Motorola Tablet PC – A company with great products now enters the tablet PC market

The “Xoom” Motorola Tablet PC is the newest addition to a long history of technological invention by Motorola. The company began as a battery maker, in the mid 1930’s switched to making car radios.


Through hard work and innovation this company has weathered changes from vacuum tubes to solid-state engineering. Motorola supplied the world with many firsts including being the company to come up with the first cell phone network in 1983.

It has been an eighty year road, and Motorola is still going strong and blazing new trails. Now they have created the Motorola Tablet PC named Xoom.

Announced on January 5th, 2011, the Motorola Xoom (Pronounced “zoom”) tablet PC which runs Android 3.0 Honeycomb, a Linux based OS by Google.

The release date was February 24th, 2011. Since releasing this item it has made good on the promise of flash support and enabled the SD slot for memory expansion. Soon even more enhancements will be offered with the arrival of Ice Cream Sandwich, the 3.4 version of Android. 

Motorola Tablet PC, Motorola Xoom

The Motorola tablet pc dubbed Xoom does what most Motorola products do, if not being the first out the gate then being the most innovative before the competition.

Where the competing makers give you a Tablet PC with the basics, low resolution camera and limited connectivity options, the Xoom brings many features to the forefront.

It was not enough to offer things like 720p video playback, Motorola’s Xoom gives you both a 2 megapixel camera designed to enable chats in video over Wi-Fi or cellular Internet and a 5mp camera on the rear of the tablet for taking snapshots or high definition video.

The screen size is a lovely 10.1 inches. But even more impressive is the 1280 by 800 widescreen resolution. The graphics card included is not a slouch either, being a NVIDIA® Tegra™ 2 which offers superior openglide and three-dimensional acceleration of graphics.

Plus if you happen to have an HDTV you will love being able to use the HDMI-out coupled with the optional speaker dock which allows you to stream HD media right to your television.

The platform that the Motorola tablet pc runs supports four video formats and six audio formats as well as having a built in flash player for web browsing.

The unit comes with two model options a basic Wi-Fi only or a Wi-Fi +3G system through Verizon (which will be upgraded to 4G LTE in the near future). It has a dual core processor, offering you a total of 2GHz of processing power.

The Motorola tablet pc is twice as fast as the competitors. Plus the Google based OS gives you access to Google Maps 5.0, three million Goggle eBooks and Google Talk.

Couple this with a built in 32 gig HD (and an expansion slot), 1gig DDR2 ram, and a reliable Linux based OS and you have yourself a real winner for work and play.

Motorola Tablet PC, Motorola Xoom, Xoom Dock with Speakerr

The Motorola tablet pc offers you the ease of a virtual keyboard, Bluetooth wireless compatibility (allowing you to use keyboards headsets, and microphones made for Bluetooth), and an array of special accessories like the docking charger which allows you to charge up and still use your tablet, the speaker dock which can transmit to your TV or run music without need for hooking up complex devices, and the leather cover that doubles as a stand.

Perhaps one of the best things is that the 10.1 display comes in a lightweight package- it weighs a mere 1.6 lbs (730 g).

If you have ever wanted a portable all in one PC, allowing you to do everything you need, from checking email to getting that memo done on the run the Motorola tablet pc is the device for you.

From the Internet inspired widgets that give you instant live data feeds, to the ability to do conference calls on the fly, the Xoom can do it all. It can handle documents, spreadsheets, presentations, email, video and picture taking and uploading. Have access to Facebook,YouTubePicasa and everything else you could need or want.

Motorola Tablet PC, Motorola Xoom, Android OS, Honeycomb

You do have the choice which Motorola tablet pc to buy. There is the cheaper Wi-Fi only version and the more expensive Wi-Fi + 3G version with Verizon network support.

The simple fact is that if you want to be connected on the go than you should get the 3G version. If you are going to get a Motorola tablet pc it just makes sense to go ahead and get the one with Wi-Fi +3G. Sure it is a little bit more expensive, but then you will get far more use from it as you will be able to access the Internet from anywhere that Verizon operates.

The Xoom tablet pc is better than other products currently on the market. It has a cohesive OS in the Android 3.0. While price might be on the high side, it does everything your laptop can do, everything your phone can do, and do it all better then you might expect.