Samsung has expanded the Tab line with 2 new Tablet PC s, the Tab 8.9 and 10.1

Samsung has been on the forefront for quite some time now when it comes to new tablet pc.


In the recent months, the launch of Samsung galaxy tab 8.9 and Samsung galaxy tab 10.1 has made Samsung a force to be reckoned with.

Both these tablet pcs bring users an exceptional experience with their portability, large screen viewing and surfing experience as well as large number of applications.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9

New Tablet PC, Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9

The Samsung galaxy tab 8.9 has created quite a stir in the market with plenty of leaks floating around for quite some time. This new device is a tough competition to the Apple iPad 2 as well as Xoom since it is thinner, sleeker and definitely more portable which makes it quite desirable. With its 8.9 inch screen and its amazing 1200X800 resolution, it definitely offers a great viewing experience. The operating system used on this device is the Honeycomb Android 3.0 with a dual core processor of 1 GHZ.

TouchWiz 4.0 is also what makes this new tablet pc a sure winner because of the user interface features it offers. The features offered integrate some of the most used apps like Calendar, Calculator, Live Panel etc into one easy to use Mini Apps Tray that is quite handy. The social hub, similarly, combines some of the most popular social networking sites for easy access and use. The tab features a rear and front facing camera allowing easy video calling. Overall, this stunning device is definitely worth the money. 
samsung galaxy tab 8.9 pros and cons

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

New Tablet PC, Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 32GB WiFi

Another impressive new tablet pc to be introduced by Samsung is the galaxy tab 10.1 version that runs on Honeycomb Google Android 3.0 version. This amazing device runs on an operating system designed by Google especially for tablet pcs so it definitely offers a great user experience. The applications in the Honeycomb version make complete use of the large screen. It offers all the specifications and features that can be currently found in the market. This powerful tab runs on dual core Nvidia Tegra CPU.

Compared to iPad 2 and some of the other competitors in the market, this model is sleek and slim. The device has a 3 megapixel rear camera and a 2 megapixel front facing camera. The 10.1 version includes a proximity detector, gyroscope and other good hardware features. For connectivity, the device offers its users Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.1 and various other choices. Since this new tablet pc runs on Google powered platform, all Google apps are accessible on it. 
samsung galaxy tab 10.1 pros and cons

Faster Speed

The 8.9 and 10.1 versions both offer high HSPA network speed of up to 21MBPS and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity to deliver fast download speeds. These new tablet pcs definitely reduce the transfer times. Since both these new models use a dual core processor of 1GHZ, they are well equipped for delivering a powerful web browsing and multimedia experience. 

More Portability

What really makes these new devices one of the best in the market is their portability. Both of these devices are quite thin, sleek and light. The 8.9 tab weighs 1.0 lb (470g) while 10.1, weighs 1.31 lbs (595g). The ultra thin form and lightweight design makes them very mobile and convenient to use. 

Samsung TouchWiz

The TouchWiz user experience has been designed with Live Panel that the users can customize easily to display content on their home screen like social networking feeds, favorite sites and digital pictures. Also, the interface in the new tablet pc includes an app tray for features that are most commonly used like the music player, calendar and task manager. These apps can be easily launched while other apps may be in use, including document editing and file downloads. This apps tray offers flexibility and convenience which had otherwise not been available in tablet pcs. 

Entertainment Hub

The new tablet pc offers an impressive Music Hub and Readers Hub which provides users access to 13 million songs, 2300 magazines in 22 languages, 2000 newspapers in 49 languages and 2.2 million books. The Social Hub aggregates instant messaging, email, social network connections and calendar into one interface, making it more convenient for the user. Both devices offer a 2 MP front facing camera and a 3 MP rear camera for seamless HD videos, transition and a very rich entertainment experience. 

Business Solutions

The new tablet pc offer a complete suite of industry leading solutions and features that have been especially designed for IT managers, enterprise customers and executives for higher security. These solutions have been developed with some of the industry leaders like Citrix, SAP, Sybase and Cisco. The enterprise mobility apps and solutions offer connectivity and flexibility to the users for the mobile workforces. This allows the users to work and operate the tabs even while they are on the move.