The new HP Tablet PC is the HP Touchpad an interesting tablet with its own Operating System called webOS

The HP Tablet PC the Touchpad is one of the newest portable devices released in the market. For any techie geek, that would surely come as a surprise.


It’s not even impossible to imagine a number of them scratching their heads. It seems like HP suffers from the same story as Barnes and Noble the Nook.

Though this company is one of the biggest book retail shops in the world, it wasn’t the first to introduce an e-book reader. It took 2 years after the first release of the Amazon Kindle reader.

HP has a similar story, is considered to be the largest and perhaps the best computer maker in the world, and yet it was Apple, among many others, that released theirs before HP.

While HP is prepping up with the release of the Touchpad, Apple is already gearing up for their 3rd generation iPad.

Unfortunately HP has decided to discontinue the Touchpad. They are currently selling it for $99 on their website, supplies are limited. One promising thing is that work is being done so that the Android OS can be installed. HP Touchpad has become the first victim of the Tablet PC War.

So is HP’s Touchpad too late? We can’t really tell. Not many have got their hands on them yet. Further, some specifications still remain a mystery, such as their actual battery life. Regardless, the features and benefits of Touchpad are enough to, at the very least, pay attention. 

Specifications of HP Tablet PC

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HP’s Touchpad can be likened to the iPad the Apple Tablet PC, especially at first glance. It is almost the same size, at 9.4 in (240mm) by 7.5 in (190mm) by 0.54 in (13.7mm). It has a screen size of 9.7 inches. The HP Touchpad is a bid heavier at 1.59 lbs (740g). Both share a similar screen resolution too at 1024 by 768. Some of the native sensors are accelerometer, compass, gyroscope, and light sensor.

However, unlike Apple’s iPad, the HP Tablet PC runs using Qualcomm Snapdragon dual CPU processor at 1.2GHz. This allows for very fast and efficient multitasking and decent gaming graphics. Further, it comes with a 1.3 megapixel camera found at the front. There’s no camera at the back. It doesn’t have a native e-mail, but it receives e-mails via push technology. It has also been designed to be compatible with Microsoft Exchange.

There are two storage options for the HP Tablet PC Touchpad: 16GB and 32GB. It still possesses internet browsing capabilities, but currently only supports Wi-Fi. 3G version is scheduled for a later release. 

The Features that Make HP Touchpad Tablet PC Worth Checking Out

Let us tell you right away: this will not be your regular tablet PC. For one, it uses the operating system called webOS. WebOS is solely for HP’s products, and it’s not something new. it was previously owned by Palm, which was later bought by HP. The OS has been incorporated in smartphones such as Pre.

WebOS is certified user friendly. One of its biggest contributions is seamless multitasking. Multitasking has always been a trouble among tablet PCs, especially those by Apple. To move from one application to another, users have to close the application. This is not the case with HP Touchpad Tablet PC. Multitasking is one of the most desired features in Tablet PCs and the WebOS delivers exactly that.

WebOS treats every application as cards. When it is active or currently in use, the app occupies the entire screen. Meanwhile, if the user intends to move to another app, all the others are presented as cards. When one needs to open another app, he simply needs to push the hardware button close to the screen to allow the rest of the windows or cards to come out. Users can then flick or tap the application to bring it to the foreground.

HP tablet pc, hp touchpad

HP Tablet PC also features Synergy, which is a unique way of displaying and navigating among productivity tools. The tablet PC conveniently pulls in all your information from several websites and organizes them properly on the screen. For example, Synergy can let you see your personal and work calendar simultaneously without combining the data. Synergy definitely helps save you a lot of time and increases your productivity as you don’t have to switch among windows to get the information you need.

One of the areas that require improvement is its connectivity. HP Tablet PC connects wirelessly only through Wi-Fi. It doesn’t have 3G yet, and it’s not expected to arrive very soon, knowing that Touchpad is just recently released. Not much information can also be gathered with regards to its browser performance. Nevertheless, unlike iPad, HP Touchpad does support Adobe Flash video.

HP has also come up a way to flawlessly integrate HP Tablet PC to its existing devices through Bluetooth. As long as the smart phone is nearby, the Touchpad can receive the text message and open it on the large screen. The tablet PC also launches the notification system, which gives you a preview of the text message or the e-mail without ever closing any application. 


The HP Touchpad has entered the market with a quality device. There is still much to be desired such as a rear facing camera or maybe native e-mail support. As with all 1st generation Tablet PCs, there are things that are missing. I am sure the 2nd generation of the HP Touchpad will rectify the current deficiencies. As with all HP products the tablet pc is well build and exciting to use.

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