The Amazon Kindle 3G is Amazons best selling eReader

The Amazon Kindle 3G undoubtedly is the most popular e-book reader in the world.


It has sold millions, and thousands upon thousands wait and follow every new version that comes out.

In fact, Amazon Kindle pages have close to 2,000 reviews.

Out of all the Kindles that were released in the market, Kindle Keyboard, especially its 3G version, has captured the most attention and following.

Since Kindle 3G possesses a physical keyboard, it is also known as Kindle Keyboard.

Its dimensions measure 7.5 inches in length, 4.8 inches in width, and 0.335 inches in depth, making it one of the slimmest e-book readers to date. Its size, on the other hand, is bigger than the first Kindle and Touch but smaller than that of DX.

It is very similar to the size of the newly released Kindle Fire and weighs 8.7 ounces (247g).

You will not have a microSD slot, which none of the Kindles have, but it sports a whopping 4GB internal memory. The battery life ranges from 1 to 2 months, with Wi-Fi off and depending on how much you read. With wireless on, it can last around 10 days.

As its name suggests, it connects online via 3G, though it also Wi-Fi capable. Ports found on the device include an audio jack and USB 2.0 port for the power adapter. As for the warranty, there is one full-year warranty for parts and services, but you can extend it for a fee.

It uses E Ink® Pearl Display, which means contrast is higher and letters and images appear much clearer. There is also less glare, so you can read conveniently even under direct sunlight. 

The Keyboard that Stands Out

One of the reasons why this Kindle may be the best among the many is its keyboard. The use of keyboard Kindle DX in mobile devices is not an entirely new concept. You can now find it in mobile phones, as well as Tablet PCs (e.g., separate keyboards). Amazon Kindle DX has one as well.

Keyboards do not impress all eBook readers (which basically explains why Nooks appeal to them), but they come in handy when you love to add notes or annotations to what you are reading. You can also use the same keyboard for better page navigation.

Since the keyboard is embedded into the device, you do not have to worry about time-consuming installation. There is no need to rely on any software. You can utilize it as soon as you receive your eReader. 

Lightweight Body, Lightweight Price

It is obvious Kindle 3G is not the lightest and thinnest e-book reader, but it is light enough for long-term use. Its body is solid, with buttons at the right places (there are 5 buttons for easy navigation and lookup). It is thin enough to fit into your bag or purse. The 6 inch screen is pretty standard, but if you want something bigger, you can always get the Kindle DX. The resolution is decent at 800 by 600. The price has been steadily declining and currently hovers around $139. 

It is 3G

There used to be two known methods of connecting to the Internet via your e-book reader: Wi-Fi and 3G. Today, you’ll find Tablet PCs with 4G. Between Wi-Fi and 3G, the latter is considered to be more stable, secure, and definitely faster.

Fortunately, Kindle Keyboard has a 3G version, which means you can connect anywhere in the country. Best of all, it does it with no fees or contracts.

But just in case you have a high-speed Internet near you, you can easily shift to Wi-Fi, another reason why Kindle 3G is a great choice for e-book readers. So far, there are over 20,000 hotspots in the United States, and plenty more are found worldwide. Simply put, traveling with the Kindle is a pleasant experience. 

It’s from Amazon

Kindle 3G, Amazon Kindle 3G eReader eBook Reader close up

Why Kindle 3G is gaining a lead? It’s from Amazon! Amazon isn’t really the first company to introduce e-book readers. At least 14 months before the first Kindle came out, Sony released its very own Sony eBook reader line. The downside? It didn’t have a Wi-Fi, which the first version from Amazon had (all Kindles can connect wirelessly).

Amazon isn’t the first to sell books either; before them there was Borders and Barnes & Noble.

Yet Amazon is one company that knows how to maximize resources, do a lot of things right, and be competitive. A good example is adding 3G connectivity to their devices.

What do you get out of it? You can now have access to over 2 million titles, a lot of them already public domain which means they are free. The 4GB can accommodate over 3,000 books, which is enough books for a lifetime.

Before you buy an eBook, you can download the first few chapters at no cost, as well as borrowing books straight from public libraries via the internet of course. Besides text files, one can also download more than 60,000 audio books and blogs. Kindle 3G also features Whispersync, which permits you to sync all your devices so you can easily pick up where you left off.

Certainly, a microSD slot would boost the value of Kindle 3G. However, Amazon’s cloud service compensates by allowing you to store all your purchased titles at unlimited storage. 

Two-month Battery Life

If you’re looking for another reason why kindle 3G is worth the hundred-dollar-plus, just look at its battery life: it’s one of the longest. Although you have to turn Wi-Fi off which you don’t need to read the book, 2 months is several times longer than Nook Color’s 8 hours and twice as that of Kindle 1. Two months may become a month, however, if you love to read all day. 


There’s a long list of reasons why kindle 3G is well loved by e-book readers. It’s affordable, possesses a keyboard for more comprehensive use, connects with 3G and Wi-Fi, and has a long battery life. If you’re not searching for apps, this is a great choice for you.