Blackberry Playbook Accessories to enhance and protect your Tablet PC

BlackBerry Playbook Convertible Case

Yes, Blackberry Playbook Accessories like cases are important if you want to ensure longevity of your tablet PC.playbook_convertable-case-01_S


But this one from Blackberry is different from the rest. One of the popular Blackberry Playbook accessories, the convertible case has a twofold function.

First, it offers protection for your Playbook from scratches and even dust. On the other hand, it serves as a multi-angle stand. You do not have to remove the device out of the case for you to flip it around when watching a movie or changing the angle when creating an e-mail.

What’s more, all the ports for external devices are properly exposed. You can conveniently attach cables for headphones, cameras, and other media devices. The “not your usual” case also includes reinforced panels for extra durability and protection. 

Blackberry Rapid Charging Pod

blackberry playbook accessories, BlackBerry Playbook rapid charging pod

Admit it, nothing is more boring than waiting for the tablet charging to be over. After all, you can hardly do something with your gadget. But that is about to change if you come across Blackberry’s Rapid Charging Pod. Unlike the other chargers offered by the brand, this one has the ability to increase the charging time to almost twice the speed of regular chargers, allowing you to save a good amount of time. The pod, on the other hand, allows for better manipulation of Playbook. You can browse the web, watch videos, view photos, and even play around with the apps—while the tablet PC continues charging. The Rapid Charging Pod kit also comes with an adapter. You can use it when you are traveling across states or internationally. It has been designed to be compatible with other countries’ volts. 

Blackberry Playbook Journal Case

blackberry playbook accessories, BlackBerry Playbook juornal case

The incredible texture, the leather feel, the chrome inset—the journal case is definitely one of the epitomes of style and elegance for the other Blackberry Playbook accessories. Made from genuine leather, the journal case and its simplicity exudes a sense of professionalism as well as modernity, two attributes commonly not found in other journal cases, or other cases of Blackberry, for that matter. In lieu of zippers, elastic bands are used to give you access to the device’s media ports without removing the Playbook from the journal case. You can attach the keys, cameras, and other USB devices directly to your Playbook. For maximum protection, the lining is made from microfiber then covered by Blackberry’s customized shell, while the panels are reinforced. 

BlackBerry Playbook Zip Sleeve

blackberry playbook accessories, BlackBerry Playbook sleeve

You can now skip the netbook bags, the DIY cases, skins, and other Blackberry Playbook accessories that do not really offer much protection for your tablet PC. If you want to tag along your Playbook with great attitude and pride, here is what you need to do: get a zip sleeve.

Compared to other Blackberry Playbook accessories, there is no doubt that the zip sleeve is going to appeal to a lot of young professionals and teens, as it comes in a wide variety of colors, from sky blue to fresh orange and gray. The lining is made from memory foam to make sure the device is well protected while you are on the road. Though it looks typical, every part of the zip sleeve is actually well-thought-out. The body is neoprene to give it a flashy hue, durability, and portability (it makes the zip sleeve more lightweight). The zipper has also been personalized to complement the sleeve’s color. 

BlackBerry Playbook Slip Case

blackberry playbook accessories, BlackBerry Playbook slip case

The slip case for Blackberry Playbook has been designed for two things: First, when you are done with it, you can instantly slip it into the cover. Second, just in case you change your mind, you do not have to open the slip again to take the device out. The top portion has been purposely left open, enough for you to fit the other media devices you wish to attach and use together with your Playbook. The exterior is made from a very tough material to protect the Playbook from wrongful handling, as well as bumps and scratches. The inside, however, like the other Blackberry Playbook accessories, is very soft to touch, providing an excellent shock absorber. The Playbook slip case features the trademark logo of Blackberry at the front and comes in a professional black shade. 

Blackberry Premium Charger

blackberry playbook accessories, BlackBerry Playbook premium charger

One of the hottest Blackberry Playbook accessories, this charger is normally used for Blackberry smartphones. However, it has also been customized to match the specifications for Playbook, allowing you to save on costs in the long run. Contrary to other chargers, this one is surprisingly lightweight and thus allows for convenient tag-along, whether you are in the office, on the road, or at the airport. Take note, though, that this works only in North America. The entire bundle comes with a power cable that is six inches long and an adapter that works well with micro-USB ports. Its ability is comparable to that of the pod, since it also charges phones and the tablet PC twice as fast as the regular ones. 

Blackberry Premium Mono Headset

blackberry playbook accessories, BlackBerry Playbook headset

The mono headset allows for hands-free phone calls. It is designed to eliminate background noise especially in high traffic areas and enhance ergonomic listening. Moreover, it permits for multi-tasking as you can take calls while answering your e-mails or accessing certain applications. The long cord is made from elastomer to prevent it from getting entangled immediately. Nevertheless, you can always attach a clip to properly secure it and keep it out of your face or hands. The mono headset is slim and light; so you can tuck it in your pants, briefcase, purse, or carry-on luggage. 


The different Blackberry Playbook accessories guarantee more reasons for you to use, enjoy, and make the most out of your tablet PC. Get them, though, only from reputable sellers.