Kindle Touch review reveals another surprise for the Holidays

The Kindle Touch review discovers that the eReader although overshadowed by the Kindle Fire release, which is understandable, it is still an excellent eBook reader and a strong candidate for consideration.


A lot of expectations have been placed on the Kindle Fire. The first Amazon Tablet PC, it’s set to change the tablet wars.

Whether it’s going to topple theApple iPad from its dominance remains to be seen, though it’s showing a lot of promise in that area.

But that doesn’t mean Kindle Touch is a mediocre product. From an e-book reader standpoint, we can say this is probably the best there is on the market.

It definitely beats its predecessors and competition not only with its features but a host of benefits one can get from using it.

The newest Kindle Touch is set to be released on November 21st 2011, which makes it a perfect gift in time for the holidays. To top it off, it’s currently sold at a very affordable price.

With ads and Wi-Fi only, it costs around $99 and $139 with no ads, for Wi-Fi and 3G with ads it is $149 and 189 with Wi-Fi and 3G no ads. By breaking the $100 barrier (believed to be the point when it becomes affordable for the masses), the success of the Kindle Touch is guaranteed. 

Kindle Touch Review: Features

Kindle Touch review, Amazon Kindle Touch WiFi measurement in inchesre

The newest Kindle Touch has a physical dimension of 6.8 inches in length, 4.7 inches in width, and 0.40 inches in depth. It weighs 7.5 ounces (213g). It has a 6 inch multi-touch screen with a resolution of 600 by 800 and 16-level grayscale.

There is no keyboard or buttons on the device. You connect through Wi-Fi or 3G based on the model you choose. As for internal storage, it is fitted with 4GB, which can hold around 3,000 books. If you need more storage, there’s unlimited storage on the Amazon cloud which is free for all Amazon content. The battery can last for 2 months with Wi-Fi turned off.

There are interesting technologies incorporated in the Kindle Touch. These include Whispersync and X-ray. Ports include microUSB and 3.5mm stereo audio jack. The e-book reader also supports a variety of content format such as PDF, mp3, JPEG, HTML, and DOC. 

Kindle Touch Review: Why You Should Get It

You can’t say the Kindle Touch is very stylish; but it’s modern, sleek, and definitely solid. Its size is perfect for holding even with just one hand and is around 8 percent lighter than the other Kindles or eBook readers in the market, perhaps because it no longer has that chunky physical keyboard. For ease of reading, too, you simply need to tap on the screen to flip to the next page instead of having to swipe across the screen. 

Kindle Touch review, Amazon Kindle Touch WiFi surrounded with books

You read books, magazines, and blogs through its multi-touch display, which is very intuitive and responsive that is why no buttons are needed. The E ink® display provides a much higher contrast, so you will be able to read texts properly even under direct sunlight.

The 4GB storage isn’t the biggest for an e-book reader, but it’s enough to maintain up to 3,000 books. Besides, Amazon gives you a much better alternative. There’s the cloud backup for unlimited storage, along with over 1 million reading materials to choose from, cheap books, free chapter samples, and domain books that don’t cost anything. Book can be downloaded in 60 seconds.

Kindle Touch helps users go back to love of reading. For one, you can use the X-ray feature, which immediately brings up any information related to places, historical figures, and even fictional characters.

You will also appreciate its very long battery life. With wireless turned off you can read for a ˝ hour a day for 2 months or about 30 hours of reading.

Unlike laptops and some tablet PCs, this e-book reader remains cool even after long use. This is essential since you want its components to last for a very long time.

Aside from PDF and DOC, Kindle Touch also supports mp3 files, and you can actually play your favorite music while reading a book.

With Kindle Touch and Amazon, you can borrow books from your public library, add annotations and notes directly to the pages, share them with your friends and family, as well as hear opinion or comments straight from authors and professors. There is also a text to speech feature, have your Kindle Touch read to you.

There’s also Whispersync, which ensures continuity in reading books. Just because you turn off your Kindle doesn’t mean you have to find where you left off. The technology simply syncs all your devices and remembers where you left off. 

Kindle Touch Review: Downsides

Our Kindle Touch review will not be complete without citing some of its possible downsides. Some people may find the lack of keyboard quite frustrating, especially if they’re fond of adding notes or comments on the pages (though a vast majority simply enjoy reading the various materials). Secondly the 4GB storage is not a lot. Most of us still like to store our content on the device and not somewhere on the internet. 

Kindle Touch Review Conclusion

There are definitely more people who are gunning for the Kindle Fire, but Kindle Touch is not trying to be Fire. It simply wants to be the most ideal eBook reader, and it looks like it has achieved that goal. 

Kindle Touch review, Amazon Kindle Touch WiFi pros and cons