Apple iPad Cases not only protect your iPad but most importantly let you add a touch of your personality

The amount of iPad cases available on the market today seems endless, but if you want to protect your device you will have to choose one since the box in which the iPad was delivered, is not a viable option.


Your solution is sold separately; you have to purchase the case additionally to your iPad device.

They are the iPad Smart Cover and the Apple iPad case. The iPad Smart Cover cannot really be entered into the cases list, because it is – as the name already reveals – just a cover.

It snaps with a magnetic stripe to the frame of the iPad and covers the touchscreen. While it is a simple and practical idea, particularly the folding capabilities that turn the Smart Cover into a stand for video viewing or keyboard stand, it is also not an adequate protection if you carry your device around a lot.

There are some very nice colors available, as well as a posh version made out of leather. 

Apple iPad Case

Apple iPad Case

Apple products are on the other hand a better solution, something that actually should have been a part of the package at purchase, but knowing Apple it is not surprising. Apple does not even provide headphones with the device within the original packaging. Interestingly enough, besides the Apple store, there is no mention of any cases within the Apple website. Nevertheless the original Apple iPad cases are capable of folding, similar to the Smart Cover, providing a makeshift stand for the iPad. It looks nice and feels more posh than it actually is, with the Apple logo on the front and soft microfiber interior. There are openings at appropriate places for the headphone jack, for the on/off and volume buttons, as well as for the dock connector port, alleviating the necessity of taking the device constantly out of the protective enclosing. For an original Apple accessory it is surprisingly affordable, but the competition is again careful to provide similar or better product for less money. 

Michael Kors Jet Set Case for iPad

Within the Apple store there are several approved cases available for the iPad, whereby one of the most notable ones were designed and distributed under the brand name of the famed American couturier. All provided models are designed in a clamshell style and the main material used is Italian Nappa leather. The main difference to the Apple case, besides the luxurious design and materials used, is the zipper, allowing the case to be zipped up. The collapsible back feature, allowing the iPad case to dub as a stand is also integrated. At current time, there are four different color designs available for Michael Kors iPad cases. It is also interesting to note that the same designer provides accessories for the iPhone as well. 

Incase Convertible Book Jacket for iPad

Incase convertible case for iPad

Incase Designs is an American based company, more accurately Irwindale, California, which is specialized in manufacturing cases for guitars, laptop computers, iPods, iPhones and iPads, just to name their main product lines. In future, Incase is planning to introduce headphones and microphones in their all new Incase Audio line of products. The two available at the App Store are not the only cases for iPad that are being produced, a visit to their website is more than recommended. Most of the available iPad case designs have the foldable stand capability, many colors and themed options provide for some extent for individual choice options. 

Sena Leather Folio

Sena Leather Folio for iPad

Sena Cases is another Californian company that is providing mainly high quality device cases, but Sena’s products are not limited to the Apple line, moreover, they provide similar solutions for most of the Apple iPad competition as well. Sena iPad cases are made from Nappa leather, whereby designs are not limited to simple encasings of the device, handbag and portfolio models are available as well. It is interesting to note that Sena has separate product lines for the original iPad and the iPad 2, furthermore, there is a keyboard folio design on offer as well. It allows in a book style folding fashion to affix the iPad device and the Bluetooth keyboard to be usage ready, looking almost like a regular laptop – a truly ingenious solution for people who like to take the keyboard on the way as well. 

Kensington KeyFolio Pro Performance Bluetooth Keyboard Case

Kensington Bluetooth Keyboard Case

Kensington Computer Products Group is another Californian company that has made an impact with their range of computer accessories and related products, including keyboards and mice. Having been in business for over thirty years, Kensington knows better than to focus on simplicity and provides a truly competitive and revolutionary concept in iPad cases, namely they not only offer an iPad case, they offer the Bluetooth keyboard as a freebie. The Kensington KeyFolio Bluetooth Keyboard and Case for iPad gives you all that you need from a protective case, all the ports are exposed and accessible without having to take the device out of the case. 

Acase EZ-Carry Polyurethane Case

Acase EZ-Carry Case for iPad

Acase is a new brand that is specialized in manufacturing Apple accessories. They provide a multitude of cases and screen protectors all of them tagged with a surprisingly low price. Their EZ-Carry Polyurethane Case is a folio version of the Smart Cover, featuring a folio case and the foldable cover in the same manner like the Smart Cover, dubbing like a stand. The Acase Leather Flip Book Jacket/folio is even more value for money, it can also dub as a stand, providing multiple viewing angles. 

Timbuk2 iPad Envelope Sleeve

Timbuk Sleeve for iPad

A San Francisco based bag producing company that professes all hand-made products is another provider worth mentioning. Timbuk2 has a whole line of products designed for carrying the iPad on the road, most prominent are the envelope sleeves in truly colorful designs, but also the popup case and the roomy freestyle messenger bag are interesting. The quality is high, the prices are not. 

Cheap but durable cases

Cheap durable cases

There are several very affordable iPad cases available, if you look for it on websites other than the App Store. For instance, there is also an Apple made iPad 2 leather case that can be found at the price that is less than what you have to pay for the Apple Smart Cover. There are several very practical cases made by the company SwitchEasy; but there are also interesting products by the company Scosche, like the snapShield, which is made out of transparent polycarbonate. Some of these iPad cases are priced really low, but provide acceptable quality. On the other hand, quality manufacturers, such as Belkin, offer quality products for the iPad as well and are not very far in regards of the price. It may be a good idea to shop around for a design that fits not only your budget, but your fashion taste as well. In the sheer endless line of products currently available, there is most certainly a product that will satisfy both requirements.