eBook Reader Reviews

eBook Reader reviews by owners like you, might be the best way to determine which eBook reader is the best or at least worth considering. Keep in mind reviews can be smart, thoughtful and very helpful, but we believe especially in the eBook market they can also be very biased. Keep in mind many people prefer an eBook reader based on what store they shop at. There is the Barnes & Noble Nook camp, the Amazon Kindle reader followers and even Kobo fans. Please try to keep your review objective as much as possible.

Here are some questions other users might want to have answered in your review. What your favorite eBook reader is? How is the display under different lightning condition and angles? How does it feel when you hold it? How long does the battery really last (on a regular bases it never last as long as promised). Tell us where you like to read it? Do you use it for anything else but reading? How long does it take to download a book? Your review should answer some of these questions. Of course feel free to share with us anything you find important.

Besides providing you with our comprehensive reviews, we find it important to hear from owners because there is no better to help you in your decision process but to have as much information as possible.

Please take this opportunity and make your opinion count. Complete the review form below and of course as long as your content is of value and clean we will publish it. Feel free to just read them, but sharing your review and paying it forward would be greatly appreciated.