An Apple iPad Stand is a must have for your home

The iPad stand is one of many accessories available for the Apple iPad tablet pc, but one of the most important ones.


While the iPad is really lightweight, the iPad 2 weighs just around 600 g, if you are playing a game, reading an eBook or browsing the internet, after half an hour you will start feeling the weight.

Watching a whole two-hour movie becomes an ordeal. It is not the weight that is tiring the holding hands; it is the static position that really gets you.

So when you intend to purchase or already own an iPad, you should sooner rather than later consider buying an iPad stand. 

Apple solutions

Apple, of course, anticipated the problem; their Research & Development Department being really one of the best within the industry. While there is no ad-hoc solution provided within the original packaging, already the iPad Smart Cover is not only protecting the touchscreen surface, but is foldable to function as a stand. A similar folding capability is provided by the iPad case, also manufactured by Apple. Most of the similar cover and case options provided by other manufacturers have a similar folding capability, allowing the protective add-on to sub as a stand as well. 

Apple® iPad™ Keyboard Dock

iPad Dock, iPad Keyboard Dock

Apple does not provide a dock, but there is an iPad dock available, which can do more than just hold the iPad upright at a comfortable angle. The iPad dock can be used to comfortably charge the iPad, sync the iPad to the home computer; it can hold the iPad just like any other stand to allow for a comfortable viewing experience or for writing emails, and more. The most practical use of any iPad stand is the fact that you can simply put the iPad device up while you manage the Bluetooth keyboard, giving you as the user an almost notebook or netbook experience. There are also several games available, which support keyboard use, not to mention the adapter sub-program that can be applied to almost any game; in such a case you really need your hands to be free in order to handle all the keys and assignable shortcuts. 

Apple approved solutions

In the Apple App Store only Apple approved products are being made available to the broad public for purchase. Any devices or applications that require the user to have a jailbroken iPad will therefore not be found on this particular site. Many Apple iPad stands can be found listed and some of them are even more debonair or innovative than the products manufactured by Apple. 

Griffin Cinema Seat

Griffin Cinema Seat

One such ingenious idea is the Cinema Seat for iPad byGriffin, a Nashville, TN, based company that is already in business for almost twenty years now. It is actually a padded sleeve that can be affixed to the car seat – or any other seat with similar features – so that the person riding in the back can use the iPad as a movie theater device. This is a great solution for travelling with kids, pop in a few cartoons and you will not have any trouble from the back; you do not have to install expensive playback/display devices, or risk your laptop for that purpose. Griffin also provides other iPad stand solutions, like the Griffin Loop Stand and the Griffin A-Frame Stand for the iPad. While the A-Frame is similarly to the docking station holding the iPad upright in either landscape or portrait views, the Loop Stand can additionally accommodate a wrist friendly lower angle, allowing the comfortable use of the on-screen keyboard. The latter also allows for a problem-free charging connectivity, which is not as easily performed with the A-Frame solution. 

Belkin FlipBlade Adjust for Apple iPad 2

Belkin FlipBlade Adjust for Apple iPad

There is also a stand from Belkin, the FlipBlade for iPad, which provides not only uncomplicated stand capabilities for the iPad, but can also be used for the iPhone and iPod as well. The ultra slim design is designed to facilitate easier transport; it can be simply slipped into a pocket and carried around together with the iPad device. Such simple solutions like the one by Belkin are presumably better than easel designs, like for instance the Twelve South Compass Portable Stand for iPad. Being mostly made out of folding steel, this Apple iPad stand is very sturdy and solid. It comes with a form fitting case and does not take much more space. Even the angle can be adjusted into the typing friendly position, besting the Belkin design despite the less common brand name. 


There are several stands available that are not officially sanctioned by Apple, one of such is the Sync Dock Station and Power Charger Cradle for iPad, actually an iPad stand with a charging facility, made by BrainyDeal. It is available for about the third of the Apple iPad dock, but provides almost the same. It looks less sophisticated and not as posh as the original, but it does the job. 

Thought Out Stabile iPad 2 Stand

iPad Stand, iPad 2 Stand, Thought Out Stabile iPad 2 Stand

Another really nice one is the Thought Out Stabile iPad 2 Stand – which can of course be used with the original iPad as well. It is very similar to Apple designs and feels as well as looks really nice, particularly if you intend to use it with a keyboard. You get almost an iMac look, which probably was the idea. While there are several colors available, the black and white ones seem to be the preferred choices. 

PadDock 10 Stand for iPad with Speaker

PadDock Stand with Speaker for iPad

One of the more notable iPad stand solutions is being manufactured by the American company SMK-Link Electronics. The PadDock 10 Stand for iPad is a very much improved version of the Apple iPad dock, with integrated powered speakers, but also with charge and sync mode. It can be rotated 360 degrees and makes the iPad look almost like an LCD monitor. 

iSound Cinema Sound

iSound for iPad

A similar docking solution with integrated speakers is being provided by the American dreamGEAR/iSound Company. The iSound Cinema Sound for iPad and iPad 2 has more limited viewing angle adjustability, but provides a wireless remote for volume and playback controls. 


There are many iPad stand solutions available on the market, some of which are most definitely usable with other tablet devices as well. Depending on your intended use of the iPad device you may be better advised to purchase one solution rather than the other, but an Apple iPad stand is something that you should definitely consider buying. The simple holding up capabilities of the Smart Cover or case designs may suffice for everyday use, but some of the designs mentioned above truly warrant a second consideration.