Apple iPad as great as it is make it even better with the following iPad Accessories

The iPad represents a completely new era in tablet PCs and its iPad Accessories are a must have.


Apple’s revolutionary technology combines the iphone’s basic features with those of a laptop computer to come up with what Apple has named the iPad.

What makes the iPad unique is its ease of use and the provision of enormous number of programs that can be run on it as well as the iPad accessories that are available for it.

This latest version of Apple’s amazingly successful iPad is much thinner and lighter in size but with a stronger processor and the addition of a dual camera. Enhance your iPad with the following. 

iPad 2 Dock

iPad 2 Dock, Apple iPad 2 Dock

The iPad Dock is another accessory by Apple that allows the user hands free use. Just placing the iPad on the sturdy iPad 2 Dock, allows you to recharge it, connect to powered speakers or even to other accessories like the digital AV Adaptor or the Camera Connection Kit. The hands free option is perfect for activities like watching movies or browsing through picture albums. 

Apple Wireless Keyboard

Wireless Keyboard for iPad

With absolutely no connecting cable, Apple’s wireless Keyboard can simply be placed in front of the iPad or any Mac with blue tooth technology, to type effortlessly. Initially, minor adjustments need to be made. Much smaller than regular keyboards, the Apple Wireless Keyboard has an aluminum frame with extremely touch-responsive keys. The keyboard requires two AA batteries, which last a long time. This is because every time the keyboard is not being used, it turns off automatically. This is one of Apple’s best selling iPad accessories. 

iPad Smart Cover

iPad Smart Cover

Adding a personal touch, to the iPad is possible through the iPad smart cover. Probably the best of all the iPad accessories, the Smart Cover is available in assorted colors. It is more than just a cover to protect your iPad from scratches and damage. It has been made with special built-in magnets, allowing it to fit perfectly on the surface of the screen. Moreover, with the cover on, the iPad goes into hibernation automatically. As soon as the cover is removed, the screen comes back to life. With perfectly aligned joints the cover can be folded to form a typing stand or an upright one, allowing hands free use. 

TrendyDigital WaterGuard Waterproof Case

Waterproof Case for iPad

If you want to enjoy your iPad by the pool, on a boat or in a bathtub this is the product for you. It has a triple mechanism of zipper, Velcro and snaps to ensure no water gets in. Protect your investment and enjoy your iPad without worries. It also has an adjustable strap you can use to hang on a hook, around your neck or shoulder. 

Apple Digital AV Adaptor

Apple Digital AV Adaptor

The Apple Digital Av Adaptor allows video mirroring and is one of many great iPad Accessories. In other words, you can connect your iPad to a HDTV or an HD projection screen, to allow a larger audience to see your presentation, video, lesson etc. on a bigger screen. Your TV screen is transformed into your iPad screen so that audiences are able to view everything you are displaying on your iPad. The iPad has a 30-pin connector that can be plugged into the HDMI cable, which in turn is connected to the projection device. There is also a separate 30-pin connector for recharging your iPad while it is still connected to the screen.

iPad Camera Connection Kit

iPad Camera Connection Kit

The iPad Camera Connection Kit consists of a camera connection kit and an SD card Reader. Videos and photographs from a camera or an SD card can be transferred directly to your iPad using these devices. Several photo formats as well as video formats like HD and SD can be used on the device. It provides the ease of instant transfer of photographs to the iPad to be shared with others. 

Apple VGA Adaptor

Apple VGA Adaptor for iPad

Perhaps the only real difference between an Apple Digital VGA Adaptor and a simple VGA Adaptor is that this one has no extra 30-pin connector that allows the iPad to be recharged when in use. Other than that, the function of both these accessories is quite similar. Video mirroring through a connection between the iPad and your HDTV or projection screen is made possible using these iPad accessories. 

iPad 10W USB Power Adaptor

iPad 10W USB Power Adaptor

The 10W Adaptor with a 6-foot cord is one of the smart iPad accessories, allows you to charge your iPad from an electrical socket from a distance. It is compatible with all versions of the iPad, iPhone and the ipod. 

Apple In-ear Headphones with Remote and Mic

inear Headphones and Mic for iPad

Compatible with most Apple products, the Apple In-ear Headphones with Remote and Mic allow you to listen to music or answer calls by using convenient and simple buttons on the device. The sound quality is unparalleled and the in-ear headphones are extremely comfortable to wear. 

Apple Earphones with Remote and Mic

Earphones with Mic for iPad

A step above the iPod earphones, they come with a capsule containing the microphone, volume control buttons and the next/previous button. Voice messages may be recorded or phone calls answered with the device.