Looking for Best iPad Apps? Here are some you will definitely want

In the sea of applications that are available for the iPad choosing the best iPad apps is an arduous task.


The official Apple App Store, which features all kind of widgets, applications, games and whatnots, is actually a part of the iTunes store and was created in summer of 2008.

At that time, the only iOS devices available that could make use of the new store were the iPhone and the iPod Touch. Since the iPad release in 2010, most of the applications are being produced to be applicable or available for all pertinent devices, but the focal point is now the crowning jewel of the Apple technology, the iPad.

More elaborate programs and games, as well as internet widgets were developed, in order to facilitate the extended capabilities of the iPad. Some of the best iPad apps therefore are either ported from the iPhone or programmed with the iPad in mind.

The Apple App Store is a huge portal. Over half a million applications are being offered, whereby a little more than a third are given away for free.

In January of 2011, ten billion downloads mark has been surpassed. According to official information, revenue is split between Apple and the actual producer of the application in a ratio 30 : 70, whereby Apple is the 30 %.

Finding out which the best iPad applications are is not easy, since that not all of the most popular applications are also the best in quality. It is logical that free applications will be downloaded more than commercial ones, it is also logical that, when given the choice, people will first try out an application for free or that is offered at a bargain price rather than an expensive one, offering similar, if not the same features. 

Social Networking

Social Networking for iPad

For some indeterminate reason, Facebook needed a while to release an official app for the iPad, and once they did, they just ported the iPhone app to the iPad platform. If you are used to high quality, then this may be a little bit disappointing, but in that case, there are other apps that help out. One of them is Friendly, which resembles the Facebook style somewhat, but seems a bit bland. Another option is to use one of them multi-social network apps that access not only Facebook and Twitter, but also The Onion. The Flipboard does just that, it is an app that makes the whole experience magazine style, truly one of the best iPad apps around. 

Cloud or no cloud

Dropbox logo

There are several applications that would easily fit into this particular best iPad apps category, but have a look at these two: theDropBox and Air Video. Dropbox is an online storage provider that works similarly to Rapidshare, Megaupload, Hotfile and all the other similar services, but instead of you downloading all the stuff, it is enough if you drop it into the Dropbox on any of your devices and it is available to you on all of them at once. The Air Video app, on the other hand, is going a step further, which makes this app perhaps one of the best iPad apps ever. With Air Video, you can designate a folder on your computer to be a shared files folder with your iPad, where you can put all your videos, movies, series, anything you like which is video and stream it with your iPad device, wherever you are; something like your own private cloud service. 

YouTube, IMDb and Hulu

There are so many videos available on the net, that if you use a browser you can access millions of either commercially or privately uploaded stuff. YouTube has made a widget in order to make the cruise easier. Directly from your iPad, you may search for a video and then you can watch it in up to HD resolution. Great way to check out all the latest movie trailers is also IMDb, which has also released an app that needs to be in this best iPad apps list. You can not only see trailers to almost any film ever made, but also read up on news, gossip and get excellent information on your films and favorite movie stars alike. There are much more such best iPad apps candidates out there, here is only mentioned one more in this cathegory, which is Hulu plus. With a monthly subscription you can enjoy hundred and more of your most beloved recent or classic TV shows, directly streamed to your iPad device. 

Books galore

iPad eReader, bookshelves, bookshelve

When speaking about best iPad apps, if you like to read, there are many books available through the iBookstore, a great app that is already pre-installed at purchase. If you would rather go to Amazon or Barnes and Noble for your eBooks, but do not want to purchase a Kindle or a Nook, they both have an App for your iPad. There are more and more eBooks available for free, such classics as Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein or Alexandre Dumas’ Three Musketeers. If you would rather read comics, there are applications like Marvel Comics, where you can either subscribe per year and read all releases, or simply purchase each comic you fancy. The application itself is free. 

Newspapers anyone?

Newspapers for iPad

You would rather have the news? New York Times for iPad is available and is also free; as is CNN for the iPad, with more video content and real time updates. Within the best iPad apps is nevertheless the AP News, the app by Associated Press – up to date information from the source. An iPad only newspaper, The Daily, has just been launched; it used to be free, now it is subscription only. Download the PressReader instead, which lets you read up to 1800 newspapers from all over the world, daily and free. If you only like to read the comics, there is another of the iPad applications called The Funnies. The commercial version has over 400 daily comic strips and editorial cartoons, while the free version, The Funnies Xpress, features only 50. 

Editing photos or do you miss your desktop?

There is no better photo editing software for the computer from Adobe’s Photoshop. The same manufacturer offers a free iPad version with the name Photoshop Express, which is undoubtedly one of the best iPad apps ever. More features can be added with a purchase of the Camera Pack, noise reduction included. Desktop connect is another application to be considered for the best iPad apps list. It allows you do remotely connect to your desktop computer, no matter if OSX or Windows, and use it remotely, viewing everything you do on your iPad device.