Motorola Xoom vs iPad 2 – a comparison between two leading tablet PCs

Actually comparing the Motorola Xoom vs iPad 2 or any other tablet on the market almost seems unfair.


It is hard to beat the features that come with this tablet, and when you look at the Motorola Xoom vs iPad 2 it is easy to see exactly why it is an unfair comparison.

If you need a video cam for web conferencing there is no contender with the Xoom.

The iPad 2 came out with great fanfare and many people expected it to have major improvements over the iPad. Rumors gave it a much larger screen resolution that ended up not panning out.

Instead the iPad 2 ended up the same screen size with improvements on the chip inside and savings on weight.

In some ways it does deliver and in others it does not. Stacking it against the Xoom makes it clear how the newer iPad 2 fell behind the curve.

When you look at Motorola Xoom vs iPad 2 you can see how the two really stand up together. This is not to say that they don’t have some things in common, because they do.

What the Motorola Xoom vs iPad 2 have in common is a short list of shared features. This includes a front and back camera, with the Xoom’s being a two megapixel for video in the front and a five megapixel camera in the back that does both still shots and video (the iPad 2 camera specs are detailed below). Both tablets have 1GHz dual processors, with the Motorola Xoom offering a NVIDIA® Tegra™ 2 processor (the iPad 2 specs are below). The Motorola Xoom vs iPad 2 have sensors in common too, like the gyroscope, magnetometer, and an accelerometer, although the Xoom also comes with a barometer. Looking at the Motorola Xoom vs iPad 2 you can see that both offer a ten hour battery life. You can get a Wi-Fi or a 3G version of either tablet.

If you are wondering how the Motorola Xoom vs iPad 2 differ from one another then you will want to note that the Xoom has a 10.1 inch screen (the iPad 2 specifications are below) with a 1280 by 800 widescreen. The trade-off on this larger screen is weight, with the Motorola Xoom is 1.6 lbs (730 g). The difference comes out to about five or six ounces and some people prefer a slightly more substantial feel. The Android Honeycomb OS is a long term contender in the tablet field, being based on a Linux kernel with a lot of outstanding features. The cons are that this OS is not as widely used as Apple’s so there are fewer apps made for it. Those that do exist however are very well made and worth using. It should be noted that the Xoom and iPad 2 do have memory differences. The Xoom offers 32GB with an expansion slot. There is also 1 GHz of DDR ram on board that is lightning fast. This allows the tablet to multi-task with little or no lag. 

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The iPad 2 has a VGA still 0.3 megapixels camera on the front and a HD 0.7 megapixels video camera on the back. Better front and rear cameras make the Xoom a hands down winner here. The 1 GHz dual processor is an exclusive A5 chip, which is made by Samsung. The iPad 2 has a light sensor that adjusts the screen on the fly to maintain consistent contrast for ease of viewing. This screen is the same size as the original iPad, sitting at 9.7 inches and having a resolution of 1024 by 768. The weight is a nice light 1.35 lbs (610 g). The iPad is a nice little tablet, geared for a small light size that is larger than a Smartphone but still small enough to be fully portable. It comes with Apple’s native OS and has access to all the apps in the Apple store. This gives you endless number of options for work and play. The iPad comes in a 16, 32, or a 64 GB flash memory but does not have an expansion slot for additional memory 

Looking at Motorola Xoom vs iPad 2 one should consider cost and network in the area too. Both 3G tablets work on the Verizon network. If you are stuck with AT&T however, the iPad 2 is really your only choice. Overall the winner is Xoom if comparing all the features such as bigger screen size, resolutions, cameras etc… The iPad 2 has some great features, like the 64 GB internal memory, but overall, the Xoom is better for conferencing as the front camera is a video camera instead of a still camera and the rear camera has 5 megapixels compared to 0.7 megapixels on the iPad 2.

While some reviewers will tell you that the apps for the iPad and the ease of use make it better for those who have never used a tablet before, other reviewers actually like the fact that the Xoom is more tech-savvy. Both tablets have their pluses and minuses. The best option this reviewer can make with the Motorola Xoom vs iPad 2 is to test them both out before you buy and consider what you are using the tablet for. In many cases the Xoom is going to be better for general use, as it has a larger surface and virtual keyboard. Playing games and such is generally better on a bigger screen. However, if you like music and integrated apps you might want the more developed brand that comes with the iPad 2.