Motorola Xoom Apps you must have on your tablet PC

When the Xoom launched in February 2011, there were a whopping total of sixteen Motorola Xoom apps available from the Android tablet market.


Since then there has been an ever expanding number of new apps coming out.

Even with thousands now on the net for the tablet, there are still a handful of “must have” apps that are popular and mentioned over and over. The most coveted of these apps are listed here.

While there are apps not listed that are surely worthy, if you have these very popular ones you are on your way to getting the most from your Xoom.

This first one became famous as an Apple app, now available for Motorola Xoom. It is the extremely popular Angry Birds series of games.

Since this one is on every single list out there usually in the top ten, of course you will find it here. Why is this a top app? It is a classic time waster. People who play it say it is the most enjoyable and potentially addictive game out there. Get it. Play it.

Moving on – the next Xoom app needs no introduction really. You have got to have Google Earth on your Xoom. It is one step up from Google Maps and of course coming from Google it is a great way to explore just about anywhere you could dream of.

Touchdown is an old standby, one that still works as a Motorola Xoom apps. It has been upgraded specifically for the Xoom so look for Touchdown for tablets. This is the ultimate interactive application. Pull your email, contacts, calendar, tasks, and more into a single unified unit. This truly integrates everything you need to be extremely productive in a way that only a tablet can give you. You can switch from all the various applications, this includes using tabs and move, sort, craft and otherwise twist whatever you need into what you have got to have.

Another time waster makes the list. This Motorola application is one with some educational value though. Words with Friends is a popular game that allows you to play against others on the Network. It is like Scrabble, only better. And even more so, it works on Xoom far better than it did on the old Smartphone.

You need the news. Luckily there are several news agencies wanting your attention. Check out the BBC News Tablet Edition for one great Motorola Xoom apps. You can be assured you are getting quality international news from BBC. There is also the CNN app for Android and Pulse news reader. Both are innovative with video and other multimedia feeds that excel on the Tablet platform. Pulse is particularly good, allowing you to get the news and share it with equal ease.

Make your Xoom an office tool with the Motorola Xoom apps Quick Office Pro HD. This Microsoft product brings you Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Because it is a Tablet app it includes text-to-speech, access to cloud based services, Dropbox and Google Docs, and the ability to send files via SMS and Bluetooth. Heck, it is one way to make sure your tablet gets some productivity besides playing games.

Consider also the fantastic Due Today. This exceptional Motorola Xoom apps is optimized for tablets and helps you make the most of your time. It has a ToodleDo sync feature, a GTD methodology scheme, and reminds you when you are past your deadlines. It is the ultimate task management app. Simple, intuitive and a must have on your Xoom.

One more productive app you should have is LogMeIn Ignition. This Motorola Xoom apps is the one that will allow you to access your work computer from home, your home computer from work, grab that missing file or find that email no matter where you are. Part of the VNC system, it is the wave of the future that will allow you to get those last minute things done without having to stay late at the office.

Need to make a call? These three Motorola Xoom apps do similar, but allow you different types of access. You might not need them all, but it is nice to know they are out there. Skype is the top VoIP calling system on the web. If you have Wi-Fi access then Skype can get the call made for you. If you would rather not use Skype then there is the Fring app which works the same way. And of course the Xoom comes with Google Talk.

One should consider also the brilliant internet browser Opera Mobile. As a Motorola Xoom apps this browser has superior zooming, scrolling, and control features. The best thing of all is that it is lean and speedy when delivering webpages to the tablet.

The new generation of games to come out for the Motorola Xoom apps list include Air Attack HD, which has become the top and “best” honeycomb app to date. It is one of those games you need to get to showcase exactly what the Xoom can do. Another good game is the free Cordy. It pulls on the power of the Unity3D engine built into Android. For a superior console style game, this is the one to get. Other games that should be on the list include Samurai II: Vengeance and Spectral Souls.

These are just a few of the many Motorola Xoom apps that exist right now. There are more coming out every day. Apps like this enhance your Xoom and let you do even more while you are on the go. These range from fun games to true productivity shortcuts. Some are just plain cool while others are definite items that you need to make your Xoom the tool of the future.