My Kindle Ebook Reader – International Version

My Kindle – International Version

My Kindle ebook reader is a loyal companion on my travels. It’s obviously great as I can store many ebooks in one “book size” item.

I can download ebooks from anywhere to my Kindle as long as I have internet connection – but it can often download ebooks over 3G if you’re in a country that supports the Amazon’s system.

The ebooks are typically cheaper than physical books so that’s another bonus.

I have a special pocket designated for my Kindle on my backpack which I usually take on my travels.

It’s the outside pocket so just before I take my seat on the airplane I take my Kindle out and place the backpack in the overhead luggage compartment.

The battery lasts for a long time. Probably a couple of weeks.

The visibility of the text is great even on a bright sunny day if you want to read the Kindle on the beach.

My Kindle is one of best gadgets I bought and I keep using it. I don’t see any need to upgrade to a newer version as most books I read mostly contain text and that’s all I need to enjoy and shorten a long flight.