New iPad 2012 still the king of the Tablet PC devices

After a very successful presentation, the new iPad 2012 is being shipped out to the eagerly awaiting public. Apple has made once again the impossible. Without really providing the expected high-end unreachable Tablet PC device to the world, the new iPad 2012, the iPad 3 without the number attached to it, easily captures the title of the most sought after tablet device of the world.


The first series of tablets is already sold out, the second batch is in the making and already a waiting list is forming that surpasses the estimates and additional batches are being prepared. Apple is ecstatic; the post-Steve Jobs era goes well, more than that, the expected revenue is now projected beyond any previous somber expectations.

Here is the look at the new iPad 2012, the king of the Tablet PC world and what can you really expect, once you have followed up on the PR frenzy and purchased your own device. 

Consumerism at its best

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Apple was not the only company in the IT world that was accused of selling something that is inferior at inflated prices, packaged in fancy boxes and cases, labeled to be “desirable” despite being borderline impractical at best. The sect-like approach was often ridiculed, as if Apple product owners were members of an exclusive club required to sneer at everything non-Apple.

As Apple product owner you were supposedly declared debonair, royalty, even elevated over the mere mortal status, a God-like creature with prosperity and wealth at your fingertips; all that for sometimes only the double-price of the comparable model of the competition, which was, of course, reserved for the plebeian society of losers.

During the PC competition race, Apple did invite people to sneer at Windows based PC owners, but the ridiculous extent of the schism between Apple and PC was mainly established by avid users of the respective platforms.

Steve Jobs was actually the mastermind of the Apple campaign in the beginning, where people were actually to receive true worth for their money, moreover, truly incredibly new and exciting technologies at comparably competitive prices. When he got ousted from Apple in 1985, the company deteriorated into a mediocre company that generated bad publicity by being way too expensive during the PC dominance race.

With the return of Steve Jobs, the original intention was again established as the prerogative of users, give people the best of the best, but for the price of the luxury item they are purchasing. This path led to the iPod, iPhone and ultimately to the iPad introduction into the world. Unfortunately for Apple, the mastermind and the only person at Apple who truly was a visionary, has passed away.

Luckily for users, some iPad 3 features were still developed under Steve Jobs’ scrutiny. The new iPad 2012 got released under the moniker new iPad, without any of the expected surnames such as HD or 3. Nevertheless, people still refer to the new tablet device as iPad 3, simply because it is the third incarnation of the popular model. 

The iPad 3 – what is new?

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While the Apple presentation of the new iPad 2012 was in retrospect perhaps a bit over the top if not almost an insult to the common sense, it was perhaps the most eagerly expected event of the year.

Scores of IT people were either on location or glued to the live podcast of the event, hungrily soaking up every single information that was given in carefully scripted self-accolades by Apple bigwigs.

Most of the information got blurred by the truly incredible and never-before seen quality of the retina screen display, which is the true and apparently only selling point of the new iPad 2012.

The stunning 2048 x 1536 resolution at 264 pixels per inch really has the capability to display incredibly high quality video and graphic detail, a resolution that is not available yet on any commercially available gadget, Tablet PC or not even on a HDTV.


The new dual-core A5X chip is new, with quad-core graphics processor, as is the improved iSight camera with 5 megapixels and capability to record 1080p HD video of up to 30 frames per second. The on-board battery was improved, providing up to 10 hours of uninterrupted usage – of course depending on what and how it is being used.


If Wi-Fi is turned on, the 10 hours are supposed to be the top; just watching movies, surfing the web and playing games, listening to music, allow probably for slightly longer use, depending on how much the touchscreen is being used, how high the luminosity is set, and so on.

10 hours is probably located quite to the top of performance capability, but with LTE that capability is reduced to significantly below 9 hours, if constantly used rather in the vicinity of 5 hours, max. Nevertheless, the battery seems to be the best improvement of the new iPad 2012, besides the truly incredible retina display. 

The good and the bad

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Yes, the display is that good that it warrants considering an upgrade. No, all other “improvements” do not warrant the iPad to be labeled “3”, which is why they simply did not do it.

The new iPad is touted, mainly by Apple staff, as the tablet everybody has been waiting for, and for the most part they are right, because everybody has been waiting for the new iPad 2012. Unfortunately, besides the retina display, almost not a single expected feature has been implemented.

There is no iOS 6, which was almost a disappointment. The new chip, the A5X, is not the expected quad-core A6 and despite the bold announcement by Apple, it is not faster than the Tegra 3 quad-core processor.

Expecting IT-engineers and professionals to buy into the “dual core with quad core graphics is faster than quad core with quad core graphics” nonsense was doomed from the start.

The retina display on the other hand is truly the best resolution ever displayed on any publicly available device yet. Unfortunately for Apple, Samsung is releasing an 11.6 inch tablet with an even higher resolution, 2560 x 1600, with a 2 GHz Exynos 5250 processor, probably with 2 GB of RAM, Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system and plenty of other features that not only surpass, but dwarf the capabilities of the new iPad 2012.

It is expected that all other competition follows these specifications rather than the ones set by iPad 3, and this is supposed to happen within the second quarter of 2012. This would make the iPad 3 out of date almost at the time of release.

Another great thing about the iPad 3 is that the iPad 2 is now available at a reduced price. Unfortunately the price was not reduced low enough to truly make an impact in the Tablet PC marketplace, but everybody who really wanted an iPad 2 and could not afford it, has now a much better shot at ownership than before.

It does not help that Google is scheduled to release their tablet very soon, which is expected to surpass the iPad 2 in performance and features, but will cost below $250.

Another great minus for iPad 3 is that several expected features have been not implemented, like flash for the camera, only 5 megapixel instead of the expected 8, like a slot for additional storage, no new look or design, no Siri, no seven inch model (yet), no 128 GB model.

Yes, a 4G LTE version is available, but by now almost all middle and high class new devices have that option already. New tablets the Amazon Kindle Fire and the Nook Tablet are priced below $200, while even the original iPad, used, cannot be found at that price. 

The King of Tablet PCs

Despite all the turmoil and maybe not a little disappointment, the new iPad 2012 will regain the throne as the King of all Tablet PCs once again, but alas not on measurable merits, but rather on sheer inertia of the purchasing crowd.

Nobody even thought about purchasing a Tablet PC until the iPad came along and not much has changed in the perception of Apple fans and consumers.

As an Apple product, despite almost all parts being made by independent manufacturers in China or Taiwan, at least in the Far East, Apple aficionados will cherish their iPad because it looks cool and the retina display is better than all else they have seen so far.

More sensible shoppers will not take the hubbub for granted and simply purchase the tablet that suits them most, which in some cases will still be the iPad.

Since that the iPad reaches in some instances, incarnations and/or locations almost double the price of any other comparable tablet, the iPad sales will be up only with people who are after some kind of a status symbol, but the competition is getting fierce, because the new Samsung will arrive approximately at the same time as the iPad 3 and cost less; the Google tablet will arrive soon as well and cost about a third of the new iPad 2012 and people generally do not really care if there is a half-eaten Apple on the casing.

As a final word, it is to be expected that the worldwide tablet market dominance of Apple will continue, although market share is expected to drop slightly due to increase in competition from Android based units at prices that are more affordable.

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