A list of Apple iPad Games that are interesting and worth your time and money

When Apple worked on the outline of what the iPad should be, iPad games were high on the priority list.


Namely, one of the ideas was to unite within the iPad the best there is in gaming, entertainment, music, video, internet, social networking and fun.

The vision to have a full game console within the tablet pc device in not quite realized yet, but with the invention of the analogue joystick attachment “Fling”, the iPad is coming really close.

Some of the most popular Apple iPad games are available for free, but there are also a few that made the popularity list, despite being commercially offered, i.e. sold for a price.

It makes very much sense to figure out which commercial games you want and then wait for a promotional sale. 


Some classic games never grow old. Apple offers a wide variety of classic arcade-like games, but there are also games made popular by computers, such as Solitaire, Tetris, Minesweeper and even the PAC-MAN, which is really almost identical to the original arcade game, whereby the already mentioned Fling joystick really does bring back memories. Not a single one of these classic iPad games have lost their appeal, at the contrary, a whole new generation of gamers is being introduced to the gaming legends and they are loving it. There is also Scrabble in HD, one of the more popular games, featuring multiplayer that can be played via Facebook. 

Kamikaze birds

Angrybirds for iPad

One of the most popular iPad games is definitely Angry Birds, a game developed by the Finnish Rovio Mobile Company. A group of pigs has stolen some eggs from the birds and the birds are out for retrieval and revenge by using a slingshot. With this ludicrous premise the player attempts to destroy all pigs and their various objects they hide in by using several provided birds, whereby differently colored birds have special abilities. This fun game has already spawned several sequels or rather special editions, like the Angry Birds Seasons and Angry Birds Rio, the latter being made to tie into the animated feature named Rio, which featured birds as main protagonists. While Angry Birds is not one of the iPad games specifically developed for the iPad platform, it is maybe the most popular cross-platform game ever with over 50 million documented downloads. 

There’s a Zombie on your lawn

When PopCap Games released Plants vs. Zombies for PC in May of 2009 little did they know that one day this game will be their best selling game ever. Moreover, the game, which is a “tower defense action video game”, was successfully ported to other platforms, recently also to iOs, which is for the iPad. Currently available in the HD version, this is one of the most popular commercial iPad games available from the Apple App Store. The gameplay is funny and quirky and basically follows a simple premise. Namely, you live in a house that is being invaded by wacky zombies. You use genetically altered plants, which you can plant on the lawn, in the swimming pool, on the roof, wherever the next attack is coming from. The iPad version is multi-touch capable, the ad says 11-point multi-touch support, so that all fingers get in on the action. This hilarious app provides some proprietary features especially developed for the iPad and it differs to some extent from the PC version, but is no less fun to play. One of the most recommended iPad games of the year, it sold within the first nine days of release on the iOS platform over 300,000 copies. 

Shoot ‘em up

Boys will be boys and some of the most popular games for boys are first or third person shooters. These games will have to meet the scrutiny of a seasoned gamer, where the graphics really need to be exceptional. One such game is Splinter Cell Conviction HD. Sam Fisher is a special forces operative that generally does some sneaking around in stealth mode and takes out a bunch of enemies with a range of weapons or even in hand to hand combat. A true hardcore FPS game is the legendary DOOM by id Software, which is available in the DOOM Resurrection version exclusively programmed for the iPad. While the graphics are not as strong as in DOOM III, the gameplay and fun of this original incarnation make it an incredible fun to play, for DOOM aficionados this is simply a must. The absolutely best graphics of all shooter iPad games have Dead Space for iPad, a game that was developed for iOS only by Electronic Arts and N.O.V.A. by Gameloft, which has some wicked sniper capabilities. 

Sports iPad games

Fifa for iPad, Fifa

If you really like to play sports games, then there is no way around Electronic Arts, one of the biggest manufacturer of sports games for any platform. The most popular titles include NBA Jam, FIFA 11 and Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 12, besides the ultimate racing experience with Need For Speed Shift. If you do not like European Football, but go rather for American Football, there is MADDEN NFL 11, but the only real baseball game comes from KONAMI, although it features Manga characters. PBA Bowling 2 is quite a good bowling simulation, as is Deer Hunter: African Safari a great hunting simulation. When looking for your favorite sports simulation, the whole App Store, but Apple iPad games in particular, have very pertinent comments below, take your time to read them. 

Other than that

The original Mortal Kombat game, Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3, is really less fun to play than the Street Fighter IV, where graphics are really nice and it is multiplayer capable. Much better action and control possibility with virtual joystick or the Fling analogue attachment. One of really nicely adapted Apple iPad games is the fourth incarnation of the Resident Evil franchise, PLATINUM. The graphics seem to not differ much from the PC version, which poses the question why were not the classic episodes ported as well. Another franchise has been ported to the iPad as well, Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light HD is available at the App Store. While the graphics are stunning, the customers warn that the game crashes, but fixes seem to be on the way. 

GTA for Ipad, Grand Theft Auto

While speaking of great franchises, GTA, or Grand Theft Auto must be mentioned. In HD graphics and with the expected and requested gameplay, GTA: Chinatown Wars HD is available and has proven to be one of the most treasured games available. Namely, people who have purchased this game enjoy replaying it and it is an additional treat that his game is available for iPad only. The final of the iPad introduced games here is from another popular franchise, Prince of Persia: Warrior Within. With perhaps the most elaborate graphics on iOS today, this POP is the first game genuinely considered of a console quality.

Of all the Apple iPad games available nowadays, it is really not easy to pick any favorites, these games are so much fun and provide involving gameplay that easily rivals many of more powerful PC or console incarnations. The trend to produce games that are not available for other platforms is really enticing and some gamers that really enjoy certain franchises may feel very tempted to enlarge their gaming potential by purchasing an iPad just for that reason. It is really a completely new experience; since the first GameBoy handheld devices came out, it was not such a joy playing games on a cool device. The Apple iPad is therewith the perfect toy, where even a bit older gaming fans can embrace their inner child without shame and simply have fun and enjoy playing games again.