Make your Dell Streak unique by adding these great Dell Streak Accessories

Dell Streak is sleek, fierce, and multipurpose—but that isn’t enough.


Dell Streak accessories help consumers make their Dell Streak more effective, efficient, classy and even add a personal touch to their devices.

There are many things to choose from. Here are a few for each of the Tablet PC models available.


Dell Tablet PC, dell streak 5

Dell Streak 5 takes pride of its unique design: it’s neither a phone nor a tablet PC (if you base your definition on the inches of the screens). But that only adds to the mystery and curiosity of many. Making things more surprisingly sweet, there are multiple Dell Streak accessories to choose from. 

Executive Protector Skin Cover

Dell Streak Skin Cover, Skin Cover

Though Streak 5 already comes with the superior-looking Corning Gorilla Glass that offers protection for the screen against scratches, consumers can still personalize the device’s appearance and enhance protection by means of an executive protector skin cover. Made from silicon, the cover is smooth to touch and definitely long lasting. It is also lightweight and convenient to install and take off just in case one wants to change the cover to another color or design. 

Amzer Mirror Screen Protector

Dell Streak Screen protector, Screen protector

Ladies, ditch the compacts and bulky mirrors. The Amzer mirror screen protector, after all, makes the perfect substitute. One of the Dell Streak accessories, this is made from thermo plastic polymer and is very easy to apply. To get it on the device, align the edges on those of the screen, attach, and smooth out to get rid of the bubbles. If it doesn’t turn out too well, easily remove the protector and reattach. Designed to fit the screen of Dell Streak 5, the shiny-looking protector doesn’t change the appearance of menus but prevent the build-up of dust and creation of scratches and dents. Best of all, when turned off, Amzer’s screen protector makes an impressive mirror for retouching and perhaps covert spying. The entire kit comes with a soft cleaning cloth to keep the protector spic and span. 

Dell Streak Leather Cases

Dell Streak Leather Cases, Leather Cases

What better way to make yourself appear more professional and hide the device from the prying eyes than to insert it in any of the leather cases offered by the company. Another of the many Dell Streak accessories and now commonly sold everywhere, the leather case is long lasting and provides maximum protection for the device, as well as some of its very small accessories. Moreover, the cases can be customized by a broad selection of shades, belts, and even straps. Make it yours, too, by engraving your own name, or perhaps that of the recipient, if you intend to give this a present. Priced at no more than $50, you get the best value for every penny with Dell’s leather cases. 


Del Tablet PC, Dell Streak 7

Powered by NVIDIA Tegra mobile processor, and with 7-inch capacitive multi-touch display screen, Dell Streak 7 is meant to surprise you, especially if you love true-blue entertainment such as movies. You can make it even more worth enjoying too with the following accessories:

Motorola T215 Bluetooth In-car Speakerphone

Motorola Bluetooth In-car Speakerphone

You do not have to ditch a call just to keep your eyes on the road. This in-car speakerphone allows for wireless calling and talking. It comes with a quality-sounding speaker and noise cancellation feature so conversations can be heard clearly. The volume controls are easy to manipulate, and the mute button permits for occasional pauses and stops. The kit also comes with a clip that is easy to remove and attach in another vehicle as well as dangle on the car’s visor. This also means there’s no need for any professional installation. Further, this Motorola accessory provides more than 34 hours of talk time, and though it looks delicate, it has been designed to beat even the harshest weather. This may also be considered as one of the Dell Streak accessories. 

T-Mobile Folio Protective Cover

Protective Folio Cover, T-mobile

Like the above-mentioned screen protectors, some of the common and lauded Dell Streak accessories, this protective cover from T-Mobile for Dell Streak 7 offers protection from scratches, bruises, and smears, yet still does a lot more. It provides users with different viewing angles to fully enjoy multimedia such as movies. The case, moreover, is made of leather, giving it the executive-style look. The open design permits you to have full access to ports and slots without removing the device from the cover or case, making it more susceptible to dirt and damages. Moreover, to fully secure the tablet PC, magnets are integrated into the protective cover cum case. You’ll also be surprised with the Velcro tab that makes attaching and removing the device as easy as 1-2-3. 

Motorola Skullcandy Dual Headphone

Motorola Skullcandy Dual Headphone

This dual headphone from Motorola is definitely visual appealing, perhaps the capture the fancy of the majority of today’s audiophiles: young, casual, and preppy. Nevertheless, look beyond its hip design, and you’ll find a powerful headphone that can give any speaker system a run for its money. The dual headphone is lightweight and hangs comfortably around the neck to avoid strain. To play, attach Dell Steak 7 directly to it, turning the volume full blast if you prefer an instant party. Needless to say, the dual headphone allows for fast volume control just in case you hear the incoming call in the background. Also one of the Dell Streak accessories, this comes with a built-in microphone so sensitive it permits a very clear conversation between parties. 


Dell Streak Pro is the newest among the line of tablet PCs. Freshly out of in the market—it’s launched just this June—not many are still aware of the full extent of its accessories. Fortunately, though, those who have got in touch and perhaps have received tip-offs from pundits and even from Dell’s powers that be have been generous enough to give us a glimpse on what’s coming: 

Folding Cover with Integrated Keyboard

There’s a good chance this Dell Streak Pro accessory will be reminiscent of the Folio cover for iPod. It possesses a Bluetooth keyboard for easy texting and searching for apps. There’s no need to depend too much on the device’s buttons. Hopefully, the cover is also made of leather to give it a well-polished look and side-folding style for immediate access of the device. It is also equipped with a backstand to easily manipulate the menus and buttons of Dell Streak Pro in an upright position. 

In-car Charger

in-car charger

We aren’t sure if the in-car charger here is going to be strikingly similar to those of Dell Streak accessories, but we hope that at the very least, they allow for fast charging. They are compatible with almost all types of vehicles. Of course, it’s good to wish that the in-car charger works with the other Dell tablet PCs, if ever you wish to collect all three of them in the future.