Dell Streak vs iPad 2 is a comparison between 2 different types of Tablet PCs

There is a fiery battle between Dell Streak vs iPad 2 by Apple.


Everybody knows that when it comes to portability, Apple is king.

But Dell is out to compete not just with their highly innovative laptops but also with their impressive line-up of tablet PCs.

Dell shouldn’t be dismissed so easily. It used to be the number one PC maker in the World and still produces top of the line PCs and laptops.

iPad 2

Apple Ipad 2, Ipad 2, iPad

iPad 2 is the newest tablet PC launched by Apple. Steve Jobs takes pride of its powerful A5 chip, which loads games and graphics very fast, as well as its 9.7-inch diagonal multi-screen touch display. The screen resolution is currently at 1024 by 768. There are also three storage spaces to choose from: 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB. Physically, it has a height of 9.5 inches, depth of 0.34 inches, and 7.31 inches in width. The weight is currently at 1.33 pounds. Its subvariety, however, which has 3G besides Wi-Fi, is at 1.34 pounds. Apple iPad 2 also has a dual camera, one at the back and the other at the front. The rear-facing one is only 0.7MP while the one at the front is of VGA quality. Video capture is 720HD. 

Dell Streak

Dell Streak 7, Streak 7 in hands

There are actually three types of Dell Streaks in the market today: 5, 7, and Pro. The first that was released was 5, followed by 7. The newest is Pro, which has yet to prove it can compete with iPad 2. For the sake of better comparison, we pick Dell Streak 5.

Dell Streak 5 looks like a cross between a smartphone and a full-blown tablet PC. It is much smaller than iPad 2 with its 6-inch screen. It runs using Google Android 2.2 (users can upgrade over the air), and thus apps come from Android App market. The display screen has a resolution of 800 x 400. It has a pre-installed 16GB but comes with a microSD slot that can extend storage up to 32GB. It weighs only 0.49 pounds. Interestingly, it has a slot for SIM, which allows user to receive and make a call. 

Dell Streak vs Apple iPad 2: Spotting the Differences

Now that we have talked about the features of both tablet PCs, it’s time we focus on the real war of Dell Streak vs Apple iPad 2. One of the biggest differences lies on the size. For many, that doesn’t matter—until they realize they are actually looking for something very portable. In this department, there’s no doubt that the crown belongs to Dell Streak 5. It is uniquely somewhat bigger than a typical smartphone yet smaller than the regular tablet PCs. If that isn’t enough, the size is enough to fit the palm of your hand, allowing you to tuck the device within pockets, thin bags, and purses. It also helps that Dell Streak is more lightweight.

The Dell Streak vs iPad 2 battle is also strong once operating systems are being factored in. Apple’s iOS is one of the most familiar ones among those of the tablet PCs. It is also very stable, as it receives constant updates from the manufacturer. This also provides very impressive apps for Apple iPad 2 users. But it’s up to a very tight competition with Android, a Google operating system and one adapted by Dell for all its tablet PCs. Android gives users access to everything good and delish about Google, such as Gmail, YouTube, Google Search, and Google Maps. Since it’s fully supported and improved by all fans of Linux, more apps have been added in its database, and not surprisingly, hundreds of them are completely for free.

Between Dell Streak vs iPad 2, the former also has gained an advantage with its capability to let you receive and make calls. In fact, Dell Streak has its own SIM slot. This, though, doesn’t sit well to some who find the setup quite odd.

iPad2 wins in Dell Streak vs iPad 2 in memory and storage. Dell Streak comes pre-installed with 16GB, one can expand it up to 32GB through the microSD slot. Although the iPad 2 doesn’t have a microSD slot it does come in 3 different storage capacities, 16, 32 and 64GB. To add more feathers in Dell Streak’s cap, this tablet PC fully supports Flash—a huge frustration for Apple’s hard-core fans and followers. This means it provides richer multimedia experience as users can view videos and Flash-based websites.

But the Dell Streak vs iPad 2 competition is far from over. The latter beats the former with regards to processors. Though Dell has included a very solid one in Streak, it doesn’t fare well with iPad 2’s dual core. Graphics are beyond expectations, and it’s one of the most perfect tablet PCs for game aficionados.

iPad 2 also enjoys longer battery life span, making it a better companion for travelers. 

Dell Streak vs iPad 2: Summary

Though it seems that Apple iPad 2 definitely rakes in more dollars than Dell Streak, that doesn’t mean it’s a reflection of its monopoly among tablet PCs. Streak is a well-thought-out gadget with the intention of providing something functional, aesthetically unique, and budget friendly to consumers.