Best G-Slate Accessories that are here to enhance your Tablet PC

The different T-Mobile G-slate accessories aren’t meant to prove how ineffective the Tablet PC is, because it’s not.


In fact, it’s one of the first to offer 4G connection, the fastest speed so far, as well as 3D video recording.

The accessories are meant only to enhance the fitted features of the tablet. Adding a Bluetooth keyboard will make typing long e-mails and documents a breeze.

Add a stand for more comfortable viewing angles. The possibilities are endless just don’t go without them.

CaseCrown Portable Bluetooth Wireless Universal Keyboard

G-slate Accessories, CaseCrown Portable Bluetooth Wireless Universal Keyboard

Not everyone is going to appreciate the virtual keyboard, especially if you have stubby fingers and the layout doesn’t suit to your liking. If this is your case, one of the G-slate accessories you should have is the universal keyboard. This is a full-sized keyboard, which lets you easily access the applications, create documents and spreadsheets, and conveniently utilize the other productivity tools. You can even come up with your own shortcut keys to speed up your tasks. Since its wireless—it connects through Bluetooth — you can easily carry the keyboard anywhere you go. The keyboard has also been designed to work in several operating systems, including Android, which is installed on the G-Slate. 

Slim Folding Multi-Position Tablet Stand

G-slate Accessories, Slim Folding Multi-Position Tablet Stand

One of the many G-slate accessories, this isn’t a cover at all, contrary to popular belief. However, this may be the stand that you’re looking for so you can still make the most out of your G-slate even when you’re not holding it. This is ideal if you’re trying to read books, watch movies, or even play simple games. You can change positions multiple times to find the perfect viewing angle. The tablet stand can also be used for other tablets, such as the Asus Tablet PC the Eee Pad Transformer or theMotorola Tablet PC Xoom and can easily be put away for storage. It is lightweight, perfect for travel and office use. As a bonus the stand comes with a micro USB cable. 

RooCASE Executive Portfolio Leather Case Cover

G-slate Accessories, rooCASE Executive Portfolio Leather Case Cover with Landscape / Portrait View

This rooCASE is very durable, well designed with a stylish professional business look. The case comes with a built-in stand, allowing for a 45 degree viewing angle. A removable inner sleeve so you can operate the device by hand. The tablet PC can easily be removed and attached via Velcro. The one downside is the Velcro over time from usage becomes frayed and weak. It has access to all controls and ports and has special slots for IDs and pens. 

AYL™ Engraved 2-in-1 Capacitive Stylus with Executive Pen

G-slate Accessories, AYL (TM) Engraved 2-in-1 Capacitive iPad Stylus with Executive Pen

One of the stylish G-slate accessories you’ll ever find, the stylus pen is ideal for every executive, professional, and businessperson. The metallic silver gives out a sense of professionalism, elegance, and style that are certainly not found in a lot of stylus pens. Make it even more personal by engraving your name or someone else’s (makes for a great present). The pen can also be used in either side and is great not only for G-slates but also on the iPad the Apple Tablet PC. And to make sure that you’ll certainly feel comfortable and confident using it; the pen is covered by a one-year warranty. 

Bluetooth Headset

G-slate Accessories, Bluetooth Headset for LG G-Slate V909

One of the greatest things you can do with your LG G-slate is to listen to all your favorite tunes or perhaps catch the latest flicks anytime and anywhere you like. But usually to fully enjoy them you either need some speakers, a dock with speakers, or a headset that always comes along those long and pesky cables. The good news is some G-slate accessories offer the convenience you need to fully savor the entertainment provided by the tablet PC. This includes the Bluetooth headset. Since the tablet is capable of connecting via Bluetooth, using the headset should never be an issue at all. Moreover, it has a nice working range of about 30 feet (10m). The headset also lasts for about 3 hours of talk time. 

LG G-Slate Silicone Skin Case

G-slate Accessories, LG G-SLATE Silicone Skin Case

One of our favorite types of Cases the soft flexible silicone adds style but even more important it protects your tablet. The Silicone Skin Case easily slips onto your tablet; the soft silicone gives you an effective grip without adding bulk to your device. It is designed so that you still have access to all the controls on your G-Slate.

Car Cup Holder Mount with Expandable

G-slate Accessories, Car Cup Holder Mount with Expandable Cradle

Unless you’re an avid coffee drinker, there’s a good chance that your cup holder is hardly used, except for keeping your pennies, keys, and other small items. So why don’t you put it to good use? You can utilize one of the essential G-slate accessories the cup mount holder. What is this? This is simply a mount for your tablet, which you can attach to your cup holder. It securely holds your Tablet PC so you may be able to use it to listen to music, as well as adjust it so your backseat passengers can watch a movie or play a game. The cradle is expandable to ensure it fits your Tablet PC perfectly. 

3-in-1 Synch & Charge USB Travel Kit

G-slate Accessories, Retractable micro-usb Charger Set with Home Wall Charger, Car DC Charger Power Adapter, Charging USB Data Cable

Your Tablet PC is completely useless once it runs out of power. So what to do? You have to charge it. But here’s the thing: usually you need to carry multiple cables before you can do so, especially when you’re traveling. After all you may have to consider the power connection available. Worse, you’re using your G-slate as your GPS then suddenly it stops working because the battery is drained. You can solve these types of problems by using this essential G-slate accessories pack. The travel kit allows you to charge your device in different ways. You can use it to recharge the tablet through the wall socket, through a USB port, or through your cigarette lighter in your car.