LG G-Slate cases will ease your mind by protecting your precious Tablet PC

What are your choices for LG G-Slate cases? There are a lot of them. You can be very modern by choosing those with stand-out colors. You may also choose to be practical, prioritizing those with pockets for additional storage or a viewing stand for a more comfortable use. Another option is to go for those with cut-outs, so you get to enjoy the features of the device without having to remove it from its case. To get an idea on what we’re talking about, check out our list:


LG G-Slate Slim Carry Case with Adjustable Stand

LG G-Slate cases, LG G-Slate Slim Carry Case with Adjustable Stand

If you’re looking for the most fitting LG G-Slate cases, then this should be on top of your list. It’s cut out for the tablet. The cutouts match those of the connectors and other parts of your tablet PC such as sensors and the camera. Moreover, you can convert this into a stand, so you’d be able to enjoy watching movies and reading e-books without having to hold it for long periods of time. The body is made from leather, which has a great ability of combating spills and scratches, while an elastic band secures the tablet inside the case without causing any scratches. 

Kiwi Cases Folio Cover with Stand

LG G-Slate cases, Kiwi Cases Folio Cover with Stand

This is also one of those LG G-Slate cases that are solely intended for the tablet. However, the G-Slate must come from T-Mobile. It features heavy stitching, making it extra durable, the least prone to wear and tear. The exteriors can beat the accumulation of dust and dirt, as well as occasional scratches. There are also cut-outs for the different connectors and buttons, while the inside is soft, protecting the screen at all times. This is also an eco-friendly case, something those with green thumb will surely appreciate. 


LG G-Slate cases, Incipio SILICRYLIC Case

Like any other kind of case, it’s very important your LG G-Slate cases are highly durable. If they can’t protect themselves, you cannot expect them extend protection to your tablet. Inscripio Silicrylic Case is a one tough case. Its body is made from polycarbonate shell, almost the same kind of material used by luggage and carry-on bags. It is then combined with silicon, which shows great potential against reducing the effects of an impact (e.g., you accidentally dropped the tablet on the floor). Nevertheless, it looks and feels good, with its visual impact still incredibly high. For easy access, all the inputs and even the touch screen have their own cut-outs. 

MiniSuit Multi-View leather Stand Case Cover

LG G-Slate cases, MiniSuit Multi-View leather Stand Case Cover

Do you own more than one Tablet PC? Of course, that’s costly, but hey, it is interesting, right? The good news one of the LG G-Slate cases can now be used in other LG products. These include MiniSuit multi-view leather stand case cover, which is also compatible with LG Optimus 3D Pad Wi-Fi. The exteriors are made from polyurethane leather, so there’s a certain amount of smoothness when touched. Nevertheless, it also has retained some roughness so it doesn’t immediately slip out of your hand. The jacket style means you can convert this into a viewing stand and use it in a variety of angles. 

MyJacket Pouch Cover Carry Case

LG G-Slate cases, MyJacket Pouch Cover Carry Case

This may not be one of the most stunning LG G-Slate cases, but you still get something very functional. It features the conventional book-style design, so when you flip the cover, you will instantly access the tablet’s screen. Thus, you don’t need to remove it from the case before you can make it fully functional. Also, even if you don’t open the case, you still have those open top and bottom portions, allowing you to make the most of the buttons and controls. Once you get tired carrying the case around, just prop the stand on any surface so you will be able to work on the screen without having to hold the device. 

rooCASE Executive Portfolio Leather Case Cover

LG G-Slate cases, rooCASE Executive Portfolio Leather Case Cover

Majority of the LG G-Slate cases are great for everyone, but business-minded individuals may be more scrutinizing when it comes to theirs. If you’re a business executive who’s always on the road, you might want to get your case from rooCASE. This one sports an all-black color, so there’s already a sense of professionalism and formality even with the design. It also has access to some of the ports and buttons, so you can save time from removing and returning the tablet into the case. If you’re traveling, say, in your car, you can securely place the device with the case on the dashboard and use the viewing stand. You can also change the orientation from landscape to portrait. Most of all, you have slots for business cards and an elastic loop for your stylus. 

Hard Rubberized Protector Case Cover

LG G-Slate cases, Hard Rubberized Protector Case Cover

You might come across with LG G-Slate cases made from leather, vinyl, or polycarbonate shell—but rubber? But there’s really nothing wrong with rubber. In fact, it’s a good thing as rubber is a very strong material (it’s used in gyms, remember?), and it doesn’t wear and tear so easily. It’s easy to maintain and provides excellent grip on the device. The case also comes with easy access to all the features of the device without having to remove it deliberately from the case. It may not look fabulous, but it does its responsibility extremely well, and that’s all that matters. 

CaseCrown Bold Standby Case

LG G-Slate cases, CaseCrown Bold Standby Case

This case is all about versatility and accessibility. Removing and putting the tablet back to its case has never been so breezy as this. For example, instead of having zippers, which can only scratch the screen, or the VELCRO, which sometimes loses its ability to hold together, it utilizes magnetic strips. If you wish to use the stand, all you need to do is to flip the cover, and voila! You can now conveniently watch movies, play games, or type documents. There’s no pesky installation processes. On the inside, you’ll find a pocket, where you’ll easily slip the tablet when no longer in use.