Kindle eBook readers and Amazon Kindle covers go hand in hand – the choice in style is yours

It is not just the Kindle device that attracts buyers, there are many Amazon Kindle covers that can make your device interesting, stylish and protected.


There are many types to choose from and it mostly depends on design and preference.

It is highly recommended to have one, if for nothing else but to protect your eBook reader.

Here are some of the popular Kindle covers on the market today.

Kindle Lighted Leather Covers

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The Kindle Lighted Leather covers can handle the 6’’ display and it is very elegant and trendy. This is definitely the bestselling cover mostly because of the built-in LED reading light which makes it possible for you to read at night or in a dark room. You don’t need batteries for this extra feature since the power comes from the actual device. The most important thing is that the soft interior protects your screen from being scratched or damaged and once you put the Kindle inside the cover, it will be safe in one position. The lighted leather covers are available in several colors, from black to burgundy red, burnt orange, apple green, steel blue, hot pink, and chocolate brown. The only downside is that they are a bit pricey, but on the other hand, once you buy it you’ll know that have one of the best covers on the market. 

Belkin Pleated Sleeves

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Belkin is a brand known for their ingenious device accessories, including Amazon Kindle covers. For your eBook reader, Belkin has come up with the zipped style, making it comfortable to carry the device wherever you go. Despite the small size, the pleated sleeve surprisingly has plenty of room not only for the ereader but also for other accessories, such as a charger. The pleated exteriors give the Kindle covers an ultra-chic feel—and they are available in dozens of unique shades, while the interiors are packed with reinforced panels for excellent device protection and durable lining to prevent screen scratching or bruising. The covers are built to be long lasting, though users always have the option to tap the one-year limited warranty. 

Timbuk2 Nylon Kindle Sleeve

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These covers don’t have the elegance offered by Amazon’s official leather cases or the contemporary style of Belkin Pleated Sleeves. Timbuk2 is rugged, reminiscent of the manly looking travel backpacks. Even the colors won’t impress you much. However, what it sorely lacks in the aesthetic department it makes up in its functionality. If you’re scared that zippers may accidentally scratch the screen or the straps don’t offer enough protection around the edges, then this is your best bet. The Timbuk2 Nylon Kindle Sleeve uses a strong Velcro to secure the e-book reader. The inside is extremely soft for proper screen protection. The seams, on the other hand, are heavily stitched. These Kindle covers are very affordable, costing no more than $30. 

Marware Eco-Vue Kindle Leather Folio

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At this day and age where everyone is encouraged to care for the earth, these Amazon Kindle covers do just that. The folios are made from eco-friendly leather, used in the front and back. The manufacturers didn’t skimp on the materials either. The exteriors, in fact, are just as thick as the device itself. This may not pose well for those who don’t want to carry bulky Kindle cover, but they offer the best type of protection for your device. Its functional design allows you to have easy access to the e-book reader buttons, except for the volume. There is also room for business and credit cards. And at no more than $35, this is a good alternative to the pricey lighted leather covers. 

CrazyOnDigital Kindle 3G Leather Case

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There are two things you’ll love about these eBook reader covers. One, it’s one of the cheapest available, sold at around $16 or less, depending on where you get them. Secondly, it offers maximum protection for the Kindle screen, thanks to its complimentary screen guard. The exteriors and interiors resemble those of the other cases mentioned: leather at the front and suede at the interiors. There’s a strap at the top part of the case to fully secure the e-book reader. 

M-Edge GO! Kindle Jacket

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These Amazon Kindle covers are neat and funky all at the same time. Available in a myriad of flashy shades, such as purple, red, mocha brown, and green, the sleeves are some of the most compact and slimmest at only 4.5 ounces (128g). They’re therefore easy to tuck in purses or small bags. It has a specially made pocket for the E-Luminator book light (which must be purchased seperately). The four-point mounts also ensure the Kindle remains in place when you’re on the move. Every unit is also sold with a lifetime warranty. 

Verso Kindle Cover

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Other popular covers include the Verso Kindle Cover – which supports the 6’’ display and it comes in different designs. The cover holds your e-reader in one place and the leather is very soft on the inside as well as on the outside. The cover will provide perfect protection and you will also have a place to put your documents if you are traveling somewhere. When it comes to price, this cover is more affordable than most other covers, but nothing can compare to its uniqueness. 

mCover Leather Folio Cover Case

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The mCover Leather Folio Cover Case for Amazon Kindle 3 is a cover for everyone. It costs around $10 and if you can afford to buy an expensive Kindle, you can have at least this one cover. Nevertheless, this cover is not made cheap, it has many other advantages. Firstly, it can protect all corners of the Kindle 3 and it uses an elastic band to keep the cover closed, unlike many others that use a magnetic clasp. It has a built-in inner pocket where you can put your documents, credit cards or money, if necessary. This cover is available in five different colors. 

Cole Haan Hand Stained Pebble Grained Leather Kindle Cover

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If you want to buy your cover and spend as much money as you have on the actual device, than the Cole Haan Hand Stained Pebble Grained Leather Kindle case is the right choice for you. Simply put, it’s classy and expensive. This is a high-quality cover so you won’t have to worry about protecting your eBook reader. It uses the compatible hinge system, which will hold your device in place, and there is an inner pocket that can hold credit and business cards. Users usually love this product, but there are some complaints about the design. The truth is, if you are buying this product, you are actually buying a brand, and everyone who knows that Cole Haan means beauty and luxury. 


Whatever type of Amazon Kindle covers you choose, it will be good enough to protect your device and make it last longer. The only trouble is how to choose the right one. You have to know how much you are willing to spend on it and have all the features you want. Most of the covers are made of leather which will require some maintenance. Of course having a cover doesn’t guarantee 100% protection, you always have to be careful when handling your device.