Introduction to the World’s most popular eBook readers

Today ebook readers are very popular. Many people use them to store and read books, magazines and even documents, they also allow for some simple computer tasks.


While they have only been around for about ten years, they are now dominating the book market.

Over the years, the design and style has changed by making the device lighter smaller and easier to hold, these design changes has made them very portable and a must have gadget for book lovers.

The number of companies that make eReaders has grown tremendously and today there are many brand names available from top technology firms and book retailers.

Most devices utilize E Ink® (electronic ink technology) that makes the text from the device look the way it would in a normal paperback book or hard copy.

The e-ink technology allows the battery to last up to two weeks provided the WiFi feature is turned off. In comparison a tablet PC lasts a day or two based on usage. However there are models that have LCD color displays.

They allow for additional functionality but in turn also have a battery life that is much shorter than the ones using e-Ink technology.

Most eBook readers come with internal storage capabilities which make it possible to store hundreds or even thousands of ebooks on the device. Allowing you to free up space on the bookshelves for other things.

Since most eReader devices are becoming more geared towards consumers who want more and more functionality, it is no surprise to find that in addition to the electronic reading capabilities, eBook readers are slowly but surely evolving into tablet PCs, which allow document editing, audio playback, video, web browsing, apps, games, e-mail etc…

With the growth of multimedia and electronic content, many people are looking for a device that can simplify their lives.

Most eBook readers today integrate reading and multimedia functions into one device with wireless connectivity that is coupled to a long lasting battery.

Allowing you access to electronic content such as books, magazines and even blogs on your device without the need for a computer.

The functions don’t just stop at electronic media, some eBook devices integrate web browsers and games that allow you to use your eBook reader for more than just reading.

All these functions are also packaged into a device with a great price. The average ebook Reader is a few hundred dollars less than a tablet PC, although some are higher due to their additional features.

The price point makes the device attractive to all kinds of customers and the cost of purchasing content is also inexpensive because of high competition between electronic bookstore operators.

In the ebook market, there are several big names including Sony, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Inc., Apple and Kobo. There are more companies in the market but these represent the lion share of it. Each one tries to distance itself from the other but providing a functionality that stands out from their competition.



Apple iPad, iPad, iPad 2, eReader

Apple is a leading computer electronics company that is famous for its slick and attractive designed devices. The iPad is the company’s flagship mobile tablet device that has a large market share. The iPad has a 9.7 inch LCD screen that supports multi-touch and has a long battery life. The Apple iPad is a great eBook reading device and also has additional features such as cameras, music and multimedia playback among other things. The iPad also has a number of applications that are available from the app store including the iBookstore which has made book reading a pleasure and this in turn the iPad an all round eBook reader.


Amazon Kindle, Kindle, Kindle DX, eReader, eBook Reader

Amazon is currently the ebook market leader. With their very popular Kindle line, Amazon is considered the leading ebook manufacturer in the world. With the largest range of electronic books including most of the New York Times bestsellers, Amazon’s Kindle store is complete with newspapers and magazines as well. The Kindle reader is available in several screen sizesincluding the DX which is the same size as the iPad and the Kindle which is the size of a paperback book but slimmer. The devices use e-ink technology which allows them to be able to last longer, under right conditions up to two weeks.

Barnes and Noble

Nook, Nook Color, Barnes & Noble, eReader, eBook Reader

Barnes and Noble Inc., the leading bookstore chain in the world, has also developed its own ebook device, the Nook. From the original Nook to the current NookColor, Barnes and Noble has taken the market by storm. The NookColor is the first ebook reader with an LCD color screen and is very attractive and affordable. The Nook store is home to a lot of magazines, newspapers and books including many e-Pub formatted titles and even some applications as well. Barnes and Noble’s Nook App is also available on many popular devices such as the iPad through the Apple App store. One unique feature of the Nook is the book lending capability, nook owners can lend eBooks to each other for a time period of 14 days.


Sony Reader Daily Edition, Sony Reader Touch, Sony Reader Pocket

Sony has been making their devices since 2006 and is considered a leading name in ebook reader technology. All the readers are touch edition. Sony eBook reader devices connect to the Sony eBook store where you can find a whole range of titles and books including best sellers and classics. Sony also has software for computers and other tablet computers so that readers can access their eBooks and content on other devices as well. Sony uses the industry standard e-Pub format which means that any other ebook reader that supports the format can open Sony’s eBooks on their reader. Sony also has a borrow from your library feature, you check out a book from your library and it expires no worries that you will be charged late fees.