Add HTC Flyer Accessories and supercharge your Flyer Tablet PC

HTC Flyer accessories can make your traveling experience more fun, easy, and light.


They can also enhance your home experience by allowing you to watch video, movies, shows on your home LCD TV.

Adding at least a few of them is highly recommended.

The following is a list of the most valuable accessories to have.

R1 ET Arm Series Portable Stand Desktop Holder

HTC Flyer stand, portable holder stand

This is actually a universal holder, as it works in almost all types of tablet PCs, including the Blackberry Tablet PC Playbook , as well as iPads 1 and 2 the Apple Tablet PC . Nevertheless, it still treats HTC Flyer by giving it a solid desktop holder to “stand on.” The body, after all, is made from aluminum. Surprisingly, it doesn’t put up a lot of weight, making it one of the HTC Flyer accessories that are portable. It also arrives along with its carrying bag. The stand is fully non skid so it stands firm and strong when placed on top of smooth and flat surfaces. It can also be angled in any way you want to maximize viewing. 

SumacLife Full Size Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard for HTC Flyer Tablet

HTC Flyer bluetooth keyboard

One of the most common complaints about Android is their keyboard, but HTC Flyer is fitted with something different and much better. The virtual keyboard is spaced properly it promotes better thumb typing. There’s also lesser room for error, and users are often treated to a very responsive tablet PC. It works just as fast as you key in the letters. That doesn’t mean that everyone can find enjoyment in a virtual keyboard. If you want to be a little bit faster or more comfortable, you may want to look into SumacLife full-size wireless Bluetooth keyboard. As its name suggests, it “communicates” to your tablet PC wirelessly, via Bluetooth. There are no wires to deal with, and the full-size keyboard allows you to quickly utilize it for sending not only e-mails but also text messages. 

HTC Flyer Leather Journal Case

HTC Flyer leather case

The leather journal case is officially from HTC. Thus, it’s been designed to fit your Flyer perfectly. It’s made of leather, so it doesn’t easily get damaged and provides a little bit of sophistication, which the tablet seems to lack. It is currently available in several colors, so you can choose that matches your style or preference. The case also gives you instant access to the different ports of the tablet, as well as to the camera. Flyer, moreover, is fully secured in all four corners. 

rooCASE 2n1 Capacitive Stylus / Ballpoint Pen for HTC Flyer 7-Inch Tablet Wi-Fi

HTC Flyer pen, roocase stylus pen

This is definitely one of the most important HTC Flyer accessories, knowing that the magic pen is what sets this tablet PC apart from the rest. Of course, you’re going to get one with your purchase of the HTC Flyer, but what if you lost it or want to add your personal touch? You don’t really have to purchase a replacement. It turns out there are plenty of non-OEM stylus brands on the market today, and a lot of them are compatible with Flyer. These include rooCASE. Currently available in three colors—white, black, and silver, which, by the way, goes very well with the tablet’s aluminum body—the pen produces very responsive results. It also comes with a removable cap to secure the tip when not in use. Interestingly, you can also obtain a replaceable pen refill. 

DBTech Car Headrest Mount Holder for HTC Flyer

HTC Flyer headrest holder

HTC has one of the most stunning screen displays in the market, perfect for watching movies or gaming. Further, HTC provides you with Watch, a video streaming service that allows you to buy and rent movies. Thus, one of the essential HTC Flyer accessories is a car headrest mount holder. This way, you can relax, enjoy, and get rid of the boredom that normally comes along with long-distance travel. The holder is already equipped with a five-foot 3.5mm auxiliary cable to connect the player to your vehicle’s stereo system. Moreover, the headrest is easy to set up—no installation required—and has adjustable clamps to fit any type of car. You can also title the screen in different angles to improve the viewing experience. 

Accessory Power Gold plated High Speed 6 ft Micro HDMI Cable

gold micro hdmi cable

HTC is a 7-inch tablet PC, but you can always desire for more. The HDMI cable, which works in several tablet PCs, can help you expand the screen to more than 24 inches. All you need to do is to connect one of these HTC Flyer accessories to your HDTV. But this isn’t your typical HDMI cable. It uses gold plates and oxygen-free copper conductor to ensure that the video and audio quality of the clips aren’t lost when transmitted from your HTC Flyer to your television. It also possesses a 19-pin array to allow it to transmit up to 1080p screen resolution or for full HD entertainment. It may never provide the same amazing experience as, say, when you’re using the Blu-ray disc of PS3, the HDMI cable, the tablet PC, and your loads of movies and games can still entertain you wherever you are. 

JBuds J4 Rugged Metal In-Ear Earbuds Style Headphones with Travel Case

jbuds headphones

Sadly, the HTC Flyer produces a teeny-weeny sound. You can, however, amplify it using accessories such as in-ear headphones from JLabs. It’s designed to properly securely itself into your ear buds. You can choose from 5 different colors. It prevents music distortion even if you increase the volume, and the cable is long enough to listen to good music while securing the tablet inside a bag. 

Premium Accessory Power Pack for your HTC Flyer

HTC Flyer power pack, accessory power pack

Thinking of traveling? One of the best things about tablet PCs such as the Flyer is they’re completely mobile. In fact, Flyer, at seven inches, can fit in very narrow and small compartments. But then again, if you want to make it extra useful, you need to bring along some HTC Flyer accessories. The Premium Accessory Power Pack doesn’t let you spend a lot of time thinking what to pack. Everything you need for a holiday or two is already included in the kit, such as the car charger, AC wall charger with foldable blades for better storage, and a charging USB data cable, which you can use in any USB-compatible computer. 

GreatShield Ultra Smooth Clear Screen Protector Film for HTC Flyer

screen protector, greatshield screen protector film

One of the great HTC Flyer accessories we’ve seen in the market, this makes sure that the beautiful screen of your tablet PC is well protected. It doesn’t boast of the same Corning Gorilla Glass that’s found in Acer’s ICONIA. Simply put, HTC Flyer screen can be very vulnerable to dust, dirt, and scratches, especially if it’s constantly used. Even if you’re careful, the rugged edges of the keys, the slight movements of the coins, or even the fabric can alter the quality of the screen forever. The bundle comes with 3 screen protectors for maximum protection. They’re all transparent films to make sure that they don’t interfere in the natural vibrancy and brightness of the screen. 

Satechi ST-2412 Car Lighter USB Charger Adapter

car usb charger, satechi car usb charger

One of the useful HTC Flyer accessories, this is very much like the desktop stand holder. It works in several tablet PCs, as well as smart phones (even Android-powered HTC phones). The USB charger that lets you power up your tablet PC even before you get to your ultimate destination. However, it keeps the charging process simple by tapping on your car lighter. It allows for efficient and non-obstructive driving, and comes with a rainbow LED indicator to let you know it’s connected properly. It is safe and secure, thanks to its thermal shutdown protection. The USB charger adapter, nevertheless, can extend its usability when you’re out of your vehicle. Because of its orientation, it can be used in a USB wall charger or PC.