With the Motorola Xoom Accessories make your tablet PC unique and personal

Improve your Xoom with the following Motorola Xoom Accessories.


Look no further, for here are the best and most popular ones.

Of course there are many others and you will find that most Bluetooth linked items will work with the Xoom as well.

That said, there are a few items that go on the “must have list” for the Xoom.

These range from chargers to Docks to protective covers… and even a wireless keyboard.

Motorola Standard Dock

Motorola Xoom Dock

Most important of the Motorola Xoom accessories is the standard dock. This allows for using the tablet while it charges, holding it at an angle for easy viewing. You can continue to use the Xoom while you have it resting in the standard Dock. The angle for this dock places the Xoom at the right one for reading from a table top. You can chat via video, watch movies, listen to music, play games or allow other applications to run while it charges. Included in the box is a wall changer. You can hook up external speakers to the dock. If you have a protective or gel case there is an adapter plate that allows the unit to still rest in the dock without you needing to remove it. 

Motorola Speaker HD Dock

Motorola Xoom Dock with Speakers

Need a super charged speaker dock? Look no further then the following member of the Motorola Xoom accessories line. What you need and want is the Speaker Dock for the Motorola Xoom. This allows you to listen to music, do hands free chats, and it charges your Xoom too. Just like the standard dock in many ways, the Speaker Dock also allows you to do a few more things. Instead of needing external speakers this dock comes with them built in. It also has a HDMI connection for a micro connector cable that allows you to stream your HD videos to a larger HD screen. You have to buy the micro HDMI connector separately. Plus the Dock allows you to use it like a speaker phone with reduced echo. This makes for clear conversations. Included is an adapter plate for the gel case and a 30 watt wall charger. 

Motorola Wireless Keyboard

Motorola Xoom Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard

The next most popular of the Motorola Xoom accessories is the wireless keyboard. The Motorola wireless keyboard is super thin and connects via Bluetooth. It features special shortcut keys to help you access the features you need in your OS quickly. You can rest assured that the wireless connection will always work, making you more productive with your Xoom. Plus you can also use it with an Android phone with Bluetooth HID. 

Motorola Vehicle Power Adapter

Motorola Vehicle Power Adapter

Charge it anywhere on the go with this very popular member of the Motorola Xoom accessories family. Every Xoom should have a car charger. This slim designed charger stores easily in the glove box, ready to charge your Xoom on the go. Not only does it charge while you are on the move but it charges quickly. Even a short trip may be enough to charge you Xoom and get it ready for the tasks that await you during your busy day. A car charger allows you to charge your Xoom if you are using it to entertain the kids in the back seat with games and videos. 

Motorola Protective Gel Case

Motorola Xoom Protective Gel Case

The Xoom is not complete without one of these Motorola Xoom accessories – the protective gel case. You can get one to enhance the look and feel of your Xoom. It comes in five great colors. You can get the protective gel case in black, purple, red, pink or blue. The case will not hamper your ability to dock into the standard or the speaker docks. It fits perfectly and won’t require you to fuss with unzipping or removing the case in order to use the Zoom. 

CASE Executive Portfolio Leather Case

Motorola Xoom Leather Case

Last but not least is the all around essential Motorola Xoom accessories family member – the Portfolio case for the Motorola Xoom. This will not only protect your tablet on the go, but allow you to easily prop it up to the best viewing angle for ease of use. With two different options for viewing angles, this protective case fits your Xoom like a book. It is a hard protective case to keep your Xoom safe from being battered about. It works with both the standard and speaker docks, so you never have to take your Xoom out of its protective case. 

Traveling Charger

Motorola Traveling Charger, travel charger

Extra Traveling Chargers are always a good idea. Charge up in the office, at the hotel, where ever you might go with this functional and must have member of the Motorola Xoom accessories family. You can keep one in the drawer of your desk for emergency charges. Pack one in your luggage. Keep an extra in your car. No matter where you go you will always have a way to charge your Xoom. This unit is compatible with the standard dock. 

Bluetooth headset

Bluetooth Headset

Not necessary, but you might also consider headphones or a Bluetooth headset. You can find many options out there. Searching for Motorola Xoom accessories is an ideal way to locate third party accessory items. These include screen protectors and other items you might want to enhance your Xoom. No matter what you chose, you are sure to enjoy your tablet PC more with the right range of accessories.