business cards and a few pens.