HTC Tablet PC the Flyer flies in, does it match up to the competition?

There’s Apple’s iPad 2, Samsung’s Galaxy Tab, Motorola Tablet PC Xoom — and HTC Tablet PC Flyer? Now many would say there’s something wrong with the list. Perhaps it’s because HTC is more associated with smart phones.


HTC is a Taiwanese company founded before the end of the 1990s. Its main thrust is to produce world-class, highly technological, unique, and powerful communication and network devices across the globe.

To make this a reality, it has partnered itself among the mobile operator giants in the industry, namely, Orange, T-Mobile, Verizon, Cingular, and Vodafone.

Nevertheless, its ultimate claim to fame is the creation and distribution of “firsts” in the industry. They credit themselves to being the first to come up with a color palm-size PC in 1999, Microsoft Pocket PC in 2000, wireless pocket PC in 2002, Microsoft Smart Music phone in 2004, and the first smart phone in 2006 powered by Microsoft Windows mobile operating system.

They were the ones that introduced Advantage, which came with a detachable QWERTY keyboard and a 5-inch screen, as well as the Shift, with a widescreen display measuring 7 inches and a 40GB hard drive.

HTC tablet pc, HTC Flyer 16 GB wi-fi, HTC Flyer wifi

Simply put, they have championed, mastered, and even perfected mobiles. So why are they trying to compete in the world of tablet PCs?

Here’s the deduction: HTC always believes in innovation more than competition. It’s going to be such a waste if they put brilliant tablet PC ideas into fruition. And true enough, with HTC Flyer, you get a nifty tablet you won’t be afraid to carry and use anywhere you go.

Looking at the HTC Tablet PC, you don’t have to guess what sets it apart from its counterparts in the market. So far, it’s the only one wearing a pen (stylus, whatever you want to call it). The philosophy is simple: HTC thinks that a tablet PC should go with one, not with the finger. But before we get into the full details of the magic pen, let’s talk about its physical attributes first.

This HTC tablet PC is small at 7 inches, yes, around 3 inches smaller than that of the iPad the Apple Tablet PC . Nevertheless, its size is comparable to the Samsung Tablet PC the Galaxy Tab.

Despite its pint size, it’s tad heavy at 14.6 ounces (415g). Carrying this for a long time may be bulky, but thanks to the rounded edges, it feels smooth and comfortable to the hands.

The size also makes it convenient to carry in one hand as well as to fit into large pockets of trousers or purses. You always have the option to tag along the white case that comes with the bundle, especially if you have to use the Magic Pen.

HTC tablet pc, HTC Flyer aluminum back

For many there’s no sign of sophistication, given that HTC decides to use three-colored palettes, but that gives the device more appeal to the younger generation, who seeks something hip, cool, and trendy. The aluminum construction provides it a very strong and sturdy feel, though that doesn’t mean you can drop this anytime soon.

When it comes to the screen, HTC Tablet PC the Flyer gives its competitors a good run for its money—and rightfully so. HTC was the first one to produce a TFT touch-screen LCD display. And we’d say that magic technological touch was never lost. It may have only gotten better.

The 7-inch screen boasts of 1024 by 600 resolution and doesn’t budge regardless of the amount of light available. Even in the most awkward or unusual angles, the image colors still appear crisp, vivid, and luxurious.

It has enough brightness, contrast, or vibrancy to ensure these qualities don’t interfere in viewing images or videos. It has a 1GB of RAM and comes with 2 storage capacities 16GB and 32GB. It is available in Wi-Fi only and Wi-Fi + 3G. As most Tablet PCs it also has Bluetooth allowing you to connect peripherals wirelessly.

Like most of the tablet PCs, HTC Flyer is fitted with two types of cameras, rear facing and front facing. The front is 1.3MP while the back is 5MP. Both are decent enough for video chatting, and you can add special effects and filters, perhaps to keep up with its “coolness” factor. However, don’t ditch your camera yet. It sometimes produces blurry images even in perfect lighting conditions.

The HTC tablet PC video doesn’t do well either. The clips usually appear soft, and the recording leaves a lot to be desired, as it creates very small and almost-inaudible sounds, though you can always minimize the noise via its neutralizer. It also tends to draw out a lot of power from the battery.

HTC tablet pc, HTC Flyer Pen

A long time ago, HTC was a fan of Microsoft Windows Mobile until it shifted to Google’s Android in 2009. HTC Tablet PC therefore runs using Android 2.3. Interestingly, this isn’t the Android tablet OS, but one that’s used in smart phones. Hence, you’re stuck with the apps mobile versions. Nevertheless, the 1.5 GHz Qualcomm processor allows your tablet PC to work with precision and efficiency, even when you’re typing in the virtual keyboard.

And then there’s the Magic Pen. We find this a double-edged sword. One of its downsides is the fact that tablet PC users aren’t really so used to bringing along an accessory, more so a pen. Moreover, it doesn’t have any use in a lot of applications, save for Notes App, which is native in the Flyer; the Kobo e-book reader; and the Kid Mode app. Nevertheless, we believe that it will find its place among college students and voracious readers who do spend a lot of time producing missives, doodles, annotations, and highlights, to name a few.

HTC still aims to be first in pairing a tablet PC with a Magic Pen. We still aren’t sure of its impact until we see another tablet with a stylus. By then, we can say that HTC has set a trend. Regardless, HTC Tablet PC the Flyer becomes worthy if you’re looking for a device you can stash in your pocket, possesses a very impressive screen, and lets you read passionately. It might also be worth waiting for the HTC come out with the Honeycomb OS in order to give you the full Tablet PC potential.

HTC tablet pc, HTC Flyer pros and cons