iRiver Story Cases come in different materials even from a recycled book

The iRiver story cases are a match to the e-reader itself.


They are simple, no frills, yet highly functional and well thought out.

The e-reader itself has been criticized as lacking in style, but you can instantly change that with any of these gorgeous cases.

These cases are designed to properly protect the screen of your e-reader.

The iRiver story display has a very high resolution, making images and texts literally pop out of the screen, but without compromising contrast and brightness.

Gizmo Dorks Soft Neoprene Zipper Case

iriver story cases, Gizmo Dorks Soft Neoprene Zipper Case

One of the durable iRiver Story cases in the market, it features a very sleek as well as simple black case design accented with a neon color to give it a bit of a modern style. The body is made up of soft Neoprene, which is soft yet sturdy enough to prevent any dents and irreparable damage to the e-reader. The lining, on the other hand, is non-scratch. It has a key chain section, where you can attach and remove keys quickly. Despite its small size, there is an external pocket where you can keep your much-needed accessories, perhaps cables and chargers. 

Leather Case – By Kiwi Cases

iriver story cases, Leather Case By Kiwi Cases

If you are a business executive, one of the ways on how to demand respect and attention is by your manner of dressing and the accessories you carry. This is one of the most luxurious, professional looking iRiver Story cases you can find in the market. It is made from leather, making it very elegant and classic. It uses a magnetic closure system for easy closing and opening of the case and contains slots for business card. The lining is soft to avoid scratches on the screen. This is one of the cases specially designed for iRiver Story HD. 

Gizmo Dorks Eco Friendly Cork Case

iriver story cases, Gizmo Dorks Eco Friendly Cork Case

There are many ways to help the environment, especially trees, and one way is to picking eco-friendly iRiver Story cases. This one from Gizmo dorks is made from purely natural material, which has been specifically designed to be durable. It doesn’t spell class, but it sure does speak of creativity and ingenuity. The inside is lined with a microfiber for extra protection. With the case you also get a Carabiner key chain for convenient key storage. 

Nuvo-Tek Sleeve Case Cover

iriver story cases, Nuvo Tek Sleeve Case Cover

If you can get past the flashy colors, you’ll discover these iRiver Story cases from Nuvo-Tek are stylish, contemporary, and well made. The use of neoprene makes the case water resistant (not waterproof) as well as long lasting. There are extra cushions to maximize protection, especially inside the case. This series of cases doesn’t use any zippers to avoid accidental scratches. They are washable and reversible. 

ReAuthored Case Made From a Recycled Hardback Book

iriver story cases, ReAuthored Case Made From a Recycled Hardback Book

This is so unlike any other eReader cases you have ever seen. An ingenious case, it is actually a book that has been redesigned and refitted so its internal pages can be transformed into storage for the iRiver Story HD. And before you wonder if it is a real book, let us tell you that the answer is yes. But out of respect for the author and the book, it’s snagged first before the pages are shredded. How about that for eco-friendliness? 

Gizmo Dorks Hard EVA Case Cover

iriver story cases, Gizmo Dorks Hard EVA Case Cover

If you are looking for extremely strong iRiver Story cases, then you don’t have to look any further. One of the formidable Gizmo Dorks cases, this is fitted with an EVA hard shell, which offers maximum protection without adding more weight to the case. Like a lot of products from the company, this also comes with its own Carabiner key chain. The interiors, meanwhile, are lined with mesh pockets for additional storage for accessories such as cables and chargers without increasing the chances of scratches and dents to the e-reader. For easy access, it makes use of a Velcro strap.

CaseCrown Faux Suede Case

iriver story cases, CaseCrown Faux Suede Case

It’s so easy to fall in love with its suede look, which always adds a little bit of swag to the case. What’s more, you can take a pick among a variety of popping colors such as fuchsia, red, and navy. The material is durable, offering high protection, while the interiors are polyester for a more comfortable fit and less tendency for scratches and bruises. There is a big external pocket at the front for your accessories, while the zipper goes around the case, so you can easily reveal the e-reader and prevent accidental scratches from zippers. 

CaseCrown Neoprene Vinyl Screen

iriver story cases, CaseCrown Neoprene Vinyl Screen

One of the highly recommended iRiver Story cases, CaseCrown features a vinyl screen case, which allows you to see the conditions of your e-reader immediately, as well as use the device even without taking it out of the cover. Half of the case is made up of neoprene that is tear resistant, while the interiors are lined with foam that absorbs shock, thereby greatly reducing damages upon impact.