LG Tablet PC the T-Mobile G-Slate is like no other Tablet because it lets you shoot 3D videos.

The LG Tablet PC the G-Slate is one of the many tablets invading the market. As you can surmise, the device is created by LG, but it’s actually a “hybrid,” so to speak. LG and T-Mobile collaborated to make this device and is only available through T-Mobile. One positive aspect is that the G-Slate runs on the 4G network. 

Android Honeycomb OS

So what can we expect from G-Slate the LG Tablet PC? It runs on Honeycomb, which is the latest Android operating system.


The other versions are more suitable for smart phones, which basically explain why some Tablet PCs don’t run the way they should and why others are upgrading their products.

The Honeycomb OS offers a more visually appealing holographic interface, with large customizable icons and convenient access to all the apps and features on your tablet.

Honeycomb is known for excellent multitasking. You can shift from one app to another without closing any of them. The notification system doesn’t get in the way of what you’re doing as it appears only on the lower right hand side of the screen.

Android does lack Apps compared to the iPad the Apple Tablet PC, but they’re plenty to keep you busy; besides, the device is already preloaded with some, including YouTube, Calendar, and Gmail.

This also supports Flash, so you can run any website conveniently. Perhaps an annoyance you will notice right away is the position of the icons, as they are a bit cluttered. 

G-Slate Hardware

Physically, the LG Tablet PC weighs 1.37 lbs (630g), making it light and easy to carry around, and has a dimension of 9.56 by 5.88 by 0.49 inches. It is fitted with lithium-ion battery with a talk time of 300 minutes and 280 hours of standby time. Like a typical Android-based tablet, LG Tablet PC runs using a dual-core NVIDIA® Tegra™ 2 processor, which is fast and ideal for web browsing and gaming. Taking full advantage of the processing speed the T-Mobile G-Slate comes with 3D stereoscopic viewing and 4G connection. But before we get into that, let’s see what else the tablet comes with; a 8.9 inch screen, a micro USB port, 3.5mm headphone jack, a 2MP front facing camera and a 5MP rear facing one, it has LED camera flash and a HDMI out allowing you to connect to a TV. The cool part about this phone is that you can take short 3D videos or 1080P HD videos and supports flash. It has an internal flash memory of 32GB and 1GB DDR2 RAM. Besides 4G connection it also has Wi-Fi. 

What’s the Significance of 4G in LG G-slate?

LG Tablet PC the G-Slate is marketed as one of the tablets that are powered by 4G. 4G refers to your connection speed to the Internet when not on using Wi-Fi. Many Tablet PCs offer users several options for connection, such as Wi-Fi and 3G. 4G in theory is supposed to replace 3G because it is much faster. To get a better idea of how fast LG Tablet PC, many experts have tested it, and so far, it’s the fastest Tablet PC they’ve had their hands on as far as internet connection. The speed also makes it convenient for you to share or tether Internet connection, meaning you become the internet hot spot and up to 5 devices can use the internet through your tablet. The Tablet PC, nevertheless, doesn’t get rid of its Wi-Fi connection capability since there are still hundreds of places that offer free Wi-Fi and lets you save on the data usage. As an added bonus, T-Mobile gives you the Mobile TV, so you can catch all your favorite shows anytime and anywhere. 

3DHD videos

lg tablet pc, g-slate, 3D camera, HDD

Another unique and perhaps the coolest feature of the G-Slate the LG Tablet PC is its 3D stereoscopic imagery. The processor has been designed to allow you to watch any 3D content with no hassle. All you need to do is to use 3D glasses. What’s more, you can actually record your own 3D videos using the cameras installed on the tablet. There are two rear-facing cameras, and one is intended for 3D capture. To top things off, the screen is full 1080P HD, so images and videos appear crisp and clear.

Don’t expect too much from its 3D camera. It’s still basic, if not crude. It uses common color combinations to create depth on images and videos. You won’t shoot Avatar quality movies but just imagine how much fun creating 3D short videos can be. 


Currently you can get the G-Slate for $350, when you sign up for a two-year contract with T-Mobile; it is a decent price for a Tablet PC. Is it the best Tablet PC on the market? That would take a lot of guts, imagination, and marketing tactics to bring the LG G-Slate to such status, knowing the great success and loyalty achieved by iPad 1 and 2. Nevertheless, if you value speed and excellent graphics performance, above everything else, and you have a lot of faith in Android, then this Tablet PC is a much better choice than Motorola Tablet PC Xoom, which comes with a hefty price tag. The one big drawback is that you will be tied to a T-Mobile contract for 2 years.