Brain Maze

Brain Maze by BrainIcon –

For those of you who love brain/puzzle game but also a bit of action – Keep reading!
Brain Maze, which has recently reached Google Play’s top 10 free new games, is a labyrinth game with many great twists.
The latest game from BrainIcon is an addictive game, already used by thousands of players, competing for having the most impressive in-game statistics.
You play the part of a rolling smiley who only wishes to go home safely, but is trapped in an endless series of mazes.
The whole maze is visible only at the beginning and you get several seconds to memorize it. Our advice – try to remember where the keys and where the exits are, and don’t look for the clocks and coins (yeah, there are coins). Once the game starts – run as fast as possible to grab the key and then to the opened door.
As you advance through the levels the maze is getting bigger and the clock keeps on counting through out all of the levels.

Coins – The interesting part –
You can gain coins on your way and use them to buy better players that have unique features, including faster movement, wider point of view, and more time.

Graphics – This game’s design fits its genre – a lovely opening screen will welcome you to the game and a set of funny new rolling smileys is available in the shop.

Game play – You can choose either to play with joystick pinned to the edge of the screen (less recommended), or by gestures – very clean and easy.

Maze extras:
Clock – Gives you extra time.
Clouds – Makes you faster.

The game is constantly developed and new features are added on a monthly basis.

Game Details
Tested Devices: Samsung Galaxy S, Samsung Galaxy S II, HTC Desire HD.
Price: Free!
Size: 3.8MB
Review Version: 1.10
Required Android Version: 2.2+
Average Store Rating: 4.9 (June 23rd, 2012)
Google Play Link: