With Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Accessories you will shift your Tab into Hyper Drive

If you have a tab you have to add Galaxy Tab 10.1 accessories to get the most out of your tablet.


The covers and cases ensure that the bright HD screen is well protected from scratches.

The docking station on the other hand helps you take full advantage of the apps and Android OS anytime and anywhere.

Maximize the potential of your Galaxy Tab by adding one of these top of the line accessories.

Galaxy Tab Full Size Keyboard Dock

galaxy tab 10.1 accessories, Samsung Galaxy Tab Full Size Keyboard Dock for 10

You’re not comfortable with the virtual keyboard? How about you use a full-sized one? You can purchase this dock, and you can easily sync the keyboard with the Tablet PC, creating a laptop or netbook in an instant. One of the must have Galaxy Tab 10.1 accessories, the dock also charges your device. The keyboard, meanwhile, features 83 keys. You can create shortcut keys, use the same keyboard to control your menu and settings like screen brightness and video, and multitask (a good thing that Galaxy runs on Android, which allows for multitasking). You’ll also find additional ports right at the keyboard such as the 3.5 mm audio line-out for headphones or speakers. At $47.09, this is a fantastic deal. 

Samsung Galaxy Desktop Dock

galaxy tab 10.1 accessories, Samsung Galaxy Desktop Dock

Your world doesn’t need to stop when your Tablet PC’s power starts to wane. All you need to have is one of these Galaxy Tab 10.1 accessories known as the desktop dock. The dock can be conveniently placed on a smooth surface such as a table. Once you place your Galaxy Tablet PC in the dock, it charges immediately without cutting you off in your activity. You can still check your e-mail, download photos, stream videos, and even listen to music, as the dock already comes with a stereo line-out port. You may also tinker with your contacts list and calendar. If you have friends and family over, you don’t have to spend money on DVDs for entertainment. Hook up the Tablet PC to the dock, then to your TV by means of an HDMI adapter. 

CaseCrown Bold Trifold case

galaxy tab 10.1 accessories, CaseCrown Bold Trifold case for Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

There are actually a lot of great choices for Galaxy Tab 10.1 accessories such as covers and cases, and one of these is from CaseCrown. This deserves a special mention in the list since CaseCrown has been manufacturing not just visually appealing but also durable and multifunctional cases not just for Galaxy but for other tablets as well. This particular cover comes with a very strong Velcro, which holds the Tablet PC in place especially when you’re on the move while making it easy for you to remove it. The cover is also trifold, so you flip and turn it into a viewing stand. To keep the tablet screen in tip top shape, the interior is non-scratch. All ports are accessible as well. 

DigitalsOnDemand 15-Item Accessory Bundle

galaxy tab 10.1 accessories, DigitalsOnDemand 15-Item Accessory Bundle for New Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

Finding the most ideal Galaxy Tab 10.1 accessories can definitely take a lot of time. That’s why this fifteen-item bundle is heaven-sent. The package contains all the essentials for operating the Tablet PC efficiently, quickly, and effectively. You have a choice between the crystal clear case, leather case with kick stand, and TPU skin case. the bundle also comes with a screen protector, a reading book light that’s adjustable, earphones with microphone and an earphone splitter, charger adapter for wall and car, USB sync cable, AUX cable, USB data cable that’s retractable, drawstring travel pouch, stylus pen, and fishbone. This is the perfect bundle at a very affordable price. 

XtremeGUARD© Screen Protector

galaxy tab 10.1 accessories, XtremeGUARD Samsung GALAXY TAB 10.1

Even if your Tablet PC already has a case, it doesn’t really mean the screen is immune to scratching and bruising, especially if you have been so careless when removing and snapping it into its cover. Fortunately, you can take a pick among many different screen protectors including XtremeGuard. This is one of the toughest we’ve seen, since it is military grade and can last for 2 to 3 years. The protector, moreover, has been specifically designed for the Tablet PC, so it fits snugly onto the screen. The screen protector can also be utilized to minimize the glare, which normally occurs when you are outside. 

rooCASE Capacitive Stylus

galaxy tab 10.1 accessories, rooCASE Capacitive Stylus for Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

One of the popular Galaxy Tab 10.1 accessories, the stylus pen increases the accuracy in manipulating the screen, though it doesn’t mean this Tablet PC is not that responsive. Sometimes your own fingers can get in the way of opening the right kind of app. You have different colors to choose from, they look professional and sleek, just like the tablet; they are light so you won’t have any issue tagging it along. This is also a non-OEM stylus, so you can use it on your other Tablet PCs. If you wish to grab the stylus pen anytime you want, just attach it to a 3.5mm audio jack, it comes with a cap attachment that fits in the 3.5mm jack, so you don’t lose it. 

Samsung USB Connection Kit

galaxy tab 10.1 accessories, Samsung USB Connection Kit

This is perhaps one of the must-have Galaxy Tab 10.1 accessories. Though there are a couple of ports found in the Tablet PC, sometimes more comes in handy. This is an ideal kit for that. The USB connection kit allows your Tablet PC to be a USB host, which means you can sync in other devices, such as thumb drive, mouse, and keyboard. Moreover, because there are plenty of ports available, you can have more than one of them on a single Tab. It is lightweight and portable you can bring this with you anywhere you go. The gadget also permits you to easily share data among friends and family. 

Detachable Car Charger with USB to 30 Pin Data Cable

galaxy tab 10.1 accessories, Samsung Galaxy Tab Detachable Car Charger with USB to 30 Pin Data Cable

There are different ways to charge your Galaxy tab. If you don’t have a dock, you can always rely on the wall charger. If you’re on the road, you can charge your device with a car charger and use it while doing so. The car charger gives you the chance to bring your Tablet PC back to life when you are on the road. Moreover, it doesn’t prevent your tablet from being usable. While you’re driving, your partner or kid may be able to watch his favorite show, or you may listen to music. You can also set up the tablet properly and use it as a GPS. 

Black Carbon Fiber Eva Storage Cube Carrying Case

galaxy tab 10.1 accessories, Carbon Fiber Durable Slim Protective Eva Storage Cover Cube Carrying Case with Mesh Pocket For Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Hand Strap Wireless Slim Travel Bluetooth Keyboard

This is one of the ultimate durable cases you’ll find. Unlike the previous cover we mentioned, this one generally envelops the entire Tablet PC to make sure that all parts, even the edges, are well protected from bumps, scratches, and dents. The material used is water resistant (meaning resistant to light splashing not water resistant), minimizing moisture that can damage your device. It also comes with a dual mesh pocket, a noise filter when you’re using the mic, as well as a Bluetooth wireless keyboard and a mini USB cable.