Kindle Fire Accessories will turn your Kindle Fire into a Firestorm

Today, there are several Kindle Fire accessories you can choose from.


They come in all forms and sizes, from jackets to cases, covers, screen protectors, and stylus pens.

We’ve tried a few of them ourselves and found out the most stunning ones.

We can’t tell you which to get, but hopefully our list can let you know where to begin.

Here are our top 8 choices for your Kindle Fire:

DURAGADGET Reading, Sync & Charge Stand

kindle fire accessories, DURAGADGET Reading, Sync & Charge Stand For Amazon Kindle

Are you tired of holding your Kindle Fire all the time, especially when you’re at home? Why don’t you leave it securely someplace else? All you have to do is to install this stand. This accessory offers great viewing angles. It also charges your device so there’s no need to stop playing music or watching your favorite movie. To top it off, the stand helps you effectively sync the device to your television. 

USA Gear TabGRAB Reinforced No-Slip Tablet Car Mount + Micro USB Charge Cable

kindle fire accessories, USA Gear TabGRAB Reinforced No-Slip Tablet Car Mount for Amazon Kindle Fire

One of the great things about Kindle Fire is, it isn’t like the rest of the Kindle readers. This is a Tablet PC, so you can use it to listen to music, catch a few movies or shows, surf the web, and download apps. It’s a perfect travelling companion, which brings us to one of the popular Kindle Fire accessories. The car mount is very easy to attach and may be connected at the back of car seats or somewhere near the dashboard. It’s customizable too, so you can use it for other tablet PCs as well. The grips are made of rubber to avoid slips. This will make your trip more enjoyable. 

Skinomi TechSkin – Screen Protector Shield

kindle fire accessories, Skinomi TechSkin Screen Protector Shield for Amazon Kindle Fire

Your Kindle Fire accessories should also include a screen protector, such as the one from Skinomi TechSkin. The screen protector is very easy to attach and remove since it’s non-sticky. It has a patented anti-UV protection to prevent any yellowing that usually happens when the screen is exposed under sunlight for lengthy periods. The screen is also transparent so clarity doesn’t decrease. The protector is specially designed for Kindle Fire only and guarantees a lifetime replacement. 

Silver Gray FIRE JACKET Sleeve Compatible Universal Windshield Mount

kindle fire accessories, Silver Gray FIRE JACKET Smooth Nylon Feel Protective Durable Quality Sleeve

Good news: there are many Kindle Fire accessories that work like cases. Cases are actually very important since Kindle Fire has one of the best LCD screens. You need to protect it from scratches, damages, and dents. The jacket fits the tablet PC to a T and is definitely stylish and you cannot immediately tell it’s a jacket. It can also act as your purse or kit once you attach the removable shoulder strap. There are several zippers and pockets on the jacket where you can put other accessories such as cables and chargers. As a bonus, you’ll receive noise-reduction earbuds that fit the 3.5mm jack, USB Data Sync cable and an adjustable headrest car mount. 

2-Year SquareTrade Warranty plus Accident Protection for US customers only

kindle fire accessories, 2-Year SquareTrade Warranty plus Accident Protection for Kindle Fire

This cannot be counted as one of the Kindle Fire accessories, but we still need to recommend it. Kindle Fire is actually cheap. In fact, it’s one of the most affordable Tablet PCs on the market today at only $199. What’s more, there are several accessories to enhance its use and protect it. But these accessories and even the device itself are prone to damages, especially accidental ones. Squaretrade warranty improves upon your device’s warranty. It’s good for 2 years from the date of purchase, and there are no additional fees to pay if you want to have your device fixed. You can make 3 claims against the warranty and activates after 30 days of purchase. 

Virtuoso Touch Screen Stylus and Pen

kindle fire accessories, Kensington Amazon Kindle Fire / 2nd Generation Apple iPad 1 and 2 / iPhone / iPod / Motorola Xoom Tablet / Galaxy / Blackberry Playbook Virtuoso Touch Screen Stylus and Pen

One of our favorite Kindle Fire accessories, this is everything you want your stylus pen to be. It has its own cap cover, which is necessary to maintain the quality of the pen. The stylus pen also greatly improves the intuitiveness and responsiveness of the LCD screen (though Kindle Fire is known for a well-designed LCD display). The pen is also designed to be soft, so it doesn’t cause any scratches or smudge on the display. It is helpful if you’re writing long e-mails and documents. This pen can also be used on other touchscreen devices. 

eBigValue FIRE JACKET Sleeve + 2 Way Adjustable Tablet Stand + Stylus Pen + Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard

kindle fire accessories, eBigValue FIRE JACKET Smooth Nylon Feel Protective Durable Quality Sleeve with accessories

Even Kindle Fire accessories can sometimes falter, get lost, or be completely damaged. One good example is your jacket. If you’re looking for an alternative, this is it. The nylon material makes the jacket stretchy and accommodating to the tablet without compromising the durability, it also has a nice feel to it. Overall, this accessory firmly protects the bright well-designed LCD screen. The jacket also includes an adjustable stand for a better viewing angle, a stylus pen to speed up typing and web browsing. There’s also a wireless Bluetooth keyboard in the bundle, unfortunately you won’t be able to use it on the Kindle fire, because it doesn’t have Bluetooth. The keyboard can be used on any other device that has Bluetooth such as laptops. 


kindle fire accessories, DURAGADGET In Car Charger For New 2011 Amazon Kindle

One of the handy and essential accessories, this in-car charger makes sure you don’t have to wait to get home or arrive at your office before you can start using your Kindle Fire. In fact, you don’t have to struggle looking for plugs. The charger is also helpful if you love to listen to music, audio books, or podcasts while on the road. The charger has a built-in fuse to avoid any kind of damage just in case something happens to the vehicle’s electric system. You can also find LEDs to inform you of the charge status.