Best iPad 2 Accessories to surprise your loved one for the Holidays

Looking for the top of the line best iPad 2 accessories for your device?


Such devices are never delivered with all the knick-knacks that are available or recommended, but after a few days of handling the device, you are most likely ready to define which additional features you would require or like to have.

Accessories can enhance your iPad 2 and make it more productive but most important more fun.

Here are some such accessories that seem very interesting and worth exploring some more. 

Bose SoundLink Wireless Mobile Speaker

best ipad 2 accessories, Bose SoundLink Wireless Mobile Speaker

The Framingham, Massachusetts, USA based company Bose, which is mainly engaged in audio equipment manufacturing, provides here a Bluetooth loudspeaker that can be simply attached to any Bluetooth capable device. Very simple installation adds high quality sound to your iPad 2 in an instant, allowing you to enjoy your music, videos, movies and other content with top of the line experience. The very portable and versatile box can play up to eight hours of non-stop music, has an integrated stand that dubs as a cover and allows additional connectivity through an auxiliary input. It features an USB port, which provides for future updates and warrants longevity and continuous support by the manufacturer. 

Zagg ZAGGfolio for Apple iPad 2 Carbon with Silver Keyboard

best ipad 2 accessories, Zagg folio for Apple iPad 2 Carbon with Silver Keyboard

Right on the top of the list of best iPad 2 accessories should be the capability to emulate the Eee Pad Transformer the Asus Tablet PC style by adding not only a folio case but also a Bluetooth keyboard to your accessory roster. Outfitted with iPad 2 typical shortcuts, the keyboard is removable from the sturdy folio which can also hold the iPad 2 up, for easier typing. The ZAGGfolio is covered in genuine leather, enhancing the high quality experience. Removing the need for an additional stand, keyboard and carrying case, the ZAGGfolio for Apple iPad 2 provides all of these in a debonair manner, complementing the high standards as set forth by the Apple Company. 

Logitech Keyboard Case for iPad 2 with Built-In Keyboard and Stand

best ipad 2 accessories, Logitech Keyboard Case for iPad 2 with Built-In Keyboard and Stand

In case that you would rather purchase your best iPad 2 accessories from more IT related sources, the Swiss based Logitech Company provides a similarly outfitted combination, featuring a case, stand and keyboard for the price of one. The aircraft-grade aluminum casing is very similarly designed to the iPad 2 casing and provides flexible holding facilities for viewing angles portrait and landscape. Interestingly enough, the partner company that assisted Logitech in manufacturing this accessory is non-other than the previously mentioned ZAGG. 

Seidio ACTIVE Case for Apple iPad 2

best ipad 2 accessories, Seidio ACTIVE Case for Apple iPad 2

The proprietarily built active case by Seidio is available for the iPad 2 only and features the coveted Apple logo on the casing. The Houston, Texas based manufacturer is building many other mobile accessories, targeting not only Apple clientele. The hard exterior skeleton with rubber coating is hiding a convertible mounting cover, which morphs into a very versatile and adjustable iPad 2 holding device. Nevertheless, the sturdy built and polymer based skeleton are mainly designed for people who take their device on the go, leading an active lifestyle, hence the moniker “ACTIVE”. It is a high quality case for people who take their iPad 2 wherever they go.

iPad 2 Teleprompter Kit w/ iPad 2 Mount & Teleprompter Case

best ipad 2 accessories, iPad 2 Teleprompter Kit & Mount & Teleprompter Case

Of all the devices found on the best iPad 2 accessories list, this one is perhaps the one with the narrowest target audience. Built by LCD4Video, this teleprompter kit allows the user to mount the iPad 2 to dub as the source for teleprompting data through a professional teleprompting device. While the iPad 2 is here only mounted on a bracket, the display is being reflected by the highest-grade teleprompter glass on the market. The extremely high quality of the design makes this accessory destined only for professional use, but it is nevertheless a device worth mentioning. 

Vogel’s UMS 431 All-In-One-Box for iPad 2

best ipad 2 accessories, Vogel’s ringO All-In-One-Box for iPad 2

This high quality collection of holding provisions is built around the RingO universal mounting system. The Holder, which is supposedly the most important part of the package, is the aluminum connecting device which enables all the other holding apparatuses to function. In the package is the holder for iPad 2, a wall mount, a car mount and a table stand. The holding contraption allows the iPad 2 to be rotated 360 degrees, nevertheless providing secure and safe holding capabilities. If you are looking for a versatile device with exceptional high quality that can hold your iPad 2, then look no further, Vogel’s box full of gadgets is the right way to go. 

Bose IE2 audio headphones

best ipad 2 accessories, Bose IE2 audio headphones

There are some must-have devices that you need to have with your iPad 2 device, one of the most important being proper headphones. As already mentioned, one of the highest quality audio equipment manufacturing companies is Bose. The IE2 audio headphones made by Bose are of the finest sonic transmitters money can buy. If within your collection of best iPad 2 accessories you only accept the top of the line, then these audio in-ear headphones, outfitted with the StayHear tip and a 115 cm long cable, are as good as it gets. 

Tuff-Luv Leather case and Integrated Bluetooth Keyboard for Apple iPad 2

best ipad 2 accessories, Tuff-Luv Leather case and Integrated Bluetooth Keyboard for Apple iPad 2

In the line of the already previously listed best iPad 2 accessories, this package made by Tuff-Luv contains a full Bluetooth QWERTY keyboard built into a professionally made high quality case in high grade genuine black leather. As a dedicated iPad 2 accessory, this keyboard and iPad 2 carrying case can dub also as a desktop setup mimicking stand, where keyboard and the iPad 2 are being held in a very typing-friendly position. The design also allows the user to hold up the iPad 2 device as a book, whereby the keyboard is positioned on the side. 

SMK-Link Pad Dock 10 for Apple iPad 2 with Speakers, Sync and Rotation

best ipad 2 accessories, SMK-Link Pad Dock 10 for Apple iPad 2 with Speakers, Sync and Rotation

This docking station for the iPad 2, manufactured by SMK, is truly considered one of best iPad 2 accessories available, if you are going to watch a lot of movies, videos or listen to music and audio books at home. The dock is outfitted with a USB cable, but also with a high quality adjustable stand, with built in full-range speakers. The Pad Dock can be rotated 360 degrees and tilted back and forth, providing utmost adjustability and comfort. Finally you can enjoy movies on your iPad 2 device with a sound to match, on a stand that can hold up your device and charge it at the same time. 

Logitech Wireless Headset for iPad 2, iPhone and iPod Touch

best ipad 2 accessories, Logitech Wireless Headset for iPad 2, iPhone and iPod Touch

Logitech provides here a top notch Bluetooth headset for your iPad 2 device. You can put a distance of up to ten meters from your device, while chatting with your friends or family through the laser tuned drivers of the headset and noise cancelling microphone. Additionally, the integrated headphones provide also a high quality full stereo sound, allowing you to listen to music, audio books, videos and also movie sound through your tablet device. Six hours of uninterrupted enjoyment are possible, after which you can easily recharge via USB.