An iPad Car mount will transform your car trip to something enjoyable

The iPad car mount is proof how portable the device is. The iPad 2 is probably one of the most reviewed—and commended—tablet PCs in the market today.


Produced by Apple, it is regarded as a vast improvement from its predecessor. It also acts as an e-book reader, even compatible withGoogle eBooks.

One of the great things about iPad 2 the Apple Tablet PC is its portability.

Despite being large, it is incredibly thin and fits any small space such as a bag. It can also be mounted on cars, as it makes an excellent companion while on the road.

iPad 2 allows you to easily check e-mails, listen to music, play games, and view videos and images, thanks to its responsive touch screen. It can also be packed with applications that can be useful while driving, including maps and GPS.

Your choice depends on your preferences, but factors can be considered to speed up the selection process.

First, choose a car mount that does not obstruct your view when driving. It should also be very easy to install and dismantle. There are some vehicle mounts that are universal, which means it fits almost all types of Tablet PCs.

Most of all, the mounts should not be flimsy, the last thing you want is for the car mount to fall and the iPad with it. It is also a great addition if the car mount allows you to conveniently charge the device. 

Vogel’s RingO Car Mount and more

Vogel’s RingO Car Mount for iPad 2

A recipient of the Plus X Award for Best Product of the Year in 2011, Vogel’s RingO systems is a unique high quality universal mounting system. The whole system is build around the aluminum holder connecting device, allowing all other mounts to connect. In the package you will receive the holder, a car mount, a wall mount and a tablet stand. It is designed so that you can rotate your iPad 360 degrees while securely holding the device in place. This exceptional high quality versatile device is the perfect holder which will cover all your needs. 

Floor Seat Bolt Car Mount

Car floor seat bolt mount for iPad

This iPad car mount takes advantage on one of the underutilized parts of the vehicle: the floor. The mount is directly connected to the floor seat, allowing for a more stable iPad 2 holder. To attach, you are going to need the metal gooseneck, which is secured to the floor with the help of screws. So you can easily move the iPad 2 properly, the gooseneck is long and flexible. It also comes with a dual USB port charger so you can charge the device while driving. 

Head Rest Car Mount

Car mount headrest for iPad

A typical iPad car mount is one that is easily attached to the headrest. This is good especially if you have a very small vehicle. This does not take up the leg room. It also allows proper viewing, as passengers can lean comfortably at the back while watching your favorite show or movie. The iPad car mount can also be tilted for a more effective viewing experience. To hold the iPad 2 well, the head rest car mount makes use of adjustable clamps. They are easy to dismantle and attach to another vehicle. This, however, may not work well if the iPad 2 has a skin or case. 

Vent Car Mount

Car mount airvent for iPad

If you wish to utilize your iPad 2 for GPS and maps, then this is the iPad car mount you should pick. This one is attached to the vent of the vehicle, located on top of the dashboard. To make it flexible, it comes with an adjustable grip. It also fits iPad 2 with skin or case. The vent car mount, however, is limited to a landscape orientation. It can be attached on vents with horizontal slats only. You also have to be cautious of vent car mounts that are easy to break. When they fall they may take the vent together with them. 

Suction Cup Base Car Mount

Suction Cup Base Car Mount for iPad

There are great and worse things about suction cup bases as an iPad car mount. One of their advantages is you have instant accessibility to the device. Suction cups also allow you to easily move the holder across the windshield. This also prevents you from going through time-consuming installation processes.

These suction cup base mounts, however, may obstruct your view if you are not too careful. Suction cups are also not the best holders in the world. They can instantly lose their grip onto the surface, smashing not just the mount but also the tablet PC into the car floor seat. Most of all, placing the device directly on the front part of the vehicle makes it so vulnerable to early damage. 


A car mount is one of the many great Apple iPad Accessories to have. They open up one more avenue where you can enjoy your Apple iPad. Either to watch movies, videos listen to music or use it as a GPS. Entertain the kids and get the peace you want while driving. Choose what will best suit your needs and always remember read the reviews of others who already have bought a particular car mount.