The HP Touchpad Accessories have finally arrived, what great products are available? Do you want to charge your HP Touchpad wirelessly?

Here’s the truth: there aren’t a lot of HP Touchpad accessories in that market. But that’s perfectly understandable.


For some reason, HP has delayed the introduction of its own tablet PC. In fact, Touchpad is its very first, despite the company being considered one of the best computer and printer manufacturers in the world.

The good thing is the very basic accessories have been covered and just launched by HP.

These include the Touchpad case, the wireless dock and keyboard, as well as the power charger.

Furthermore, many other manufacturers are preparing to introduce their own accessories, and though it’s safer to buy those offered and endorsed by HP for its Touchpad, these third-party accessories offer more choices for you.

All official accessories from HP are sold with a one-year limited warranty. Some are also compatible with existing HP products, most notably Pre. 

HP Touchstone Charging Dock

HP Charging Dock, HP Touchstone Charging Dock

HP has a special name for its charging dock, perhaps as a means of stressing its importance and peculiarity. It’s called Touchstone. Compared to docks used by other tablet PCs or portable devices such as Nanos, this one is completely wireless. To use it, you simply have to place the Touchpad directly on the Touchstone holder. One of the basic HP Touchpad accessories, Touchstone allows the tablet PC to remain active while you’re still charging. There’s no loss with regards to the features you can access and activities you can do. You may be able to view your appointments, look at photos, or even open your Facebook account. You can also interoperate HP Pre and Touchpad. By tapping certain parts of your HP Touchpad while on Touchstone, you can move web links to your smart phone. 

HP TouchPad Wireless Keyboard

HP TouchPad Wireless Keyboard, Wireless Keyboard

Perhaps one of the most important HP Touchpad accessories you need is the wireless keyboard. Though the tablet PC already has its own virtual keyboard, you may need the wireless but physical version for typing extensive messages or even documents. This is also ideal if you’re not comfortable using the virtual keyboard. The wireless keyboard may be quite bulky and definitely occupies some space—it’s not the most portable accessory, so to speak—it’s still slim. It also operates through the use of Bluetooth, as well as through batteries, which can be good for 12 months, thanks to the auto-off feature. All in all it is a beautiful slim design, might not be ideal to carry around but will look great on your coffee table. 

HP TouchPad Custom Fit Case

One of the very few official HP Touchpad accessories launched is the case. Like any other case, it offers maximum protection to the device, especially to the screen. Though it is of Corning Gorilla glass, it can only do so much. It is susceptible to damages. The case, however, is dual purpose. The cover can be folded either vertically or horizontally. This way, you’ll be able to prop up not just the case but the device itself on the table. This becomes very handy if you want a more convenient way of navigating the menus. The case also offers you instant access to the ports for charging, as well as buttons and headphones. Like the rest of the HP Touchpad accessories, this carries a one-year limited warranty. 

CaseCrown Faux Suede Protective Sleeve with Shoulder Strap and Pocket

HP TouchPad CaseCrown Sleeve, Sleeve

The CaseCrown Faux Suede Protective Sleeve for HP Touchpad are available in a variety of colors, so for the sake of personality matching, you can always select one that fits your fancy. They are stylish and come in handy if you want to provide cushion for your device, especially when you’re on the move. It comes with a strap making it easier to carry around. The CaseCrown sleeve covers the device completely, protecting it from scratches and dirt. There is an additional sleeve to store some documents and other small things. 

Skinomi Screen Protector for HP Touchpad

Skinomi Screen Protector for HP Touchpad

We aren’t sure if Skinomi screen protector is still needed as, like what we said, HP TouchPad already comes with a Corning Gorilla glass. That should have been enough to offer protection against scratches for the screen. Needless to say, too much protection isn’t really bad, after knowing that HP TouchPad actually costs close to $500. This screen protector has been designed mainly for HP TouchPad. Inspired by the same film for military aircraft, the screen protector is highly durable but still offers vivid clarity. It also has the ability to reduce yellowing with its UV protection.

HP North America Power Charger for HP Touchpad

Power Charger for HP Touchpad

One of the newly launched HP TouchPad accessories, the power charger is a very small compact charger you can carry around anywhere you go. The small size allows you to easily store it through a pouch or a very small bag. The power charger permits you to charge your TouchPad without the bulkier dock. 

Overboard Waterproof Headphone

Waterproof Headphone

HP TouchPad has a built-in speaker, but you may want to blast off the music by attaching a headphone. Now there are plenty of similar HP TouchPad accessories out there, but we’re putting a lot of faith in Overboard Waterproof Headphone.

One of its biggest selling points is, of course, it is waterproof. We aren’t really sure how you can get your headphone wet—perhaps you’re listening to music while on the beach—but regardless of the waterproof option, it delivers high quality sound. That is why they made this list of accessories. 


As time passes more accessories will be available. The different HP TouchPad accessories guarantee that your device will be protected and that you will get the most out of it.