BusyMom Toddler Edition

BusyMom Toddler Edition is an App that is just for Moms with Toddlers (ages 1-3). It is available on both the Android Market and the Amazon App Store. BusyMom Toddler Edition claims to be four apps in one. It is divided into four sections: Community, Maps, Stories, and Charts. I’ll briefly cover my experience with each section:

Community: BusyMom Toddler Edition includes a community forum that allows Moms to talk to other Moms and get help or share advice. It’s built right into the App and it’s easy to use. I could definitely see myself jumping on quickly to get an answer to a question. The interface is nice and it’s easy to make a post from my phone.

Maps: Maps for Moms is another section that is included in the App and it’s a neat idea that works well. Basically Maps for Moms allows you to find places near your GPS Location. For example: I went to a city a few hours from where I live and I used the App to help me find a local Coffee Shop. Just open the App, Tap the “Coffee” button and it automatically searches and shows Coffee Shops near my current location. I found this to be extremely helpful. You can also find Restaurants, Malls, Playgrounds, Gas Stations, and Wifi Hotspots.

Stories: This is probably the neatest part of BusyMom Toddler Edition (at least it was for me). They include a section that has a bunch of streaming audio stories that are intended to keep your Toddler occupied. I used this in the car on my way to my Mom’s house the other day. You can hook up your phone to the ipod jack in your car and listen to stores through your car’s speakers. It also works great over the phone’s speaker. I used it last night as a bed-time story for my toddler. The stories are great classics that kept my toddlers attention.

Charts: The App also includes a section with Toddler development charts. You can easily pop over and check out a chart to see how your toddler is progressing. Not the flashiest part of the App, but it got the job done.

Overall I would give this App Five Stars and recommend it to any mom with a toddler age child. The price is amazing considering everything that you get with it. Here’s a link to find it in the Market: